Instead of us spend time searching and looking for waysto better our lifes(ie: reading books, meditating,doing yoga). should we live thru all our life expiriences until everything rings true to us. are we not here to expirience life?

asked 10 Dec '12, 14:40

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You should do what you think is right to do. There is no right or wrong no matter what you do in life.

(10 Dec '12, 15:27) releaser99

This is the exact point. I'm so glad that you came to this realization. This is the difference between mentalism and mysticism. We read about a spiritual truth in a book and we memorize it and believe it. But when we have found it out by our own experience, only then it is valid as a spiritual experience..Through living life better, embracing life, we experience true spirituality..

(11 Dec '12, 03:38) mastermind2

@mastermind2 very true indeed. intellectual understanding and experiencing something are 2 different is like a men that would have experience owning and going to the top of a building and looking in book that talk about this,that men can tell he went to first floor or to that room. and the other one went to second floor in that other room.example:

(11 Dec '12, 04:41) white tiger

Light of knowledge is experienced: When the Yogi achieves samyama the light of knowledge coming from that process becomes visible; the knowledge of samadhi is experienced. The attainment of the experience of samadhi is not the end of practice, but is a beginning of sorts.

(11 Dec '12, 04:52) white tiger

Then comes mastery of samyama: As the Yogi practices and gradually attains mastery over the process of samyama, the light of knowledge coming from that samadhi also becomes increasingly clearer. The practice brings greater depth of experience, insight, and realization. who is that light that you see that guides you and give you knowledge? the one that experience it knows the one that read about it do not know.

(11 Dec '12, 04:52) white tiger

mastermind and white tiger thank you for your comments. can you guys tell me how you got to where you are now?.

(11 Dec '12, 08:22) Manny

@White tiger "intellectual understanding and experiencing something are 2 different things"< This is exactly the point, thank you Tiger. When I came to my samadhi the experience was like I passed through a rough sea and suddenly nothing! just the experience of deep silence!

(11 Dec '12, 09:24) mastermind2

@Manny The desire in you to go there will guide you to that destination perfectly. Few years back I met this computer hacker and I watched him hack through this website and I thought "omg how do you know this much". After some years later I found myself doing the same things that he did, at that time I thought these are small things. Follow your heart and what ever happens do the right thing. Then one day you will suddenly find your self where you wanted to be, many years ago.

(11 Dec '12, 09:38) mastermind2

@mastermind2 will also state do not mistake dhyana,with the first level to being aware in silence,if you have still some conflict or darkness in you,then you have not reach the finality of samadhi(knowing your self),that becomes dhyana(water and spirit becomes one). when dhyana is reach with out fear you can cross the final door.

(11 Dec '12, 14:47) white tiger
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Is not participating on IQ a part of your life experience? Obviously for you it is.

Something attracted you to visit this forum and to participate. And that fact alone tells you that there's something here for you, something that will help you to better understand yourself and who you are. However, in any moment you are free to choose and to decide to stay or to go, there's no judgment in that.

Can you really waste your time?
Have you seen that linear (chronological) time is an artificial construct?
Do you know what time and change really are?

In truth, there’s only Here and there’s only Now.
OK, these are merely words, but how do they help me in my daily life, you might ask?

As an example: By understanding that in order to experience a reality in which we ARE financially abundant, we shift our focus to a different perspective of the same NOW moment, in which we already ARE the person who’s financially abundant. The illusion of time (which is change) is created by us as we shift our perspective through infinite parallel versions of reality. Thus, in truth, ALL realities co-exist, simultaneously HERE and NOW; there is no other time or place.

Additionally, within the idea of Here and Now, (obviously) all information you seek is always available to you Here and Now. Knowing this is true self-empowerment. What do you want from IQ?


answered 10 Dec '12, 23:55

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edited 10 Dec '12, 23:57


@Eddie- Let me tell you, what a genuine pleasure it is to see you again!

(11 Dec '12, 00:03) Nikulas

Eddie thanks, what I want to learn from the perspectives of others like me who want to better themselves. I want to have an insight on others expirience of life and what was done to get them to where they are now. but won't you get there wether you do something or not? if time is artificial I am already there I just need to shift my perspective.

(11 Dec '12, 08:35) Manny

I'm sure I attracted and allowed IQ into my life for more enjoyment to my life and self.

(11 Dec '12, 10:29) clearheart

This answer is like a breath of fresh air for me :)

(11 Dec '12, 21:51) LapisLazuli

Hi guys, thanks for the nice comments. I just got back from a small break to the island of Penang in Malaysia. Nice place, at least my version of it is :)

(15 Dec '12, 04:17) Eddie

@Manny - the fastest way to get to where you say you want to be is to act to the best of your ability on the thing that excites you the most in EVERY moment you're able to. Bashar taught me that and he's right...

