Does being angry or resentful toward someone who has done great harm to you affect what you are believing for?

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Tracy Jackson

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The Law of Attraction is always consistent with your vibrational offering.

If you are angry or resentful, life will give you circumstances that confirm your beliefs about your feelings of anger or resentment.

If, on the other hand, you are loving, peaceful and inspired, life will give you circumstances that confirm those feelings and beliefs instead.

Why? because your overall mental attitude dictates, in large part, what you choose to focus on.

So it comes down to the quality of life you want to have. Ultimately, however, you are going to be more effective by being loving, peaceful and inspired. This is a more highly-evolved attitude (and certainly more pleasant) than living in hate, fear, anger, jealousy, etc.

Anger, hate, fear and jealousy are all emotions of the ego. They serve to contract your life by separating yourself from the world and other people. Love, peace and inspiration, on the other hand, are creative emotions. They serve to expand your life by renewing that natural connection you have with the world and other people.


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Yessssss! Love it! Right on!

(02 Aug '10, 19:34) figure8shape

Being angry or resentful is an energy that Source cannot understand because it is not a part of Source. Anytime you are feeling negative you're stopping your good. Period. You attract to yourself what you are, so if in any moment you are feeling down, sad, mad, angry or resentful you are attracting that to your life. YOU ARE ALWAYS YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. So when you feel yourself out of sinc with WHO YOU REALLY ARE, WHICH IS LOVE AND HARMONY, go into silence and allow yourself to reach a higher vibration, one level at a time. It's really just a matter of being self-aware and paying attention to HOW YOU ARE FEELING. The MORE AWARE you are of yourself (what you're thinking and feeling) the better off you are as you're able to control what you're attracting into your life.

I hope this makes sense.

Be encouraged. Stay positive!!


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Good response Figure8, I totally agree. Plus any bad feelings toward another tend to boomerang back onto yourself.

(02 Aug '10, 18:40) LeeAnn 1

Thank you. It is like putting a shield around you so that no matter what comes your way and how negative, it will bounce off and hit the thing that sent it. But it is up to us if we choose to accept this negative energy or reject it and I choose to reject.

(02 Aug '10, 19:28) Tracy Jackson

@ LeeAnn - You are so right - any thoughts of resentment toward another will always hurt the one holding those thoughts.

(02 Aug '10, 23:57) Michaela
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Without a doubt this is one of the most important things you can do before LOA works beneficially in your life.

When you are coming from a place of anger and resentment you cannot attract positive things or circumstances into your life because you are coming from a low frequency vibration so it would be impossible for things vibrating at a higher frequency to manifest in your physical experience - you can only attract things that are in alignment with your current vibration.

However, when you are coming from a place of pure, unconditional love , you are vibrating at the highest frequency possible and everything you attract will be in alignment with that ( in other words, all good things will come your way).


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