Hi, my apologies if we are not allowed to discuss 'drugs' on IQ. I've spent the evening researching DMT and listening on youtube to accounts about what people experienced while under the influence of it.

There was a lot of emphasis on the spirit aspect of it, a feeling of being pulled up into the universe and telepathically communicating with guides etc.

I was just wondering if anyone on IQ had some first hand experiences with it they'd like to share? :)

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you might also try this site: http://deoxy.org/annex/cwl.htm

(22 Jan '12, 22:20) white tiger
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Personally, no, though I admit it is on my relatively immediate "to-do" list. I have a lot of friends who have, and I've taken a particular interest in this drug so I've been getting feedback from as many experts as I can. These 'experts' could be experienced practitioners my age, non-drug consuming doctors with 30+ years of experience, drug consuming elders from many different walks of life, etc.

The following is a compendium of all of the things that I've been told about the drug. This of course means some of the information will be contradictory, it came from many different sources:

First, the early onset effects. With light dosages some people account seeing waves of color and energy flowing between everything, especially living things. To be clear, as explained to me this isn't a "I think I might be seeing some lights guys" type of experience, but instead very vivid and impossible to ignore.

In this stage there are common reports of being able to feel other's emotions, know the topic someone is thinking about, etc. Note that this line is meant to read as it says. They explain to me that you can't hear word for word what people are saying, nor "see" their thoughts or anything like that. Instead, if you relax your mind and focus on them your own thoughts will go to the closest topic you can in your own mind that relates to their thoughts.

The above is why I believe that "direct channeling" is limited by the consciousness of the 'channel' or 'host', leaving the 'speaker' or 'outsider' from being able to convey any messages that are outside of the understanding of the host, but I'll save my metaphysical theories for another time. ^_^

"Unconscious trips" or "Out of world trips", when you use enough to fully hallucinate your surroundings, are often stories similar to an Alice in Wonderland type of experience. Encounters with foreign entities is common, though they are often more akin to a fairy tale creature than an alien sci-fi creature. These aliens almost always share life secrets with 'the traveler [you]'. These stories vary from individual to individual, but common themes often persist even in people who do not know each other and have no reason to have similar thought processes. People [often with no prior belief or interest in aliens] being told that humans are the result of genetic experiments involving many intergalactic species is one story that is heard regularly. Other things include that humans are descendent's of ancient alien civilizations that destroyed the rest of the universe, humans are an extremely powerful psionic sage-like race is another.

One individual gave me a very interesting explanation of the drug and the feelings it causes. She describes it as an "instant road to sanity." She says it puts life into perspective, and helps 'bring you back to Earth', and make you realize that you are not the center of the universe. Because of this point my circles often severely discourage certain individuals from partaking in the drug, especially females of a very narcissistic nature. We are not the types to directly refuse someone who comes to us seeking guidance, because we feel that if they are with us they will at least be safe, however we do inform some types of people that we are concerned that they are not ready to handle a specific drug or experience safely.

Supposedly the idea is it is dangerous to take a stereotypical selfish drama-centric college girl and let them use this drug without life counseling first, because having their attention rapidly brought to what a crappy person they are can cause severe emotional trauma. Basically coming to the realization that you're a bad person so fast that you don't have the time handle it and you have an emotional break.

Also, very strong warnings I should relay:

Never do this (or any hallucinogen) in public or crowded areas for your first time. The primary reason for 'bad trips' on things like this, especially salvia, is sensory overload.

In spirit communities these drugs are believed to help stimulate our other senses, our "supernatural" senses. When people try doing these drugs in high input areas their minds can't keep up with all of the processing. This overload can manifest in countless different ways depending mostly on the mood of the person. Sometimes the response is good, such as euphoria, other times the response is neutral, such as exhaustion and sleeping to attempt to limit further input and catch up. But the reason you have to be careful is that sometimes this overload can cause panic and anxiety, or in extreme cases even anger, confusion, and rage.

Go somewhere with very little input, don't watch TV*, listen to soft positive music, never have a group of more than a handful of people at the most, and make sure they are people you can absolutely trust. I personally always suggest Genesis or Phil Collins, because I enjoy it and I've always seen good results from that style of music. The music should be quiet, as should the company, everyone soft spoken, etc etc. Make sure to never play music that isn't quiet or have people being loud, because when you're unconscious you are often hyper sensitive to sounds. What would have been "loud" music while conscious could easily turn into deafening while on a trip. Incense and good smelling herbs are very strongly suggested. Comfortable area to lay down if necessary that doesn't require moving to get to, etc.

