Reading the answers and questions here on IQ and observing the habits of some of my Law of attraction friends I came to the conclusion that we really rely heavily on various methods and techniques in order to manifest, feel better, etc. It's almost like we depend on them. Like little prisons of good feelings,

Some people use them really obsessively and almost seems like they are manifesting problems in their life just so they can use their methods to clean them up. For example my friend: she spends 90% of her time in the 4 walls of her room, meditating, tapping, affirming and god knows what else. I mean, cool, she is happy, atleast she seems happy, but life is passing by her...she sits doing her stuff while out there is a whole world waiting for her.

Ok, maybe she is just an isolated case. Maybe it is her life theme to spend it that way. I don't know. But I am asking now: why even do the tecniques? OK, they make people feel happy - that is probably the logical answer, but there are so many things out there that can make you happy. Anything can make you happy, really. All the things you can do and experience...I think that can beat any method.

Will there ever come an end to the need for techniques and methods? Will we ever come to the stage in which we have absolute god-like belief systems and walk this Earth while the mountains are moving out of our way(maybe a little extreme, but you know what I mean)? To just know that everything you want already is. To know you are eternal being. Isn't that knowing enough to manifest a magnificent life? Wouldn't the adoption of that belief system totally replace the need for techniques for manifestation?

Maybe, on the other hand, it is not meant for us to be God-like while here on Earth. Maybe we will never fully beat the limitations with which we came here.

What are your thoughts? Thank you

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To just know that everything you want already is. To know you are eternal being. Isn't that knowing enough to manifest a magnificent life? Wouldn't the adoption of that belief system totally replace the need for techniques for manifestation?

Not really :)

The thing is that (from the perspectives of our broader selves)...

  • We already know we are eternal beings
  • We already know that everything we want already is
  • We already know the Universe is abundant and we can have everything that we ever want
  • We already know we are masterful creators that perfectly understand Universal Laws
  • We already know...blah, blah, get the idea :) ...

...and knowing all of that is not enough :)

...and the reason that it's not enough is that it's boring :)

There is fun (i.e. different and unusual perspectives) to be had in forgetting we know all of that and instead experiencing limitation...and that's why we're focused here in physical reality.

The true fulfilment of living life comes from specific focus not from a broad, boring knowing that all is well. It comes from the feeling (as Abraham says) of "having your hands in the clay"

But as soon as you start to get more specific about your focus (focus implies limitation), you also increase the risk of activating resistance to that focus. So that is where these methods and techniques (i.e. focus-guiding frameworks) come in. They provide, for us, reminders of where we should be placing our focus so that we can enjoy the focus.

Yes, just forgetting about methods and techniques and just Getting Happy will get you everything you want in life. But without that specific focus that this physical platform forces upon you, you'll just feel like a detached observer of your life rather than an active participant in it.

We came to physical reality to be players, not spectators.


answered 24 Nov '16, 12:55

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As Bashar says: "Play with the clay of physical reality." :)

(25 Nov '16, 01:50) Delphine

@Delphine - Yep, these non-physicals really like clay for some reason :)

(25 Nov '16, 04:32) Stingray

Thank you for your answer

(27 Nov '16, 11:17) Marin

@stingray I was thinking about your answer and have more questions for clarification...Doesn't knowing that all is well etc. automatically implies happines and vortex alignment? I mean, when I had pure vortex alignment I just knew all is well and that I have everything I want etc. Shouldn't knowing all that automatically put you into vortex? Or actually, if you really knew all that you wouldn't ever come out of the vortex, would you? Wouldn't you be imemnsely happy(in the vortex) if you knew..

(27 Nov '16, 16:47) Marin

...all above said things? But on the other hand, it is said that we must drop out of vortex every now and then so we can launch new rockets of desire...