Yes, you are already where you desire to be. If you weren't, then you wouldn't be able to imagine it. And by acting as that version of you actually is acting you'll BE that person in No-Time; that's the paradox... :)

(15 Dec '12, 04:23) Eddie

Eddie, Welcome back.

(15 Dec '12, 16:36) Manny

Eddie so by acting as the kind of person I want to be in no-time I be that person, sounds simple. Wow I have read so many perspectives on this site of how things work. It is amazing it seems that even though the path is narrow there is many variation of it.

(15 Dec '12, 17:14) Manny

Thanks Manny. I'm not sure which narrow path you're referring to. There are as many paths as there are beings who walk on those paths.

Remember: because of the structure of our rational mind, which loves complexity and complications; when something seems too simple or simplistic we often dismiss it. The main point is can you believe that changing your perspective of reality can be that simple?

(15 Dec '12, 22:06) Eddie
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I enjoy spending time learning and growing by various means- then I am able to take it with me out into my world. That gives me an easier more fun time out and about when I have a more solid alignment with my own self.

then of course, it feels good to share appreciations with others and that is part of the fun of online groups.


answered 11 Dec '12, 10:28

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It might be true that some of us who stumble upon spiritual/metaphysics stuff are leading an ok/average life and have no real need for this at the moment. But at the same time, there are also many people who are having piles of debts or facing other difficulties in life, as you can see from some of the questions on this site. Are those people supposed to just grit their teeth and do nothing about it and just "live through their painful experiences"?

It might be ok if these experiences only last for a while, as the saying goes "What that never kills us makes us stronger." But what if these difficulties persist for a long time, say 5 or more years? Then there is something obviously wrong, and is it not right for these people to try to change their life through any methods they can find at the moment?

As for the people who are doing decently, what exactly is "living through our life experiences"? 75% of the world population probably go through the same thing - being born, getting an education, settling down and having a family, and then working till their time is up. Is that how life is supposed to be? Is it not right for some of these people to seek something better when they feel bored of their life? Who really has the answer to all of these?


answered 11 Dec '12, 11:49

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Reading books, meditating, doing yoga are just another life experiences you can live through.

And since you're gonna always experience something, why not something that makes sense to you and helps you better your life.

Why stay in rain, if you can stay in sun?


answered 11 Dec '12, 02:39

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CalonLan Thank you

(11 Dec '12, 08:36) Manny

@Manny, seriously, what for? My pathetic comment? I've been where you're going, vortex, great vibrations and fluff. And then someone pulls out the demon that's within you and all that castle of good vibrations crumbles down like cards.

Let me tell you obvious, which so many are oblivious to. You're not after happiness and vortex unless there is sadness in your life to begin with.

That and I'm out and done with this vortex shit. Enjoy your journey.

(11 Dec '12, 08:57) CalonLan

I thank you for taking the time to share your perspective and your honesty.

(11 Dec '12, 09:11) Manny

@CalonLan I am getting increasingly concerned about you ... are you really OKay?

(11 Dec '12, 11:26) Catherine

@CalonLan - This does not seem like you. I am concerned also.

(11 Dec '12, 12:30) Dollar Bill
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the only waste of time would be to not experience and enjoy and learn the truth from the experience.but i am telling you right now you will not find answer in conflict and should not stop seeking until he finds.the way the truth and the life. you are a work in progress.and it is necessary for you to better your self.using your free will and understanding and learning the truth and experiencing annything that you pick.and yes you came here to this world to experience and enjoy. so open your eyes and hears, your heart and your mind. so let there be light ,Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 10 Dec '12, 15:12

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white tiger

white tiger, Sometimes I know why I am seeking for the way, the truth and the Life but a lot of time it makes no sense to me because whenever I think I know something the more I realize i know nothing. why the urge to look for answers and makes me wonder if there is a need to look for it and if everyone has the same urge to seek for it.

(12 Dec '12, 10:55) Manny

what you have told me what does it tell you?Sometimes I know why I am seeking for the way, the truth and the Life but a lot of time it makes no sense to me because whenever I think I know something the more I realize i know nothing. then keep on seeking until you find. why should you bother about other people?they have their own free will and are responsible of it. do you base your life only on phenomenon from the outside?

(15 Dec '12, 17:21) white tiger

white tiger the reason I am asking this question (if everyone has the same urge to seek for it.)is because sometimes it feels to me as a need, a need to search and to find the answer to my own riddle. Do I base my life only on phenomenon from outside? I do and I don't; I do because by looking at the out side I would know what to change in the inside and I don't because I am seeking regardless if others don't.

(15 Dec '12, 18:51) Manny
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