This is a follow-up to my question about Holosync a few days ago...

Following on from some of the positive comments about Holosync, I managed to borrow a copy of Awakening Prologue to try and get an idea of what it's all about (yes, I know the men in dark glasses will be round shortly), and I've been trying it out for the past couple of days.

My background is that I've been meditating for many years using gentle non-intrusive background music, never more than 20 minutes or so at most, and I have never previously tried any binaural-beats-style approaches to meditation before.

After a couple of days with Holosync (using The Dive from Awakening Prologue), I am definitely feeling some difference from normal meditation. It certainly does seem much easier to reach and sustain a meditative state and, for some reason, my head feels like it is throbbing a bit after coming out of the's not uncomfortable, just unusual for me.

What seems to be getting in the way for me though is the requirement to eventually spend one hour a day everyday listening as you progress through the Holosync levels. The level I am trying at the moment only requires 30 minutes a day for the first two weeks before I am supposed to move up to one hour a day. (The Dive + Immersion).

I can already feel the resistance building up within me to spending an hour a day on this :)

I'm not sure I'm prepared to devote that much time daily, especially when in my experience just 15-20 minutes of ordinary daily meditation combined with molding beliefs is enough to keep your life zipping along quite nicely.

Indeed, Abraham have said that just 10-15 minutes of daily meditation combined with appreciation throughout the day is really all you need. (They've said something along the lines of "You did not come forth to put your brain on pause")

Nevertheless, I do appear to be one of those people that cannot resist investigating and exploring any new ideas that come along that catch my interest so I'm going to carry on looking into brain entrainment ideas for now and see where it leads me.

In searching for less-time-intensive approaches to Holosync, I came across LifeFlow.

I've spent a few hours looking through comments regarding LifeFlow and it seems to be quite highly-praised in their forums - especially by former Holosync users...just search their forums for the word "Holosync".

It's a different approach to Holosync, which seems to push you down to Delta brainwave frequencies (if only for a short time) straight from day one, while LifeFlow moves in more steady steps, but apparently leads to quicker results overall.

The sound technology used is also different. Holosync uses Binaural beats only, while LifeFlow uses Binaural beats, Monaural tones and Isochronic tones.

I found this article from a LifeFlow user quite helpful in understanding LifeFlow better.

Because I brought up Holosync on this website a few days ago I thought I should also mention LifeFlow here as well since it is a much cheaper alternative that may still have value for many people.

I'm going to try out LifeFlow as well and form my own view of it.

To provide some further background information to anyone who might be interested in all this stuff, here is an article praising LifeFlow from a former Holosync user...

and, to be fair to Holosync, here is an article from a Holosync community which is highly critical of LifeFlow...

...if you are interested, the LifeFlow forums also have some responses to the criticism here

If you've actually managed to read this far(!), I thought I would take this opportunity to ask...

Does anyone here have any long-term experience of using LifeFlow, and what are those experiences?

asked 07 Nov '10, 10:47

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Hi Stingray,

Where is your review?? Im using Holosync level 2 CD 3 and also thinking about switching to lifeflow next. Im searching for some independant reviews from people who have used both. I'd like to hear yours ??;)

(02 Sep '11, 20:40) Renae

Hi, I'm not actually using either of them anymore. I found them both unnecessarily time-consuming for what they were intended to achieve. So I just stick to 15 minute (or so) meditations: and I just use a vibrational molding method called Focus Blocks to mold my life the way I like it: . Sorry I can't be more helpful.

(02 Sep '11, 20:49) Stingray

well sorry stingray i was thinking it was music. anny way if it works for you it is what matter. experience and enjoy.

(03 Sep '11, 10:44) white tiger

any updates to this? I've used lifeflow a few months, only on track 8. it does seem to provide a quicker settling in and better focus, however i feel like sometimes my meditation needs to have room to 'move', and lifeflow puts it on one particular 'track'.

(09 Apr '12, 23:42) Harold Tantra
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Thanks for the links Stingray. I'll take a look although, for me the proof of the pudding is in the eating it, and I've been satisfied to date with what Holosync offers and the benefit I feel I've got from it so I can't really see switching it up at this stage.

I went with my gut feeling when I first purchased Awakening Prologue and found it beneficial ( as I have done with each consecutive level ) and although it does seem expensive I feel the progress I've made far outweighs that expense. Would my progress and awareness have grown at the same rate without it? Who's to say - I don't think it's a matter of popping on earphones and that's it. The technology helps create those new neural pathways in the brain and as a result our awareness grows, we can see where we've been acting out in a dysfunctional manner but ultimately it's what we decide to do with this growing awareness that really matters and the technology can't do that for us.

The one accolade I will offer for Holosync is the support they offer right throughout the program, from regular support letters to access to live reps who are willing to talk through any problems that may be coming up for those using the program.

