Do these meridians have anything to do with referred pain? Just wondering....Jai

asked 26 Feb '10, 14:26

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I think the meridians are the pathways in the body through which our energy flow. When there is a blockage within these pathways, it causes imbalance or disease in the body. It is a term used in alternative or energy healing systems like accupuncture and EFT, and when these meridians are cleared, the body becomes balanced and well again.


answered 26 Feb '10, 14:34

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Hi Jai - what do you mean by referred pain?

Fallen arches can cause knee problems and lower back problems - this is what I know as referred pain. This sort of problem can be fixed by orthotics and a good osteopath.

The energy line works as Michaela mentioned above and sometimes the acupuncturist will stick a pin in the ear to fix the big toe or something like that. Reiki and Therapeutic Touch work on energy transference from one body to another. Bit like using a jump lead when the battery in your car runs flat.


answered 01 Mar '10, 00:13

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