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I believe everyone spontaneously searches for an awakening of sorts from within. But to prevent this (perhaps due to the benefits of control), various systems to keep us asleep have evolved

If you notice all primitive societies that are less influenced by a "Society System" tend to have some close relationship with the divine. There is always some system of worship & usually there is a healer or shaman to be the official go-between the all mighty & the rest. But each member of the primitive society also has a rich inner relationship with this un-seen force. Often we see in these societies, the rituals of asking permission before killing an animal, cutting down a tree, or crossing a raging river etc.

In our Modern Complex "Managed" society systems, that relationship is allowed within the narrow confines of an established religion. Surprisingly within a Religious system the effort required to establish & maintain this connection with this "Creator" or "Power of creation" is taken away from the individual.

All you have to is just show up at you church, or temple, or synagogue, or prayer meeting. There is somebody else who will lead you though the process of "making connection" with the divine. You don't even have to pray most of the time. You just have to mindlessly repeat the words of prayer that are fed into you consciousness by your pastor or religious leader.

Unbeknownst to you, your own power is actually been harnessed by the person who is leading the prayer. They are, in a way, using your creation engine of consciousness to direct the manifestation of "approved" focus of your own free will. (Hints of the Matrix Movie here).

You see, you have always had the power to ask & receive. but your entire life you have been lead to believe that you are not qualified to do this unless you do this within the confines of an approved "ASK & RECEIVE SYSTEM" OR "RELIGIOUS SYSTEM".

So most people tend to be spiritually asleep because they belong to a religion & the religion does most of the work for them. All they have to do is just show up & try to stay awake.

When you start to become interested in a relationship between you and the creator independent of the approved system, (coming to this forum for instance), you will find that the first person who will try to keep a close watch on you & actually try to mess you up is your own religious leader. I think this is because they don't want you to discover that you have just as much power within as the ordained minister.

How will they survive if you discover that you don't have to depend on their framework or system of access to the divine?


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Well said, Traveller - and, sadly, will probably offend a large number of religious folks. But that doesn't make it any less true.

(19 Dec '09, 20:10) Stingray

they are free to do what they want if it makes them happy. and what you said is true.

(11 Jul '11, 05:05) white tiger

Many people are more comfortable in their own fiction than they are surfing the leading edge of thought.

People are social creatures. But they are also conformist. They are conformist, social creatures, which is why they get tattoos. Teenagers think they are being non-conformist by getting tattoos, but what they are really doing is what all of their friends are doing.

If you are used to the idea of having the approval of others, it takes courage to step out of this and jump onto the leading edge of thought.

Most people believe that they think for themselves, but actually they make most of their decisions by default, because that's what everyone else is doing. They go to the same movies, eat the same food, and have the same religious beliefs. These people are not going to encourage you to be on the cutting edge of thought, because they don't understand it and it makes them uncomfortable.

That said, we don't really know the spiritual lives of others, do we? Given other people's misgivings, it's not surprising that people usually keep their spiritual beliefs and practices to themselves.


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well vesuvius if someone believe that everything ends when he die thats is free will why fight with him to prove to him that he is in the wrong. he will experiance what he as decided and will get out of it when he realize that he is still there.

(11 Jul '11, 05:08) white tiger

I agree with everything Traveller wrote. I think the best way of all to stay spiritually asleep is to regularly attend church or some other type of service, where all of the thinking is done for you and repetitious prayers are said mindlessly. This is a dis-connect from the Creator rather than a connection, on many levels. Therefore, millions of people are on a disconnect and spiritually asleep. Some are afraid to go against the flow, some afraid of feeling something, some afraid of their own power. Please, I am not implying everyone who attends services is spiritually asleep. But many, many are! (and want to be!)


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LeeAnn 1

yes stop being afraid and experiance and enjoy.

(11 Jul '11, 05:01) white tiger

yes it is if that is what they decided to experiance that is their free will. same as people that believe that after death there is nothing they will experiance that that is their free will. so experiance and enjoy.


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white tiger

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