Although I try to live a life balanced in every way, I recently had one of my friends tell me that my head is in the clouds too much. She said that there is no use spending time in meditation, in reading about parallel universes, life after death, self-help, paranormal and etc when there is so much to do in the material world, such as helping others and "doing something". She told me that people like me, are just self-absorbed and avoiding "doing something" real in this world God gave us to live in. She said I could put my meditation time to better use by volunteering someplace and that would help the world, and me, so much more. (I do volunteer work, but of course, one could always do more I suppose) I was astonished at her rudeness and told her so, but found myself thinking more than once about what she said.

Have some of you had this experience, of being accused of over-thinking, dreaming, other-worldly ideas when there is work to be done, others to help and etc? How did you answer to this claim? Did you make any changes? Did you believe you were told this for a reason?

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LeeAnn 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Nice question, LeeAnn.

(25 Nov '09, 21:15) Vesuvius

Thank you Vesuvius!

(25 Nov '09, 21:59) LeeAnn 1

A pondering thought, good question LeeAnn

(27 Nov '09, 05:15) flowingwater

Thanks for the best answer :-)

(02 Dec '09, 06:35) Wade Casaldi

How would you know where the limit is, when universally speaking there is no limit. There's no such thing as 'over thinking' in general. It's different for every person in the world. For example, my mom thinks I'm nuts with food, when I go around weighing meals and calculating proportions and nutrients in them. I think I haven't even started getting into depth of healthy meal "science".

(18 Jul '12, 05:30) CalonLan
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I have noticed in regard to this matter that of being told I am so heavenly minded I am no earthly good. Well I had tried to fit in the world and it just is depressing and confusing, also it seems to shelf my spiritual side and feel dead. So in that state I am no worldly good either, I am much better with my head in the clouds, then I am connected and the wisdom flows through, my guitar playing is amazing everything I do just seems to flow through me.

So for some people to be in heaven is their home, for others earth is their home, I believe both are needed in different ways.


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Wade Casaldi


I loved your answer; it was just right!

(01 Dec '09, 15:23) LeeAnn 1

Nobody knows what is best for you but yourself. You should not worry about what the peanut gallery (this is how Abraham refer to the general public and others around you) says or thinks of you as long as you feel good and derive pleasure in what you are doing whether that is meditating or doing voluntary work.

No matter what you do, there is always going to be somebody who thinks it's not quite right. But then are you going to take what everybody thinks or says into account and change your behaviour to please them all. Of course not as it is not possible.

Your connection to source and your well being is what is most important. Personally, I couldn't care less if somebody said that to me as everybody has their own agenda.

It seems to me that you are on the right path. Keep doing what you enjoy which seems to be meditation and spiritual growth.


answered 25 Nov '09, 21:37

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Pink Diamond

Thank you, Rani. You are right.

(27 Nov '09, 15:50) LeeAnn 1

I think any practice we do in trying to become a better human being will be beneficial to all those we interact with. We cannot help others in any capacity if we do not feel good about ourselves.

Time spent in meditation is a way of connecting with who we really are and the source we come from; until we realize that connection in an experiential way then we cannot utilize our talents or express ourselves to our full potential, and the effort we give to helping others will only be halfhearted or done for recognition, as it will not be coming from our inner being but from our ego.

I would just try to accept the fact that your friend is not at where you are on your journey and continue what you are doing and what FEELS right to you. Since beginning my own awakening within the last couple of years I have met with a lot of resistance' primarily from my own ego, but I have also realized that we are in the minority. I would tend to look more at your friend with compassion because it is merely her fear based ego that is talking to you.


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Nice answer, Michaela.

(25 Nov '09, 21:15) Vesuvius

You are so correct you can not h elp others if we do not feel good about our selves. Very Good Michaela

(27 Nov '09, 05:14) flowingwater

I appreciate your comments. Thanks.

(27 Nov '09, 13:16) Michaela
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I believe the universe is in a continuous explosion of discovering what is possible. This includes everything good, bad, and in-between. Therefore everyones search & existance is a valid expression of the spirit, be it volenteering & helping others or sticking your head in the clouds.

But this is not the answer I will give your friend. Instead I will tell her this.

You know, you are right. Thank goodness that God put you on this earth so that the poor will not go hungry. God put me on this earth so that somebody can volunteer to put their head in the clouds. I'ts a responsibility that I take very seriously.

On the other hand you could allow your friend to plant the seeds of doubt in your mind & re-evaluate the purpose of your existance. but you will continue to suffer with doubt just because of a few words from a possibly well meaning and maybe mis-guided attempt to help you.