Two important points to expand on there: 1: TV is too much input, especially violent shows. I have personally been on a salvia divinorum trip while watching a TV show, and I ended up talking to the cast. Since it was a positive show the results were humorous, however friends have had instances watching drama shows where someone gets attacked and they freak out. 2: If someone messes with you while you are on any drugs, especially things like DMT or salvia, it can be extremely dangerous. Even childish crap like screaming "Boo!" can cause severe problems. If people are around there must be absolutely zero tolerance of any kind of behavior like that.

Some horror stories from my friends, either being people I know personally or a one step friend-of-a-friend. One person believed he was a giant banana being peeled by a gorilla. He started having a panic attack, was unable to breath, and was taken to the hospital. There is also a TV show that showed a boy [on salvia] getting up, running around the room, and then jumping out a window. That is a story that happened within one of my circles as well, with a slightly different middle part involving running into a table and a few walls.

This is why whenever someone asks about doing anything like this I strongly encourage they find a spirit guide, even if it is just someone to council them ahead of time and make sure they don't do any of the severe "no-no's" of any given ritual.

[Rewrote the post, still scatterbrained, but it is slightly better organized now. ]


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If you need a guide to take the drug safely then pass.

(22 Jan '12, 22:49) Tom

If you do Snow, be smart and be safe...

(22 Jan '12, 23:22) ele

snow you have free will use it wisely.

(22 Jan '12, 23:31) white tiger

Well said, White Tiger.

(22 Jan '12, 23:41) ele

@Tom: I wouldn't personally follow that statement too much, only because I act as a spirit guide regularly for people interested in doing salvia. There are too many horror stories from salvia users, so I help to make sure that individuals don't hurt themselves (physically or mentally).

And I appreciate your concerns, and I assure you I will be safe and always am. The people whom I learn from have done every drug under the sun, and are more balanced well rounded intelligent people than most.

(23 Jan '12, 03:48) Snow

I know that drugs have very severe negative connotations in most people's minds, and so I avoid discussing them here, however I personally find prescription drugs to be more hazardous and damaging to the body than spirit drugs, assuming proper usage.

Since I hold a great deal of respect for many native American cultures, I do not inherently assume because my culture demonizes their practices I should do the same. Similarly there are many religions that predate Christianity that not only...

(23 Jan '12, 04:16) Snow

...tolerate but encourage the use of certain substances as a part of spiritual life.

As a consequence I personally research the topic of drugs very passionately, from an outsider's perspective rather than a practitioner.

There are many underground groups that hide their practices because of their fear of judgement from those who often have little successful experience with the substances in the first place.

My perception on drugs and the "war on drugs" changed dramatically when I started..

(23 Jan '12, 04:19) Snow

..to find that these people whom I had been told all my life by my religious family and friends were "evil" actually ended up being smarter, kinder, and more loyal friends to me than any church goer ever had.

Not every 'druggie' or 'hippie' is inherently stupid, poor, or uneducated. The intelligent ones are just smart enough to keep that side of their lives hidden from the judgmental eyes of the public.

It's really fun hearing someone with multiple masters degrees ranting about drugs.. =)

(23 Jan '12, 04:22) Snow

drugs are a support tool. the problem with drug is when it becomes a way of life. you call that addiction. and yes snow even legal drug are very damaging. they do not solve anny thing they are only a band aid on the problem.

(23 Jan '12, 17:08) white tiger

example for legal drugs: sleeping pills for life, ritalin for life.also drugs for borderline person. it does not solve their problem they still try to kill them self to seek attention.

(23 Jan '12, 17:12) white tiger

also snow according to research on the subject you will not pass a certain point. Focus 22: Within Focus 22 we often find those perhaps still physically alive who are in an unconscious state. These include people in comas, in drug induced states, who are dreaming, who are insane or deranged. This is a very chaotic level.

(23 Jan '12, 18:03) white tiger

there is other levels you know. In Focus 23, the human inhabitants tend to be those no longer physically alive who have become "stuck" for one reason or another. Often they are confused about or unaware of their death.

