I happen to think that both modalities can work. Natural medicine seems best as a preventative modality, whereas Western Medicine works best when you really need an antibiotic, as with a bladder infection or pneumonia. I believe in both.

I think there is a time and place for both.

Others may not agree with me- quite honestly, when I have a bladder infection, all the cranberries in the world are not going to get rid of it. On the other hand, I feel much better since I began taking my herbs.

What is your opinion on this?



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Hi Jai, I fully agree with you that both have a place in healing. Some will argue that conventionsl medicine is sometimes dangerous but so is natural medicine if not used wisely. Both have their merrits and both can sometimes have undesired side effects.

Not all react to medication western or natural in the same way and some thrive on certain herbs while others react in a negative way as it simply depends on a persons system.

I'm happy you are feeling better and I hope you were wise and went to a qualified and experianced practitioner.

If for any reason you get a pain in the back of the waist in the kidney area than stop all herbs and talk to your doctor or herbalist.

Wishing you good health


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Paulina 1

everything is part of a whole. you just need to have a right balence or harmony. and yes nature is able to heal it self but sometime it needs someone help. who is the first one to help you heal? it is you using your free will. what is western medicine going to do to help you? ask you question make test to discover the problem and use the knowledge they have to heal you. has for antibiotic it is not a cure all and should be use only when there is no other choice. because antibiotic lower your immune system and can cause smaller virus to die and some super virus can eat the small virus and mutate.


answered 08 Jan '12, 16:34

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white tiger


We will make a doctor out of you yet White Tiger.

(08 Jan '12, 16:43) Paulina 1

is not the best doctor the one that heal with out anny one noticing. experience and enjoy.

(08 Jan '12, 16:54) white tiger
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