I am asking this question because of stories that are coming forth about transplant recipients who suddenly want or crave things that the organ donor used to prefer- this is called "Cellular Memory". If you would like to read more about this, go to this link and you can learn about this amazing phenomenon.

Because of cellular memory, though, wouldn't this mean that our soul permeates our whole body, and perhaps there is something to all the sayings about the heart- such as , "My heart is broken."?

What do you think about this? Isn't it amazing? What does it say about our souls?

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Hello Jai, this question raises a lot of philosophical topics way beyond my line of thinking ... however i would like to offer this as my answer ... referring to my previous question "what does source energy consist of? ", the russian scientist prof. Konstantin Korotkov has done some interesting work in this area ... here is a beautiful video with it's music "now we are free"


have fun :)


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blubird two

This was a great link..I recommend it to everyone who grieves...I have been "sensing" someone standing at the end of my bed for three nights...Now I know I am NOT crazy, thanks to you and your link! I hope you do not mind if I post it to the IQ Community! Thanks again, Jai

(13 Feb '12, 01:16) Jaianniah

Bruce Lipton is a former cellular bilogist who discovered that the biology being taught is wrong. When physics changed based on the new understanding of the field, biology didn't make the necessary changes.Here is a video where he explains the New Biology. There are several videos by Bruce Lipton explaining this.

I was just watching a video on a page that was linked from a post here on IQ, but I don't remember which one, because I opened the link the other day and just got around to reading it it now. Anyway I had watched this before and Bruce Lipton talks about this. I noticed that it said something about past lives though, and that got me thinking.

What if instead of having memories of past lives, we are having memories of our past cellular donars, which would be our mother and father and their mothers and fathers all the way back for generations. I heard someone say they had some ancestral work done and didn't know what that was. Well, this makes it makes sence. If we have a little cellular memory from everybody who has contributed down through the ages, that would be a lot of unnecessary baggage for us to carry around. In the Bible, it says that your actions affect seven generations. So, I don't know if it only goes back seven generations, or if that means that we carry the baggage of our ancestors, even as far back as seven generations.


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