I, too, would be curious to hear any feedback from anyone who has personally tried the Lifeflow program.


answered 07 Nov '10, 20:25

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Thanks for the response, Michaela. I can tell just from my first few hearings of Holosync that there is definitely something to it...I'm pretty sure that the differences in quality of meditation already are more than my imagination. I've now got my first LifeFlow track and I'll start with it tomorrow and see how it feels differently to Holosync, if at all. Obviously, it would be nice if there was someone here able to do a comparison...but from the lack of response so far, it looks like that might have to be me :)

(07 Nov '10, 22:48) Stingray

The one thing that really attracts me to LifeFlow is that the entrainment frequency (for different tracks) is fixed all the way through the track, unlike Holosync. Since (LifeFlow claim) it takes 8 minutes of listening at a steady frequency for brain entrainment to kick in then from just a 20 minute meditation session, you are (in theory) getting an effective 12 minutes of entrainment at a particular frequency. Holosync gradually moves you to a frequency which takes up a lot of time in itself. Anyway, like you say, we'll only know for sure if it is effective once we eat some pudding :)

(07 Nov '10, 23:01) Stingray

Let me know which pudding you prefer. For me the effectiveness from Holosync became noticeable over time, so I think it may take more than a few uses of each to discern which you feel is best. As you said it would be nice to hear from someone who had possibly used both for a while - testimonials are all well and good but if it's not from someone you know, it's hard to tell how genuine they are. Keep us updated on what you think :)

(08 Nov '10, 01:23) Michaela
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I've been using first Holosync - several levels, and then switched to LifeFlow, and made all 10 levels there. I love it, it's been helping me tremendously in many aspects:

  • better sleep
  • deeper, easier maintained meditation
  • overall a more calm state
  • the sureness that I can always have this help
  • easier aligning
  • easier learning

It also has been helping me in doing my vibrational work, since I've been using it to enhance some guided meditations, like with this Money Meditation.

I usually do my daily meditation playing simultaneously LifeFlow 9 (in one player, 40 minutes) and in a sequence two AH guided meditations (in a different player, 15 minutes each, so together they almost make it to those 40. I'm playing them as a Tasker task on my phone, which I connect to nice sound speakers. Having it as a Tasker task allows me not to launch the sequential playing manually, and to launch simultaneously as well, Tasker has its own player), it gives me a satisfying workout.

Regarding the one hour a day - I solved it in a way I think they recommended at Holosync: to wake up an hour earlier and spend that hour with Holosync or LifeFlow. I found, that it gave me a better feeling (sleepwise), than if I were sleeping that hour.

That's my experience. :)


answered 22 Jun '14, 17:18

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Olga Farber

edited 22 Jun '14, 17:26

Wow stingray, up to the time I read your first question regarding meditation with music in the background I never even percieved it as possible. I don't know how you actually get into a meditative stage this way, unless you block it, which is what I attempt to do with outside noise. So, no I don't have any experience using any sound while meditating. However, I used to meditate for an hour a day until it came to me that it is another way of "having sex with oneself" and I should really be spending more time on what I came here to do.

Thank you, namaste


answered 07 Nov '10, 11:27

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Regarding meditation with background music: I don't use music that has any particular melody to it, that would be too distracting. Rather it provides a soft, warm atmosphere and, after a while of using the same piece, you build up a conditioned response to hearing it and immediately moving towards a meditative state. Complete silence would be nice but in today's world, it's hard to achieve, especially if you are not living alone

(07 Nov '10, 13:13) Stingray

I know what you mean, I live in a household of 7.

(07 Nov '10, 14:07) daniele

I have had very positive experiences with Lifeflow, i noticed that when I went to a new 'level' I would fall asleep, but with time I found I was able to stay there for increasing lengths of time until it felt normal. This would always be a 'deeper' state, what you might call getting closer to being aware/awake while in the dreamless sleep state.

I don't think it has magic powers or anything but can be a good practical tool even for keeping track of time. As for music/sound, that should be allowed to be there like anything else. Meditation for me is never about 'blocking' but fully accepting.. otherwise it has no practical use in life. A review I found that was pretty close to my sentiments but in more detail is at this site


answered 17 Oct '12, 10:01

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LifeFlow seems great, but I would advice you all to check all the alternatives, because there are some truly great stuff out there. Like ChakraSync or YogicSound.


answered 06 Nov '12, 03:54

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i do not use music to meditate. i focus my gaze open eye on a wall until i see though and emotion going by then i can understand the meaning and put them to rest. when none is left it is dhyana. after if you continue its samadhi if you leave your body and go to god it is maha samadhi. experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Sep '11, 21:16

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white tiger


Neither HoloSync or Lifeflow are music, they are brainwave entrainment programs

(03 Sep '11, 09:08) Stingray
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