Hi everyone, id like to ask a question that occured to me yesterday.

Having spent some time a few months ago being in such dire states that I could not even afford to buy the most basic products; deodrants, shampoos etc, Once I got a job I decided to treat my self to perfumes, nice girls things to make myself feel good again.

Recently ive noticed that the more money Im spending, the more money I seem to have. Why is this? Does it apply to everything?

If I date more people will I find love? Also I used to go to the gym 6 days a week. I have started running outside for free three times a week yet my figure is in much better shape! How does this happen??! xxx

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Spending doesn't attract more money directly, but the feeling of spending money does attract more money.

The more you spend, the better you feel, and the topic of money does not bother you so much, so there is little resistance towards your desires. Whereas if you are in dire straits, it's normal for you to keep focusing instead of having not enough money, unable to afford this and that, etc, etc.. causing a lot of resistance towards your resistance which makes money come to you slower.

And this does probably apply to everything else.. which is why just by imagining yourself spending the money would achieve the same effect as you physically spending the money. It's the feeling that you want


answered 19 Oct '10, 11:26

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Kakaboo has pretty much hit the nail on the head. When you are spending or running, you are obviously feeling good which raises your vibration, which in turn attracts what resonates with that higher vibration. The end result is that you attract more of what you want into your current reality.

In those momemts when you are feeling good, you are allowing what you want to flow toward you because what you want is not being met by resistance or thoughts of doubt - there is an open channel for it to manifest into physical reality.


answered 19 Oct '10, 13:26

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I agree with Kakaboo as well. By letting go of resistance you are putting yourself in the vortex. Once you are in the vortex you will find that you attract more positive experiences.


answered 19 Oct '10, 23:54

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It looks like you have mastered The Secret of the LOA, and it is working for you. Great, you are now in the Vortex!


answered 20 Oct '10, 03:48

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Your state of mind in the NOW


answered 20 Oct '10, 15:08

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The Traveller

Recently ive noticed that the more money Im spending, the more money I seem to have. Why is this?

Please explain how this has occurred in your life.
What do you mean you the more you spend and the more you have?

I'm interested in the details please.

Thank You!


answered 20 Oct '10, 21:37

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It is difficult to explain, (I will try to keep it brief)! I started a new job after being out of work for 3 months. At first, When my wages began to be paid, I tried and failed to clear loans and eat at the same time ha ha. I decided to treat myself to cheer myself up and all I have discovered is that over the past few weeks the more I have spent without caring, Ive ended up with enough to put in the bank and start saving. Not a fortune mind! That is honestly all that is happening. Maybe the L.O.A is just giving me a break!!

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