The Middle Way or Middle Path (Pali: majjhimā paṭipadā; Sanskrit: madhyamā-pratipad; )[1] is the descriptive term that Siddhartha Gautama used to describe the character of the path he discovered that led to liberation. It was coined in the very first teaching that he delivered after his enlightenment.[2] In this sutta - known in English as The Setting in Motion of the Wheel of Dharma - the Buddha describes the middle way as a path of moderation between the extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification. This, according to him, was the path of wisdom. The middle path does not mean a mid point in a straight line joining two extremes represented by points.
The Middle Way is a dynamic teaching as shown by the traditional story that the Buddha realized the meaning of the Middle Way when he sat by a river and heard a lute player in a passing boat and understood that the lute string must be tuned neither too tight nor too loose to produce a harmonious sound.
For me the middle path is understanding duality and what it means and find harmony between opposites ! Then you have a clear vision of the whole and everything is in balance and harmony is reached!
Do you agree with this? What do you think about this?

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white tiger

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(20 Jun '11, 09:13) ursixx

In my view of greater reality, there are no rules other than the rules we choose to impose upon our reality. I listen to ideas and opinions, but I no longer blindly believe or follow anything that another is saying or has said throughout the ages.

I make it a habit to break my rules and the restrictions that I've imposed upon my life and my reality. A statement I came across recently defines the middle way for me:

'moderation in all things, including moderation.'


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"I make it a habit to break my rules and the restrictions that I've imposed upon my life"... I love it :)

(21 Jun '11, 11:34) Michaela

well i have no limit only the limit that i chose! so it is always a question of choice! as for other they are often in extreme and i don't go in extreme i se the futility of it and seek harmony!

(21 Jun '11, 20:27) white tiger

Well the Buddha was a rich mans son and lived a pampered life and later became a monk and led a very austere life.This was also helping him to define his Middle path.Upon googling Middle way one fines many interesting sites and thoughts to read and ponder.

For the Middle Way is not a way in the ordinary sense but a way of life. Like the spiritual path, it lies within us. It is us! So let us be what we are.
I find in trying to be nonjudgmental in life keeps me on the razors edge.


answered 20 Jun '11, 09:39

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yes i have read all of them! but what i like is your opinion!

(20 Jun '11, 20:59) white tiger
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