(23 Jan '12, 18:05) white tiger

Focus 24,25,26: Inhabitants of The Belief System Territories are attracted to specific locations by Afterlife beliefs they held while physically alive. Every set of Afterlife beliefs held by humans at any time has a specific location with these Focus levels. In a sense, Belief System Territory inhabitants are stuck like those in Focus 23. The difference is that they are not isolated from contact with others.

(23 Jan '12, 18:06) white tiger

All inhabitants of a specific Territory are in contact with all others sharing their beliefs. Contact with anyone holding conflicting beliefs is severely limited. Free will choices here are restricted to only those compatible with the prevailing beliefs. Some of these areas look like Heavens, some look like Hells. Each one is rigidly structured around the beliefs held by the inhabitants. In my experience, it is extremely difficult to move people from this area to areas of greater

(23 Jan '12, 18:07) white tiger

free will choice. Focus 27: Focus 27 is the Afterlife area of greatest free will choice for its inhabitants. It's an area created by humans and often resembles physical earth environments. Contact and communication is open between all inhabitants. Many people living in Focus 27 provide assistance to new arrivals in their adjustment to living in the Afterlife. It is a highly organized and structured area. There are Centers of activity here providing for the needs of human beings in their

(23 Jan '12, 18:08) white tiger

continuing development in the Afterlife. In my explorations, I've found Centers for: Education, Life Review, Health and Rejuvenation, Planning, Scheduling, Rehabilitation, Humor, and many others. These Centers also coordinate activities in the physical world to assist in human development.

Lastly, there is beyond focus 27, which is outside of the realm of human consciousness as we know it.

(23 Jan '12, 18:08) white tiger

yes there is lower level also. [Focus 3: State of increased mental coherency and balance] "Focus 10: Mind Awake/Body Asleep Focus 12: A state of expanded awareness Focus 15: State of no time Focus 21: The edge of time/space where it is possible to contact other energy systems."

(23 Jan '12, 18:10) white tiger

"It is important to realize these focus levels are merely arbitrary numbers and signposts to identify the state of consciousness one is in. In case you’re wondering, there is no Focus 14 or Focus 16. However, beyond Focus 21, several other focus levels have been identified further removed from the physical ...," and which involve among other systems the perception of belief system territories ('astral planes'). Thus, The Gateway Experience is meant as a platform from

(23 Jan '12, 18:11) white tiger

from which to explore further on your own." [end quoted text from FOCUS 10: Mind Awake/Body Asleep by Ashes]

There is some confusion and uncertainty regarding the Focus 12 through 21 states and differentiating them appropriately. Several practiced "phasers" have noted how the transition from Focus 10 to 12 is often characterized by seeing several abstract forms and colors, often very quickly followed by a 3-D effect in the blackness surrounding you.

(23 Jan '12, 18:12) white tiger

It sounds to me like you're describing dimensional levels, and your comment that drugs can only take you to a certain point is a very important and good one.

To quote a book I haven't read and don't know the name of: Drugs allow you to see the door to a higher consciousness, but you can only pass through it while sober.

And yes, ANYTHING can be an addiction however, not just drugs. An addiction to me is simply a state of extreme imbalance. For example, one can be addicted to food.

(23 Jan '12, 18:13) Snow

An addiction to food can be just as dangerous (if not moreso) than an addiction to anything else.

This is another reason I don't demonize people who use drugs as a vice or a way to tolerate life. Because I much prefer that someone does that as a way to cope than have them be one of the people who cuts themselves, or worse one of the people who beats their girlfriend because of their own inability to handle life.

But I digress, addictions are bad, balance is the key to life.

(23 Jan '12, 18:16) Snow

well snow i don't demonize or judge anny one. i know people that take drugs some are good and some are bad like in anny group or individual. yes balence and harmony snow is always the key and you have free will. still i would recommend meditation or lucid dream. because you are in control. using drugs is like taking the bus and you do not know where it is going and you do not control the experience. what if you go in hell and do not like 1 minute there but have to stay 1 hour there?

(23 Jan '12, 18:42) white tiger

if you have control you can move from there to a nicer place. but drug is a free ride. meditation and lucid dream you are the driver.

