First off, I understand that the electronic technology that we have today is very beneficial in many many ways. The standard of living is more comfortable than ever before because of these ingenious inventions and devices. A lot of people are also benefiting from one of the greatest electronic inventions ever created, and I'm using it to type this right now.

The question that I had in my mind though was the other side of the coin. We have so much stimulation 24/7 from all the new technologies that seem to come out quicker every month that goes by. Are the majority of humans letting their lives pass them by from being plugged in all day every day?

This question is for the people who wake up in the morning and check their phone for messages, then head to the TV for news, then turn on the radio for music, then stay on the computer all day at work, then come home and watch more TV, then play video games, then check their smartphone before bed, etc.

The people who never pay attention to themselves and their well being, but more or less just unconsciously stay plugged in all day with no conscious awareness of what life is all about. The ones who look forward more to the next new electronic device that gives them that happy stimulation, instead of taking some time to look inside and realize it was right there with us all along.

This question somewhat coincides with a previous question of mine when I asked if procrastination is just a chronic habit of our ego self? I have had my fair share of the electronically stimulated days. I then feel bad because I didn't do some of things things I wanted to do, and feel like I wasted my day away.

Do you think the majority of human beings (who own or have come accustomed to electronic devices) fall into this unconscious category? Is having all this stimulation 24/7 a good or a bad thing?

Even though I don't care to spend much if any of my time focusing on conspiracy theories, do you think this is the way our governments want us to be? Is it better for us to be unconscious and unaware of the true power we hold inside ourselves in their eyes as a way to keep us under control?

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To answer your question - YES! WTS - I'm getting off line - getting away from ALL electrical/technical stimulation and heading out to the great outdoors & NO, NOT even taking a cell phone with me..........

(06 Feb '12, 16:54) ele

@ele I love getting going out into nature filled environments and just soaking it all in. There is no better high in life than the one mother nature has provided all around us. Enjoy yourself:)

(06 Feb '12, 17:07) Cory

You should check out "Jake Reilly's 'Amish Project' " I think you'll like it.

(06 Feb '12, 21:06) Ali00

@ Cory - thanks, I did. I left so fast - I forgot to upvote your ?. It's done now. Yes, Mother Earth!

(07 Feb '12, 00:45) ele
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This seems very true that our technology is bringing the world together closer and closer and so when we have more and more friends around the earth we feel the gap between us growing narrower and narrower and thus our compassion grows for all of the earth within proportion to this experience of this closeness. The more that this compassion grows and this feeling of closeness the more connected we all are I believe it will get to the point of the speed of thought with our communication eventually so that we will be in touch with each other through our thought one day. With this growing together yes I believe it is helping us to awaken in many ways, Inward Quest is a good example of this, a few short years back this didn't exist but now it is awakening people that are searching for answers and people that are ready to let the answers flow through them to help others as well. Within this global awakening perspective I believe lays a key element to our building a space ship to explore deep space also our work together as a planet for the advancement of humanity to the point of the end of disease, aging, and death.

So yes it does seem with so much advancements to our technology we are heading towards greater and greater awakening as a planet to stop hurting each other and taking from each other and start working together as a planet for the survival and advancement of the human race as well as the expansion of humanity to populate other planets.


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Wade Casaldi


I appreciate the positive direction that you went with your answer Wade. It just reminded me to start focusing more on the well being of the collective consciousness coming together, than focusing on the illusion of separation that we may feel at times.

(06 Feb '12, 16:38) Cory

Wade makes a very good point about things like the Internet and media bringing us all closer together. It was thanks to the extensive media coverage, for example, that the facts about Hurricane Katrina went flashing across the globe, bringing in aid and support from all around the world. I personally benefited from this support; my home where I used to live in Mississippi was harmed by Katrina, and I worked in Biloxi where the devastation was awful. I remember Oprah bringing her show to Biloxi to highlight the needs there.

