Is there a way to prove God or will there always be a shadowy doubt? Is there a way to change the concept of God from being a belief to a reality?

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I don't think the conceptualized mind will ever agree because God is not a concept and thus can't be comprehended by the conceptualized mind.

He/She/It is not something that we have to believe in but rather something we experience and have Faith in when we choose to see through the superficiality of fear which is the only thing that keeps us from realizing the Truth. Doubt is a natural precursor to this realization because it is only when we doubt the existence of the Universal principle known as God that we begin to turn inward and access that same principle from the depth of our own being.

Humans will only begin to realize this when they see that the great teachers like Buddha and Jesus were trying to show us, as living embodiments of this principle, that God was not something that had to be believed but rather something that had to be lived in each and every moment and by doing so we step away fom the lower vibrations of doubt and fear into the higher ones of faith and love and our life experience becomes a reflection of that.

When we fully realize that God can be seen in the heart of a beggar on the street as much as a high priest on a throne we come closer to the realization of that great principle known as God which I prefer to call Love.

The more we as humans realize that God is not an idol in the sky but rather an ideal in the heart of every human being, the closer we as a species are to embodying that ideal.

So to answer your question Brian will we as humans ever agree? I like to think that the more we individually try to step into this realization and live it, our species as a whole someday will have raised it's consciousness enough to be living it and we won't need any more proof than that:)


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That's a brilliant and beautiful answer Michaela. I loved your section on the beggar & the high priest, and especially the play on words "idol" & "ideal". You have handled this, rather sensitive, question with bold confidence. Congratulations! (I would vote you up more than once if I could. :)

(29 Jan '12, 09:38) The Traveller

Beautiful answer Michaela. Love and Light

(29 Jan '12, 19:13) Roy

Well said Michaela... as always.

(30 Jan '12, 06:35) The Prophet

@Michaela - "believe ... experience ... faith" well said my friend :)

(30 Jan '12, 06:54) blubird two

Thanks everyone :)

(30 Jan '12, 14:55) Michaela
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As long as you have personally grasped or have begun to grasp the reality of what some people call God – does it really matter what anyone else thinks? If your idea of God really works for you and you’re seeing positive results from your interpretation and the meaning you’ve applied to the idea of God – what difference does anyone else’s definition of God make?

Whatever anyone says, myself included, is only an idea, merely a concept and not the reality of God. God exists and just IS regardless of and in spite of any definition imposed by humans. God exists prior to language, rationality, reason and logic; but those things are contained within God.

The human mind that’s functioning from a four dimensional perspective of space and time, needs to define and contain God in a box. Then it neatly labels God as this or that, but all the while the human 4D mind cannot see nor understand that there’s no box big enough to contain the idea of God.

I prefer seeing God as One because there’s no division in that and thus, no conflict is possible. Being One, obviously, God is you and God is me; God is who we really are.

So in answer to your questions:

There’s no way to prove the idea of God to another, but by seeing for yourself that God IS the One consciousness which is everything, that’s the only proof you need.

If you see that, then you agree with me and I agree with you. And if you don’t agree with me, then that’s also OK with me. You are free to choose and to decide whatever you want to for yourself; it’s not
my concern

Either way: I remain and I AM.


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well eddie go see him then you will know. experience and enjoy.

(29 Jan '12, 22:27) white tiger

Well white tiger, God is not exclusively a 'him...' I see God when I look in the mirror, I hear God when a baby cries, I smell God in freshly brewed coffee, I taste God in chocolate and I feel God in the warm breeze that envelopes me as I flow thru life. Know that these things are true and you will know that you know God...

(01 Feb '12, 02:34) Eddie

For me, it is easier to see and say what God is not, than say what God is!

God is not hate.

God is not anger.

God is not jealousy, or gluttony, or bitterness.

God is not an idol, or a superstar, or a football player, or a movie actress.

The word "good" comes from the same root word as "God". God, to me, is goodness. All that I have comes from His Great heart, and HIs oh! so great Love for me!

Will we ever agree upon who God is? Probably not. There are too many people, too many religions, too many ideas, too much hate, too much rivalry. God has become a big business for some people- even for some churches.

All I know is that when I close my door, and I pray, I find God in my heart of hearts, and Know Him. I know Him through His word as it has been stated in the Bible. I also know Him because He has taken such good care of me. He has saved my life- more than once.

God is love.

God is pure love, and pure Mind, as I saw in my vision. He is All. He is MY All.




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each of us has a flame
of him at our core
learn who we are
and you will find him

he is quite gentile
not demanding
or waiting for sacrafice
but our growth he seeks


answered 30 Jan '12, 20:57

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This is the problem with idol Gods, people creating God in their image. Like the ancient Maya had that Birdman God that was a statue made from someone's imagination. There are many religions of the world today that worship a statue they made up. Like here is my God this flying bear with a horse tail and a duck's beak. "Yeah that is who I pray to!" It is like what on earth? God created us, we didn't create God, so it is not up to us to decide what God is or looks like, it is up to God to decide what we are and look like. We are the product of his thought not the other way around.

God came to earth as Jesus so we have something to go by but that is a forum he chose to come as God is not limited to only be as Jesus but as well is the beginning and end the Alef-Tav.


answered 29 Jan '12, 20:17

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Wade Casaldi

yes there is a way meditate be pure of heart and mind and go see him in the golden light. only after you have seen him will your mind be able to understand what god is. god is the absolute truth the alpha and the omega eternal. god is spirit and spirit is light. and in spirit you are made in is image. and you have free will to create and be righteous.

imagine the biggest light in existence has truth counscience and awareness absolute eternal. that is God. the creator of everything.

you are made in is image has a smaller light. god's children.

over there the light communicate at the speed of light. so yes there is oneness you are part of that big family. but you are not God. you are god's children.


answered 29 Jan '12, 10:19

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white tiger

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(30 Jan '12, 06:38) The Prophet
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