What your friend doesn't realize is that we are all in abundance. your friend's definition of that abundance is that there are hungry to be fed & her life's purpose is the fulfill that need. so she will continue to attract more and more abundance of the hungry and the needy. You, on the other hand, can choose your abundance from a decision of choice rather than reaction. but don't waste your time trying to explain this to your friend.


answered 27 Nov '09, 04:05

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The Traveller

You're right, Traveller. To her, my head is in the clouds, to me, she is all action and no sensitivity. It is a difference in styles we will just have to respect if we are to remain friends.

(27 Nov '09, 15:53) LeeAnn 1

I have an aunt who has said that she admires my zeal for seeking and learning, but says that it's not for her. She prefers the comfort of "knowing" what she has accepted as the truth. There's a part of me that admires her for the peaceful acceptance I see in her spirit, but that's not me.

We are all different, with different needs and different passions. In spiritual life, there are those who prefer to focus on applying what they have accepted as their "marching orders" while other prefer to keep searching for deeper understanding and enlightenment, and usually do some good works along the way.

All individuals have to make that determination for themselves, or it won't have significance for them-- they'll feel no sense of ownership for their spiritual life. No one can tell you what's right for you. I'm certain, as you've already pointed out in your own case, that we will live out (apply) our beliefs at the right time and to the right degree for us.

Worry and guilt have no place in spiritual development and those who are doing good works out of impure motives will not benefit much from doing them. Even Jesus had to take time to get away from the crowds and take care of himself. (Matthew 14:13)


answered 26 Nov '09, 05:51

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You are right worry and guilt as no place in the spirtual development and I would like to add and doubt. Yes, you have to get away and take care of yourself. Doing good works out of impure motives will not benefit much from doing them. But most do't want to benifit they just want to fool the people but I remember someone saying you can fool the people for they don't know but you cann't fool God for he knows everything we do, think and why we done it. Have an nice day John.

(27 Nov '09, 23:29) flowingwater

But worry, doubt, and guilt holds you back from recieving the good, the happiness that is out there for you just focus on your happiness or better still what makes you happy and spiritually forfilled inside. I am talking to us all including myself as well.

(01 Dec '09, 03:48) flowingwater

I think everyone is different even though we are all alike in some instances. You must do what makes you happy and you must go where your journey leads you for their are different paths, different roads, and junctions we must all travel and stop at and sometimes there are detours we must take to be rerouted to our right route we should be on in the first place and sometimes we need to slow down and stop at a place to gather needed and valuable information for our selves and sometimes to give valuable information to others.

You can not please all people all of the time and you can not please all people some of the time. You must stop and consider what you want to do and what is best for you.

As long as you have an personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and you are one with him and God than you will be guide to your different paths you must take in life.

Read your friend aura and see what is going on there and you might be able to help that person and than say I found this out while I was up there in the clouds and this will help you if you try this.

Continue to follow your dream and your road you much travel for this is your journey and she has her journey to travel as well.

Hope this helps.


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Her aura does show a lot of just what I would call blind determination (not sure how to define it) or like someone who forges ahead at any cost with little thought. I respect her anyway and she has apologized for the comment. We've admitted to different styles. But much of the world thinks as she does, so I was wondering how others felt about that stance. Thanks!

(27 Nov '09, 15:55) LeeAnn 1

Good you both agreed to disagree on this. Much of the world thinks as she does because they are spiritually blinded to a lot of things that is going on in this life, this world, and this reality. There are portals of other dimentions and planes to be protected. The world is in an know it all state and goes blindly into things it know nothing about. She thinks after the fact and that is ok she will learn to put more fore thought into her decisions later on maybe by even hanging around you more. Maybe she is there to learn from you without her realizing it. Have an nice day LeeAnn.

(27 Nov '09, 23:18) flowingwater

Sweetheart you keep doing what you do and let your friend keep doing what she does. Hopefully you can learn from from your experience with her....try the words of your friend in your heart....if they sound true for you, then accept them for what they are. If they do not ring true for you...then accept them for what they are. Everyone can tend their own garden in the manner that works for them...and NO there is not a reason for being told anything....only for the experience....Live it, Love it, Let it go. Please dont judge it. Just accept it for what it is. Do this for all of life and you will soon discover how sweet life can really be.


answered 04 Dec '09, 02:34

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I Believe

Thank you, I Believe. You are right. Have a wonderful weekend!

(04 Dec '09, 21:33) LeeAnn 1

again people judging!if you are happy that is what matters! listen in you!you can help other with out having to get out of your way to do so! some say you need to be very succesfull rich or have a piece of paper saying you know alot! to be really helping the world! and they are very far from the truth! help people around you when needed! you do not have to go to every charity voluntier work in the country! deal with helping other on your path!


answered 05 May '11, 01:37

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white tiger

Good point, White Tiger and thank you.

(05 May '11, 02:23) LeeAnn 1

no problem your welcome Lee Ann

(05 May '11, 05:09) white tiger
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