Is murder allowable under God? What would it be like if governments passed laws like Love Your Neighbor as YourSelf and scatched laws like do not kill?

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When there is no more killing in the animal kingdom AKA Nature, then we can pass such laws.

(22 Jan '12, 17:07) The Traveller

the traveler, mankind is above the animal kigdom, unless magnetized to the earth. does he seek to know the forces impacting him, does the law of attraction subvert the law of compensation. does the law of the land prevent it, who is it that knows

(25 Jan '12, 21:25) fred
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Death is a natural thing; it happens all the time in nature. It is part of the natural order, so much so that it's built into our genes.

Laws do not invite killing. Killing occurs because there is conflict. Conflict occurs because different people have different ideas about what is considered civil behavior. Murder occurs because killing under certain circumstances violates our particular moral code.

In modern societies, laws exist to protect one person from violating another person's ability to make their own choices. Killing someone robs them of their ability to make any choices, at least in this physical life. So if that killing is justified, it has to be because the person gave their life to protect their own beliefs.

In other words, soldiers die in war because they have chosen to fight.

As far as passing a law that says "Love your neighbor as yourself," we don't pass such laws because we allow people (at least in the United States) to pursue their own path of happiness as long as it doesn't interfere with someone else's, and requiring people to love each other would infringe on everyone's absolute right to feel miserable, if they so choose.


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The law went into affect after the event(s) took place. Originally, there was no law, nor a need for such a law. In our presently cathartic condition, we are able to manipulate anything as long as the idea exists. When the idea of murder entered into the world so did the idea of a law and at any given point thereafter, this process may reverse.


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constantine, not until we recognize our potential above material possession. it may need to become either consciously thought or by becomes second nature. the correct myth may be 'when did man degenerate from his spiritual self to the point of living mainly in the flesh'

(25 Jan '12, 21:37) fred

living in the flesh is not the problem fred you get +1 from me for recognise our potential above material possesion. since we created it. so why not create a system that balence more the power between people. at least covering all the basic needs and if you want more work for it. it would solve poverty. we all came to this world with free will so why does some want to imposse their law on other or make you pay for being here.

(25 Jan '12, 23:57) white tiger

example: welcome tax, leaving tax, property tax etc. you work and pay taxe and at the end of the year you pay taxe and when you buy things you again pay taxes. soon you are going to pay taxes on water and air and it is all suppose to be free. and i agree with you fred we have fall far from our divine nature. but until people drop their ego and lust for power and money. their will be no change.

(25 Jan '12, 23:58) white tiger

You would be more righteous in saying, until "we" drop "our" ego and lust for power and money, their will be no change. Their is no one in the world with an exempt status from these derogatory characteristics. These are the characteristics that have caused our degeneration through the generations, but these characteristics have also allowed us to succeed. There is no better creation than the one God created.

(26 Jan '12, 01:49) Constantine

i have said until people drop their ego and lust for power and money. that those that the hat fit put it i judge no one.

(26 Jan '12, 02:32) white tiger
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The Law Commandment of God, "Do not kill" can't be any plainer to understand we should not kill anyone. Well except if it is a war that is different and even God understands that as even in the Bible there were many necessary wars. But other than that it says, "Thou shall not kill."

God made the commandments plain and simple easy to follow and understand not full of legal jargon like there would be today filled with loop holes and articles see section 537 B part 12 of article 472 on Thou shall not kill.

God made it simple with no exceptions straight forward easy to follow.


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wade, not sure of what a necessary war entails. sanctioning killing is less than animal consciousness, it begets hate and perpetuates retribution. do not wish to associate with a god who supports that

(25 Jan '12, 21:42) fred

What I mean is God said plainly Thou Shall Not Kill. But there have been plenty of wars through history even in the Bible there are records of wars. I suppose God really just wanted people not to fight but we can have no idea what God wanted himself.

(25 Jan '12, 22:23) Wade Casaldi

i agree with you wade you should kill only to defend if there is no other choice. and you should not attack other. if there is no attacker there is no need to defend. but people under the ego attack other people out of jalousy and greed.

(26 Jan '12, 00:03) white tiger
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