(27 Nov '16, 16:48) Marin

@Marin - "Doesn't knowing that all is well etc. automatically implies happines and vortex alignment?" - In the answer above, there's this phrase at the top: "from the perspectives of our broader selves". You always know all is well from your Broader/Inner/Higher Self perspective. But many completely forget that from the perspective of Physical Self. Vortex alignment is a state of harmony between the two selves so it depends on how your Physical Self is focused. That's freewill :)

(28 Nov '16, 03:19) Stingray
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This is an interesting question, as I have myself spent years reading about methods and techniques related to reality creation. I think methods and techniques will always have their place as everybody is at a different level within their consciousness and what one person has to learn will differ from another. Also, I don't think we ever stop learning - even if we have reached that state where we have everything figured out and can in fact "move heaven and earth" - that would get boring after a good while :)

I have finally come to the point where the hundreds of hours of methods and techniques that I have practised over the years have shifted my consciousness enough where I now fully understand and feel immediately the benefit of practising simple mindfulness - it immediately brings me into the vortex. Would I have got there all those years ago if I hadn't gone through all these methods and techniques? Perhaps not. If somebody told me that simple mindfulness would get me to what I was looking for, I probably would have dismissed it as too easy!!!


answered 21 Nov '16, 19:01

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Thanks for sharing your experience, @Esme

(27 Nov '16, 11:18) Marin

Yes. I think there will come a day when something more simple and advanced comes along that beats any technique. I've learned from many on inward quest that cleaning up your life is an impossible task. If cleaning is where we put our focus, then we will find more and more stuff to clean up. There will always be more and more to clean up because we are eternal and probably beyond that and that in which we understand or perceive.

There is probably something beyond what most of us would call "eternal" and more beyond that.

As far as I know there is no point in trying to complicate something so simple with techniques and other tools. There is no point in trying to figure it all out because we, the universe and everything beyond that are constantly expanding all the time. We will never be satisfied with what we know or where we are. It's a beautiful thing because no matter how good it gets it can always be better.

We already are love and awareness, pure awareness and everything beyond that.

I've experienced peace and healing with this in mind beyond any method.


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Thanks for expressing your perspective

(27 Nov '16, 11:15) Marin

Here is an interview where physicist Thomas Campbell discusses the being vs doing paradox.


answered 20 Nov '16, 18:08

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Thank you, I'll give it a listen

(27 Nov '16, 11:14) Marin

Awesome question ... my response is based on many decades empowering those ready for a change, I've observed a clear sequence (transparency: in myself too, until I too was empowered, see below).

  1. While people can and do become 'stuck', only some ... decide to stay stuck!
  2. Until they decide to get themselves unstuck. Happens in an instant.
  3. This cycle repeats! Most often heard as:

'Why does this KEEP happening to me?'

Getting stuck is a natural part of life. Happens in an instant. And ends in an instant too (when you harness the learning). Thus ... staying stuck ... is a conscious choice. When other equally readily available empowering choices serve better.

'Available' brings up a discussion our conscious vs unconscious resources. Including the methods and techniques that exist there (ie: the true base of your question).

100% of those who decide to stay stuck (beyond the 1st moment), do so by following their self-created, self-limiting story. It is either by their conscious self-choice in the moment or by their self-fueled default (and can be permanently wiped out in minutes, see below).

> In fact, if an issue has existed for > more than 6 weeks, it means there is > something you consciously don't know > that you don't know that you don't > know! (the grammar is accurate ;-)

So one really has two available choices in any moment:

  1. Stay stuck. This can only happen when deciding to consciously seek/compare low vibrancy, methods and techniques (ineffective and energy draining - for you ... and for those around you at the time!) This is called being mind-full ;-)
  2. Get/stay UNstuck. This happens consistently when you have already decided, haven't you now, to be mindful, easily harnessing your Best Self, guided by your Inner UNconscious Truth. In that awesome space, the only methods or techniques that exist, all serve you best. Naturally!

Here's to all of us empowering ourselves those we care about to live more fulfilling lives as our Best Self .... guided by choices that serve best.


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