do you ever look at that? if you would do a drawing right now on paper or in your mind of what work for you and what does not work for you. and how it work with other people and circonstance of life would you be able to tip the scale in your favor? and if you do that what will be the result for other people and the world around you? what is the best way to tip that scale for your benefit and the benefit of every one else?

try this excercise if you want.

asked 28 Jan '12, 12:20

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@white tiger - good question my friend ... however what else could we do for the good of all but to maintain ourselves in good balance and harmony?

(28 Jan '12, 13:36) blubird two

exactely blubird that is why this excersice is important in though speak and action.

(28 Jan '12, 13:42) white tiger

This reminds me of the Copernicus theory.

(28 Jan '12, 14:59) Wade Casaldi

in which way wade?

(28 Jan '12, 15:22) white tiger

Copernicus, everything is like machanical like gears all working together one thing affects all things.

(28 Jan '12, 16:52) Wade Casaldi

yes wade everything happens for a reason even if we do not always see it.

(28 Jan '12, 17:23) white tiger

wade the buterfly effect. is also another type of this phenomena.

(29 Jan '12, 10:04) white tiger

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions; where a small change at one place in a nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before.

(29 Jan '12, 10:31) white tiger

Although the butterfly effect may appear to be an esoteric and unusual behavior, it is exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position.

(29 Jan '12, 10:31) white tiger
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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

This famous maxim has always served me quite well for achieving balance and harmony, both within myself and others. For I should not hurt myself, not should I hurt others. Rather, doing good always comes back to you-some say threefold, some say more-but that is not the reason to do it.

This is a simple way to be happy.

Peace and Harmony,



answered 28 Jan '12, 22:02

Jaianniah's gravatar image


thanks i all ready do that.

(28 Jan '12, 22:40) white tiger

Ahh, the golden rule of Love.

(29 Jan '12, 06:51) Brian

Simply by being who you really are. Be the person you came here to be and express yourself fully as that person. That's all that's required of anyone in order to be of benefit to themselves and to anyone around them...

Anything else is a projection of the artificial personality construct of the physical mind (ego-self), with its worry and doubt attached to every outcome...


answered 29 Jan '12, 01:47

Eddie's gravatar image



@Eddie - yes, clear and simple, thanks :)

(29 Jan '12, 05:27) blubird two

Thanks for seeing it blubird two :)

(29 Jan '12, 05:47) Eddie

Without God, one's philosophy becomes too self-centered. You must truly know God as your Father, before you can discover what is the most good for all.

(29 Jan '12, 07:01) The Prophet

Hello The Prophet, I've been expecting you :) Are you suggesting that it's possible to be apart from God? If so, please look into the idea of the Oneness of all beings everywhere and you'll see that separation from God is impossible; God is who we really are...

(29 Jan '12, 11:24) Eddie

the prophet you are made in is image the responsibility is on you. use your free will wisely. experience and enjoy.

(29 Jan '12, 15:00) white tiger

God is perfect... As men, we are only on the first leg of our journey toward the state of perfection that we ostensibly aspire to attain... Our apprentiship program takes a long time and is not as easy as you seem to think it should be.... Good Luck!

(01 Feb '12, 14:55) The Prophet

Hello 'The Prophet', I'd be interested to know who said we're doing an apprenticeship? Is there really an authority who deems that idea as so? Aren't time and easy and hard always relative reflections of one's belief? Does anything really take time if one remains focused in the present moment? Sharing...

(02 Feb '12, 01:04) Eddie
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Smile at life, everything is OK. Smiling always allows for harmony,and balance with yourself and with others. Enjoy


answered 28 Jan '12, 21:54

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thanks i all ready do that.

(28 Jan '12, 22:40) white tiger

The other best way is to juice your organic fruits and vegetables and consume fresh organic fruit and vegetable juice daily. Juicing organic produce is a powerful way to express yourself to the world. :)

(28 Jan '12, 22:51) Brian

Another powerful way to harmonize life is to first Love Yourself, then Love Your Neighbor. You will not know how to love your neighbor unless you Love Yourself.

(29 Jan '12, 06:49) Brian

Love, love, love, love, Love as much as you can. See the world with eyes of Love. Speak to the world with Love. Listen to the love within you and around you. And Know that You are Loved :) And thats my final answer :)

(29 Jan '12, 06:56) Brian
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That's a beautiful question White Tiger. And a beautiful answer Jai.

I think this is the only way to live life with purpose and in harmony with creation.

And since we cannot work out the details of how our actions actually affect everything else we have to depend on the source that knows the bigger picture.......ooops I meant to say the ENTIRE picture.

And this is where one decides to live with guidance.

To allow a greater wisdom to guide ones decisions.

To do that one must think less and listen more.

Listen to that inner voice.

If you need 25c because your bus ticket costs $2.25 and you only have $2, and in this need you come upon two 25c coins on the ground ($50c) what would you do?

If you listen with your mind, you will thank the universe & pick-up $25c

If you think with your mind you will thank the universe & pick-up both coins.


Because your mind will work out all the benefits and consequences of leaving the other coin behind.

But when you are in harmony with the bigger picture, you thank your blessings and take only what you need.

Now haven't we all heard that advice before somewhere?


answered 28 Jan '12, 23:03

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The Traveller

you said:And since we cannot work out the details of how our actions actually affect everything else.why can't you the traveller? if you know your self and you know other you know the result before doing something. example:you can see it if i say this the person will say this because they think this or belief this. another example if i give some one something i will try to see what they would want. because they have talk about it or have interest in something that you have notice.

(29 Jan '12, 00:46) white tiger

so you can know they like it or not. so if you like that and they like that you are going to take that. then its good for you and for them. its in balence and harmony.

(29 Jan '12, 00:51) white tiger

and with those example i have not went very far right now. when can go alot further then that.

(29 Jan '12, 00:52) white tiger

Many Thanks, Traveller!!!!! Jai

(29 Jan '12, 05:06) Jaianniah
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It is my will that God's will be done.

If you consistantly project your thought patterns in this way -- with an attitude of sincerity -- Your better self will unconsciously be, do and have what provides the greatest good, for the greatest number, over the longest period of time.

You will grow wise, become noble and live forever...


answered 29 Jan '12, 06:39

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The Prophet

yes the prophet but on what? find it for your self i gave you a simple excercise that will help you to answer that question. example you might pray god to stop someone from drinking but maybe that drinking his not the problem. maybe that person drink for a reason made by someone else. stop the root and you have stopped alot of effect. same has war it start with one person anger and eventually every one gets angry. if you can stop the first domino it helps

(01 Feb '12, 03:23) white tiger

Tiger, that's because your question is asking about how to tip the scale to make the outcome go the way you want it.

So, I would ask you: How does "tipping the scale in your favor" relate to the balance and harmony of life?

The term "balance and harmony" implies that there will be no deliberate tipping.

Impressive retoric... but not very logical.

(01 Feb '12, 07:06) The Prophet

well very simple the prophet you live on this planet and other people free will affect you and other. so his it not by finding a better balence and harmony that you will have a better life and everyone else also? me i say it is logical.

(01 Feb '12, 12:26) white tiger

....... ;-)

(01 Feb '12, 14:30) The Prophet
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