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Assuming it were possible for any creature to "live forever" in the sense they stop growing older or decaying after a certain point though still being able to die through natural means, then you were told some are born this way naturally while others could be taught or changed to share this trait, would it influence or change your outlook on life? Politics? Religion? Priorities?

If you knew there were humans living this way for centuries or even longer, what would you think? Do you think they would spend time living in various walks of life, or perhaps find one lifestyle they found suitable and stick with it? Would they build and maintain influence over any aspects of society, or perhaps surrender to the idea the world will do as it wishes and sit back as observers?

When you can start living long enough to see the results of your own social, political, economic, or even religious experiments, it dramatically changes the potential choices and impacts you can have in life. Would you start to question deeper, considering ulterior motives in encouraging certain points of view or ways of life?

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nah, just this moment is enough =D

(12 Sep '13, 10:21) CalonLan

snow, he would do some research unless they die without aging

(13 Sep '13, 15:41) fred

Nope. Wouldn't change anything for me really. I'd probably be more interested in studying these types of people more so out of my nerdom, but it wouldn't really have any impact on the current way I view things in regards to them having more of an edge over me. A part of me kind of already believes people like this exist already.

(13 Sep '13, 18:43) ikaruss21
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It would not change one thing for me - only add to confirmation that focusing attention adequately on one's intention for anything will bring the desired results.


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Yes, If I were told a minute percentage of any species naturally do not age, it would change my view on life. Because it tells about the ability of our Creator. Hence, if He wants, he can make us also and so on.

This I say, because, when I heard something similar, all my outlook on life changed. I will put it in brief: My philosophy professor, in his informal talk, told me history can be broadly divided into two parts: DAY (when people live by the light within, in remembrance of the fact that they are all children of one Heavenly Father) and NIGHT (when people live in forgetfulness of the light that they are all children of one Heavenly Father).—Compare John 9:4; and 11:10. And if you choose to live in the DAY, you can, because you have a soul that never dies. I became curious to know more. I wanted to know more!

When the NIGHT reaches its climax, what happens?

When someone behaves selfishly—for example, when someone breaks in a queue—everyone feels angry on him in varying degree whether that anger is expressed or not. Here the unmistakable fact is that there is an automatic mechanism operating in ALL humans equally—RIGHTEOUS ANGER WELLS UP IN ONLOOKERS WHEN SOMEONE BEHAVES SELFISHLY! How much more so this will be with God in whose image we are made. He will definitely feel more anger than us as we are only His copies! When the vast majority of humans become extremely selfish, righteous anger will proportionately well up in the Heavenly Father who is the source of that mechanism! His benevolence, which is His primary attribute (Mark 10:18) will not permit Him to force people to do good, but will motivate Him to ‘re-create’ (Mathew 19:28) the favorable situation for the righteous to continue living [the side-effect of which is removal of the trouble-makers from the earth] Thus DAY will start again.

We can reason out up to this point. But what will happen when DAY again reaches its climax, and start deteriorate? Would it be followed by NIGHT, if yes what is the duration of each DAY and NIGHT?

These questions can be answered only by the direct revelation of God. At the climax of moral decline, God will intervene. (Daniel 2:44; Gita 4:7) Before the switch-over, reasonably there will be a short period during which God will take steps with regard to the founding of the New World [or DAY]. At this time, He will reveal the answer to those two important questions. God is not partial to any people or religion. (Romans 2:11) He gets attracted to anyone who has produced the right “fruitage.”—Mathew 21:43.

The time came for God to take steps for founding of the New World when the first half of the 20th century showed the beginning of peak of selfishness.

In the period between two world wars, in 1936, when Heavenly Father looked down on to earth, He saw a spiritual magnet, who was exhibiting “the fruitage,” or a GREAT MIND, treating God as our Heavenly Father and all humans as His children. God blessed him with a vision of the future—showed him how this Age of NIGHT will end with civil wars, world wars, and natural calamities, within 100 years from 1936, and how the New World [DAY] will begin. God renamed him as Brahma (meaning GREAT MIND), and gave him the commission to spread this news to everyone on earth. Those who became his copies are called Brahmakumaris and Brahmakumars. In due course, God gave more revelations, which showed that history would repeat itself, on man’s will, every 5000 years—a DAY [of 2500 years] will be followed by a NIGHT [of 2500 years], only to be followed by cycles of DAY & NIGHT—Compare Proverbs 4:18, 19; Ecclesiastes 1:4, 9; 3:15) (for more details,

All those who choose to live by the light within (innate wisdom that tells us all humans are children of one and the only Heavenly Father) will live in the DAY [Heaven on earth]. Interestingly, God is called “Father of the heavenly lights,” and those who copy Him are called “children of the light and children of the day.” (James 1:17; Mathew 5:14-16; 1 Thessalonians 5:5) In other words, to love others is to live in the light; and to live selfishly is to live in night. (1 John 2:9-11) All those who choose to live by the darkness within (absence of wisdom that motivates us to be selfish) will live in the NIGHT [Hell on earth].

When the NIGHT reach its climax [of selfishness], it is like a tree entering a stage of complete decay, only to come down crumbling. It is the end of the tree or old world [NIGHT]. At he end of NIGHT, all souls go back to Heavenly Father, and at the appropriate time they will return to partake in the new tree of humanity in their order of merit. The kind of baggage or “storage” (Mathew 12:35) you carry will determine which part of the two periods [a DAY of 2500 years and a NIGHT of 2500 years] you will be born and how many times you will be born. (Mark 4:24) The righteous will receive the appropriate number of births in the DAY depending upon the degree of righteousness they possess. The less righteous and the selfish will have to wait till the NIGHT come, and will take birth in their order of merit, and will receive the appropriate number of births in the NIGHT depending upon the degree of unrighteousness or selfishness they possess. This would mean population will be increasing gradually from the start of the DAY, and will reach its climax in the last generation of the NIGHT.

Put it simply, it is a drama of two collective characters—free-will and destiny. No action is without its effect; and no results without a cause whether the cause is visible or invisible, perceptible or imperceptible. Hence when you choose to act in certain way, you are, in effect, choosing the appropriate results. Once an action is chosen, appropriate destiny follows! If you choose to live in the DAY, you can if you choose to do the works of the DAY. You very well know that your present is the result of choices you made in the past; and your future will be the result of choices you make in the present.

You are the captain of your ship!


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