I think for many people doing this type of work there is ONE BIG THING that trips them up.

For me it is healing of an injury that bothers me greatly. Sometimes if I get some good energy going, things can really improve and I have certainly reached a point several times where the injury wouldn't be visible and wouldn't bother me, only to slip back. I have heard that Scientologists call them "chemicalisation" and I have read one teacher (I think it was Anthony Robbins but can't be sure) talk about the initial wave of manifestation and then a worsening before the real powerful manifestation comes through. Does anyone know about this or have anything at all to say on this matter? Most other areas of my life are going really well but I find it hard not to focus on the ONE BIG THING.


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English Rose

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I have the answer....

But first my story, I had problems with weight for 10 years. The highest I've been was 270lbs. According to the gym I am suppose to be 225lbs, based on my height and muscle mass.

Twice I went from 270lbs down to 225lbs through "hard core" physical excercise and strict dieting. the 1st time I did this I felt "AMAZING" then in my mind I had reached my goal and I stopped.

Slowly the weight started gaining back and over the course of 6 months to a year "PRESTO" I'm back at 270lbs. "%#@&^"

Back to the gym and starting the diet again the weight started coming off again. I actually made it down to 216lbs.....what do you think happen next??......that's right! I started gaining it back!

When I stepped on the scale one day and it said 240lbs...."Damn!! It's starting again!"

"Why am I reaching my goal but UN-able to stay there!!??".....WHY??

Then one day I was reading Abraham-Hicks and there was the exact answer....and they were talking about weight and why people can't seem to keep the weight off??


"You don't have an image of yourself in your mind as the person you want to be."

Sure I wanted to reach 225lbs, and I did because I knew through dieting and heavy exercise it can be done.......but I never had the "image" of myself always being 225lbs. I think I only had the image of myself "struggling" to get to 225 lbs.

So what i did.....

Got a picture of a guy I wanted to physically look like and photoshopped my head (from another picture) on top of his body.....it may sound silly, but watch what happens!!

I put that picture in my mindmovie's, on my computer desktop, and places where I would see it on a daily bases....so that my subconscious would see that body as my body and that image as ME.

my scale has never seen 240lbs since, and I don't go to the gym anymore, and I eat quite well.....


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Thank you so much for posting Eldavo - I have a great photo of me prior to the injury - I'm going to post it up around the house and see what happens! Thanks for your input.

(05 Jun '12, 14:05) English Rose

You're very welcome English Rose

(06 Jun '12, 10:42) Eldavo
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