Just curious as to what you all thought. I feel that energy strengthening exercises and a quiet mind allows for incredible immunity. I'm also a big advocate of smiling.

asked 25 Feb '10, 10:36

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I would say that any method that brings about a permanent improvement in your attitude (i.e. a positive change in the dominant thoughts which originally led to your lack of well-being) will be an effective method to bring about a permanent healing.

Anything else is really dealing with effects and not causes, and so will eventually prove to be just a temporary fix.

The most effective method will probably vary from person to person based upon their beliefs, life experience, mood in the moment and a multitude of other factors.

So, for some, mainstream medical treatment might be appropriate (because it is in alignment with how they believe they will get better), others might respond to a blessing from some religious leader/teachings, guru, or spiritual person/healer (because that is more in alignment with their beliefs).

Still others might just adopt a purely metaphysical approach and simply mold any discomforting attitudes into better-feeling places.

I don't think there is one right way for everyone.


answered 25 Feb '10, 13:19

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I have found that Acceptance is the one necessary element for the foundation upon which healing can commence. The opposite of acceptance if fighting the situation. If we don't want to accept that something has occurred, then we become stuck in the rut of always being faced with a recurrence of that problem. Healing takes place when we accept where we are and move forward from there toward healing, free of the stranglehold of disbelief.


answered 25 Feb '10, 17:35

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The most effective form of healing is prevention.

The three pillars of prevention are nutrition, physical fitness and mental vibrancy.

Most people can greatly improve their nutrition by eating more fiber, fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy caloric intake, and taking a good, plant-based vitamin.

Doctors now generally recommend a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise that makes you break a sweat, each day.

This website is largely about mental vibrancy. Raising your vibrational level (i.e. choosing to feel good) has significant, measurable benefits on your body biochemistry and overall health.


answered 25 Feb '10, 14:50

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