(23 Jan '12, 18:42) white tiger

people who cuts them self usely take legal drugs but it does not solve their problem. most often it is people that have borderline personnality.Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a personality disorder described as a prolonged disturbance of personality function in a person (generally over the age of eighteen years, although it is also found in adolescents), characterized by depth and variability of moods.[n 1] The disorder typically involves unusual levels of instability in mood; black-

(23 Jan '12, 18:47) white tiger

and-white thinking, or splitting; the disorder often manifests itself in idealization and devaluation episodes, as well as chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior; as well as a disturbance in the individual's sense of self. In extreme cases, this disturbance in the sense of self can lead to periods of dissociation.[1]

(23 Jan '12, 18:48) white tiger

Splitting in BPD includes a switch between idealizing and demonizing others. This, combined with mood disturbances, can undermine relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. BPD disturbances also may include self-harm.[2] Without treatment, symptoms may worsen, leading (in extreme cases) to suicide attempts.

(23 Jan '12, 18:51) white tiger

"Drug treatment should not be used specifically for borderline personality disorder or for the individual symptoms or behaviour associated with the disorder" but "drug treatment may be considered in the overall treatment of comorbid conditions," and suggests "review of the treatment of people with borderline personality disorder who do not have a diagnosed comorbid mental or physical illness and who are currently being prescribed drugs, with the aim of reducing and stopping unnecessary drug

(23 Jan '12, 18:51) white tiger

drug treatment." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder i have know someone like that she took lots of pills and slash her wrist.

(23 Jan '12, 18:53) white tiger

Regarding "being in control" and "taking the bus", I absolutely agree that it is of the utmost importance to ALWAYS be in control, and in my mind that statement includes alcohol as well.

I am personally incapable of getting "black out" drunk where people do stupid things and don't remember. I go from being a drunk that I can always control to unconscious and there is no middle ground. Similarly with drugs, I keep a very close eye on my consciousness and my perception of reality. If things...

(23 Jan '12, 19:09) Snow

get too far out of hand then I stop, put myself in a safe situation, etc. I have no tolerance for not being in control of my actions, because I refuse to allow myself to be responsible for something that I would regret, even if I have an excuse like "I was drunk driving."

So I don't plan on losing control of myself, or ever doing anything that could allow that to happen. I have a very tight grip on my body, and I don't have any intention of letting anyone or anything change that.

(23 Jan '12, 19:11) Snow

well drunk driving is no excuse. The laws relating to drunk driving vary between countries and varying blood alcohol content is allowed before a conviction is made. Since at least 2004, it has been illegal in all US states and the District of Columbia to drive with a BAC that is 0.08% or higher. Canada adopted similar laws in the Criminal Law Amendment Act in the 1970s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driving_under_the_influence

(23 Jan '12, 19:20) white tiger

take the cab or ask a sobber friend.

(23 Jan '12, 19:22) white tiger
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Yes, I have had personal experience with this. Both through ingestion and inhalation.

It was a deeply profound experience, and ultimately changed my life. It acted as a catalyst for meditation and deeper inward searching. I did feel that I left my body, and I observed my time-space reality shrink down to a speck in the infinite. I sat in the infinite, and did observe another 'being' beckoning me up. It was a complete sense of oneness unlike any I've ever experienced, and what I can only describe as "soul-gasms" ran through my body for about 20 minutes. I was filled with vibrant energy, I felt a strong sense of vibration running through me.

Afterwards, I felt free from any fears of death. Are there any other details you would like to know?


answered 12 Apr '12, 13:22

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3 BIG Mistakes

A DMT injection turns into a "hellish" experience

 "I had been up for three days and two nights working on a manuscript. That was the first mistake. The room where the "experiment" was to take place was a dirty, dingy, insanely cluttered pest hole. That was the second mistake. I was told that I would see God. That was the third and worst mistake of all.

  "The needle jabbed into my arm and the dimethyl-tryptamine oozed into my bloodstream. At the same time the steam came on with a rhythmic clamor and I remember thinking that it would be nice to have some heat. Within thirty seconds I noticed a change, or rather I noticed that there had never been any change, that I had been in this dreamy unworldly state for millions of years. I told this to Dr.--. who said, "Good, then it is beginning to cross the blood-brain barrier."

  "It was too fast. Much too fast. I looked up at what a minute ago had been doors and cabinets, and all I could see were parallel lines falling away into absurdities. Dimensions were outraged. The geometry of things crashed blindly into one another and crumbled into chaos. I thought to myself, "But he said that I would see God, that I would know the meaning of the universe." I closed my eyes. Perhaps God was there, behind my eyeballs.

