I want to leave the question general......so if you understand the title to this question, then this question is for you.

Have you had an event or something in your life that made have extreme self doubt, confusion in who you thought you were, attacked the foundation of your core and it just felt terrible?

If so, how did you deal and rise above it?

Thank you so much!

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Yes...Several years ago, within a 6 month period, the man I was to marry was murdered, I found out my father (who was also my best friend) was not my biological father, and repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse surfaced. Prior to this happening, I was a very confident person. After this, I felt like I had no idea who I was. My feelinfs and thoughts were so negative that within 16 months I went on to lose almost a million dollars.

As I have always been a very spiritual person, mindful of spiritual laws, I wondered why this was happening to me, as I could find anything I had consciously done to deserve this. Karma from a previous life, maybe? It really doesn't matter.

My advise....Stay positive. Things will turn around. Rebuild the type of life you have always dreamed of. You have what it takes to continue the journey.

The gift in all of this for me has been a better understanding of life and how to live in the moment. Do not be too hard on yourself, do the best that you can do and always believe in yourself. Enjoy the gift you have been given...The Gift of Life.

Love & Blessings to You...


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@GS415: So sorry to hear about those struggles. Thank you for sharing your experience with me, your advice will be taken, thank you so much.

(13 Aug '10, 02:20) Back2Basics

Like many people, I have been through difficult times... the death of my son, who was only in his 20's, a divorce, losing both parents, a very stressful job with a difficult boss, having to move residence, and more. I got through it all by making sure I still did things that made me happy once in awhile, and by taking it a day at a time. When you look at the big picture, it can look pretty difficult and as if the obstacles are insurmountable, but if you just do your best with each given day during trying periods, that seems to work best.

And again, be sure to take a few minutes to make yourself happy each day...laughing, watching a beloved movie, seeing friends, taking a walk, stopping to see something beautiful or talking to an uplifting friend. No matter how bad things get, most people can manage a few minutes, so make the effort and you won't be sorry!


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LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn: Thank you so much, I appreciate that.

(13 Aug '10, 17:17) Back2Basics

LeeAnn, you are such a strong lady! Reading your answers always makes me believe even if its difficult today, I can take it slow and I will feel better...

(14 Mar '11, 13:49) Nikki777

Thank you so much, Nikki! Best wishes....

(14 Mar '11, 20:28) LeeAnn 1
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