But you are right to point out the other side to the coin. I think that some people spend a bit too much time "plugged in" to the Internet and such, and thereby avoid or procrastinate real life altogether. I do not think this is a conspiracy- but I do think that the Internet can become a sort of that prevents people from living actively instead of passively.

We have seen the problems with children and their propensity to enjoy video games...Some parents are really struggling just to "unplug" their children and get them to run, play, and do homework and chores- all part of the real world. I quote:

In one study by Walsh (2000), a majority of teens admitted that their parents do not impose a time limit on the number of hours they are allowed to play video games. The study also showed that most parents are unaware of the content or the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating (see below) of the video games their children play. (quote from link below)

Here you will find an interesting link about this effect.

I also think some adults run into the same problem. My daughter became addicted for a time to "World of Warcraft"- a great game, but very complicated and time-consuming. It also costs a monthly fee to play. I tried it- but found that it took up so much of my time (and made me motion-sick) that I quit it. Other people have their own "electronic" pursuits that take up a lot of time and cannot replace what I call "real life."

I do think that in general, the good outweighs the bad- but we have to be careful. It is important to take time to laugh, love, and smell the flowers. Also, it wouldn't hurt to do the chores, too...(LOL!)

So, to answer your question, I think that perhaps yes, electronics can keep people from their own personal enlightenment.




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@Jaianniah I do worry that some of the kids growing up in this era realize that there is more to life than electronic devices. In the end it all comes down to balance I believe. It's just a personal choice we all have to make.

(06 Feb '12, 17:12) Cory

As I said in my comment; my answer is YES - No doubts!

Society as a whole is more reliant on technology than ever before. No one can argue with the benefits of technology in today's world; but our "connection" (both literally & figuratively speaking) to these high tech gizmos does NOT come w/o a price. It's a "disconnect" from society & recent research shows our children are affected the most. I see this every day - little kids who do not want to go outside in the sunshine & fresh air and play; they would rather be indoors watching videos and the older ones prefer to play video games or be online or in chat rooms or texting.

I fear for today's children. Look at the obesity rates & technology w/o limits - leads to both laziness as well as obesity (adults, too). The health consequences alone are frightening; the lack of exercise, sunshine & fresh air affects their physical & behavioral health as well as their psychological development - attachment disorders develop. They lack social skills for lack of one on one/face to face personal interactions with other children. As children connect more with technology they stop connecting with us, themselves and with nature. Children stop reading (adults, too). To quote Rabbi Shmuley "They get addicted to the visual and abandon the written word, which is detrimental to their intellectual growth."

This also is happening to many adults. We get addicted easily and even if you aren't addicted - we find it increasingly more difficult to "be in the moment" or like Tolle says "the Now" because as you said, Cory, we are constantly being summoned by our cell phones, text messages, email or there is video or a game calling our name. It starts the first thing in the morning when we wake - got to check our email and our phones. We are only human; we want more & more of what makes us feel good in the moment. We want life to be easier. The latest tech devices improve our lifestyles. As stimulating & exciting as new technology is - it suppresses our creativity and our connection with our "source" or the universe or to quote you, Cory - "conscious awareness". Yes, Cory, I see how this question connects with your procrastination/ego ? a couple days ago. We are all connected; as is everything...

There is an answer - everything in moderation. Anything in excess is never good for us. Humans are social creatures - we need interactions with others; we need to stay in touch with nature and Mother Earth and we need to be "still" - when we can. It's a necessary for our survival as a species to get away from ALL technology when we get a chance.

Government Conspiracy? I think NOT - you give our government to much credit. If they were enlightened - there would be NO war. If there was a conspiracy - maybe it's the video and game manufactures.

Here are a couple links: If you Google - you will get hundreds..

ETA Just read this quote earlier today & thought about your question. Well, Bill Gates doesn't seem to think so .. "I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. They're tools of communication, they're tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user." No, NOT a conspiracy; just a agenda...


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I really enjoyed your answer ele. Thank you for your insights on the subject!

(07 Feb '12, 01:22) Cory

how are we played, of course it
is within acceptance of
societal standards, but
does it sponsor mindlessness


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