  "Something was there, all right; Something, coming at me from a distant and empty horizon. At first it was a pinpoint, then it was a smudge, and then--a formless growing Shape. A sound accompanied its progress towards me--a rising, rhythmic, metallic whine; a staccato meeyow that was issuing from a diamond larynx. And then, there it loomed before me, a devastating horror, a cosmic diamond cat. It filled the sky, it filled all space. There was nowhere to go. It was all that was. There was no other place for me in this--Its universe. I felt leveled under the cruel glare of its crystalline brilliance. My mind, my body, my vestige of self-esteem perished in the hard glint of its diamond cells.

  "It moved in rhythmic spasms like some demonic toy; and always there was its voice--a steely, shrill monotony that put an end to hope. There should not be such a voice! It ravaged the nerves and passed its spasms into my head to echo insanely from one dark corridor of my mind to another. Me-e-e-e-yow~ow-ow-ow me~e~yow-ow-ow-ow me-e-e-e-yow-ow-ow-ow--the incessant, insatiable staccato went on. It would not have been so bad if it had just been diabolical noise. The chilling thing was that I knew what it was saying! It told me that I was a wretched, pulpy, flaccid thing; a squishy-squashy worm. I was a thing of soft entrails and slimy fluids and was abhorrent to the calcified God.

  "I opened my eyes and jumped up from my chair screaming: 'I will not have you! I will not have such a God! What is the antidote to this? Give me the antidote!' But as I said this I doubted my own question for it seemed to me that this was the only reality I had ever known, the one I was born with and the one I would die with. There was no future beyond this state of mind, there was no state of mind beyond this one.

  "'There is no antidote,' said Dr.--. 'Relax, it's only been three minutes. You've got at least twenty-five more minutes still to go.'

  "I looked around the room. The seething symmetry had calmed down some. Instead of evoking terror it merely made one seasick now. 'Euclidian nausea,' I thought, and closed my eyes again. I found myself on a small planet of a distant star. A spaceship built like an amoeba reached with long tentacles out to grab me. The center of the space ship was diaphanous like an embryo's head with a network of blue veins, flowing blood, and shifting cellular wastes. It pulsed and pulsed and whirred and cackled. I did not wish to be a part of this protoplasmic blob although it was far cheerier than the first vision, and so, as its tentacles were about to enclose me, I opened my eyes and escaped its interstellar plans for me. By this time I was learning how to manage--or should I say Escape from--the experience. I thought that I would start to call my own shots, find my own planet.

  "I closed my eyes again to discover a world of blue horses. The land heaved gently and the necks and heads of stately blue horses rose and fell as waves on the planet's surface. It was a land of perfect peace, a blue equine paradise.

  "But still I hadn't seen the face of God! I would make a final effort at ultimate visions. My eyes closed and I found myself looking through one end of an immensely long cylinder. At first, there was nothing at the other end--a trillion miles away. Then God came and peeked in at me. I burst out laughing.

  "The face of God staring at me from the other end of the cylinder was the face of a very wise monkey!"

  Concerning this case it may be superfluous to remark that the subject should not be told she is going to "see God" or discover "the meaning of the universe." Yet more than one researcher and therapist we know of has done this sort of thing repeatedly, and probably never with benefit to the subject or patient. Medical doctors no less than other kinds of workers with psychedelic drugs have promised visions of God, revelations of Ultimate Truth, and so on. And for the self-anointed psychedelic priest, it seems to be just a small further step to assuming the role of God Himself! Sidney Cohen and others have warned about this danger--the threat that an unaccustomed power will corrupt the guide with resulting damage to the subjects, and possibly even greater damage to the guide himself. This, as we also have observed, is a real danger; but psychiatrists have no immunity to the disease and they go astray when advancing such a hazard as a basis for restricting all work with psycho-chemicals to themselves. There exists not a shred of evidence to indicate that the limiting of guiding to one or a few professions will do anything at all to eliminate abuses of power and corruption by power.


if you want to see god why not do deep meditation at least you will control the experiement. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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@white tiger - "if you want to see god do deep meditation", yes sound advice my friend :)

(23 Jan '12, 04:47) blubird two
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