Both my subconscious and my body speak to me, but unfortunately we aren't always speaking the same language. Does your subconscious speak do you? and if so, what does it say and how does it say it?

As an extremely simple example, when I was sick a few days ago I had a sodium deficiency which made tortilla chips taste saltier (and more delicious) than normal. Little after that I started to feel better- if only I had known I had needed it sooner.

For me when my mind is trying to tell me something it generally comes out either in my dreams or in my writing. There are times that I will just sit down and begin typing without really being the one "driving", I let my extemporaneous side have a bit more creative freedom and it will take my thoughts wherever my mind wants.

This has helped me before in figuring out parts of my psyche that were being neglected and straightening out sources of conflict in myself. What kind of techniques do you use? Does your subconscious speak to you? Can you speak back? Do your dreams reflect conscious desires (as many friends my age do) or subconscious desires?

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This is going to be weird......

I started to understand it when the Master Key talked about it. I started to really think more about it when reading other sources and finally had my "AH-HA" moment when I heard Bashar talking about it. If you talk about it in public you will be ridiculed, and your family will think you're crazy.....just like some are going to say after the next sentence.

"We have 2 separate physical brains in 2 separate parts of our bodies."

The first brain is in our head, the brain we all know about. The second brain is in our "stomach!" Yes, our gut! It's a mass of brain cells amounting in the millions. Medical science has proven it, but say nothing about it. It's not "brain shaped" like the one in our head, it's a mass of brain cells.

From the research I've done it has shown that this is our subconscious brain. Our "Gut instinct" brain. "What does your gut tell you?".....and it's talking to us all the time. It's connected to the heart.

You listen to it by taking your attention from your head and move it down to your heart. Focus on the inside of your chest. Be quiet and be still and let it talk to you......"how do you feel about this?" or "How do you feel about that?" It will tell you the answers if you "listen."


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Sometimes I listen to hypnosis tapes and sometimes in the tapes they will pose a question like "bring up the thing that may be obstructing you"- I listen to these tapes when I sleep so sometimes in the middle of the night I will have weird feelings/dreams that are really intense arrive during things that are brought up in the tapes- even if Im not consciously listening to the tapes- I often wake up and sometimes find my answers as a result of that "housecleaning" sometimes the tapes do...


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Sure your subconscious talks to you, or rather it communicates - there is a constant exchange of information between your conscious and your subconscious and as Eldavo so clearly implies, it is basically 'gut feeling', the subconscious communicates through feeeeling. Here is a short and simple introduction "3 Ways Your Gut Instincts Can Guide You. What's your body trying to tell you? Tuning in to your physical sensations can not only help you to make the right decision- it might just save your life"

In short it's the individuals' doorway to becoming a 'channeler', it is the medium through which we communicate with the invisible realm.


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That's an excellent link as well as an excellent answer. I'm very familiar with the article as well as the site. I highly recommend both.

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@ele thanks for your appreciation, bisou bisou

(23 Mar '13, 02:55) ru bis

The first time I ever saw lol; I thought it meant lots of love.. and your welcome.

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