The recent question by our new friend Darrell (if you do not know what I am talking about see this long winded question that is closed. It really got me thinking what he is asking. We manifested him here so I feel there must be something in that question that is meant for us to think about. Heck, you guys manifested me here too.

Anyway, I see that in almost all religions and mysticisms, light plays a big part. We have lightworkers, and that bright light at the end of the tunnel in near death experiences and so on.

My question is did we give light all that power or is it the other way around.

Does light equal the "Known" and darkness the "Unknown"


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jim 10

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Barry Allen ♦♦

There does seem to be a very solid link between spiritual light and temporal light.

The sun fuels our planet and gives if life

Spiritual light fuels our hearts/spirits and minds.

The two have been linked together since time began.

I would imagine that light is one of the most spiritual concepts there is.

Where would we be without our sun?

Where would mankind be without the light that shines from the inside out.

After a hard winter with little sun the feeling of having the hot sun on your back is so liberating. When we wake up and the suns shining it seems all is ok with the world.



answered 04 Jan '11, 11:31

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Monty Riviera

Thank you Sir Graham for the inside out view ;)

(04 Jan '11, 22:54) jim 10

No probs Dude...Sir i like the sound of that !!

(05 Jan '11, 08:36) Monty Riviera

I understand "light" as information and the "dark" as lack of thereof.

Still, just because beings are light beings it doesn't necessary mean that they aren't here to "corrupt" other beings. It just doesn't necessary mean that frequency of light is the same as frequency of love.


answered 04 Jan '11, 05:56

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I often wonder if love is light?

(04 Jan '11, 22:51) jim 10

Yes, the light is the most scared gift to the creation of the universe, and all there is! Without this spiritual light to shine in our hearts to see the world, and our love ones, our life would have been very complicated with no sense of direction, if we had no light to see out of the darkness.

Two perspectives: As you can recall in the beginning, there was nothing but the Big Black Hole, and with the Big Bang came light out of darkness, or based upon the Bible, God said let there be light in the world, when he created the world!


answered 04 Jan '11, 08:29

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Inactive User ♦♦

Yes I was there, and vaguely remember someone turning on the lights :) I am beginning to agree that there is something special about the light

(04 Jan '11, 22:53) jim 10

Because it has been turned into a story...

Light, conceptually defined and interpreted has a miraculous quality to it.. ONLY because it's opposite in the mind is darkness.

In this way, the light becomes a romatic story that can easily align itself with the attainment of god, nirvana and or enlightenment.

If we had no perception of darkness, the light would not be there...and visa versa.

In pure beingness, we move beyond that duality and know the intangible and unexplainable quality that is sought by so many.

The light, if you will, is your very being, stillness and the peace that is always at rest.

Their is a very strong connection between thought and personal ownership. That connection is an illusion. We "seek" enlightenment through this connection and as a result, focus on attaining the experience rather than recognizing certain qualities that can potentially trigger a collapse of the collective, conditioned process of thought. It is this dismantling of a perpetual process of thinking that has the illusion of ownership behind it which is found out.

The obstruction is the idea and concept of individuality and separation. These are huge battle lines in the mind of course.. but when discovered clearly hold no ground or support. It can be one recognition or several from a state of momentary awareness that commences an involuntary collapse of all that has been known as "my reality"


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no1wakesup 2

I think also that 'light' can be interpreted in the sense of weightlessness. Light means up, clarity, shedding a light on things, it has a kind of feeling of opening and seeing clearly, whereas darkness actually FEELS dense and heavy.

Everything living moves towards light - plants grow towards the sun and certainly I crave sunlight at this time of year and I know I'm not the only one!

When I meditate I sometimes see the room become bright behind my closed eyes, or I will feel a sensation of physical lightness, of lifting out of myself.

Just thinking of the word light makes me feel it. Someone also said to me that when we feel heavy and tired it's ego, so by that token when we feel light and energised we're closer to spirit. I will always go towards the light, metaphorically or otherwise.


answered 30 Jan '11, 19:12

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I believe it is our true Form,We are of the Light.This Light Is Internal, it is coming forth in more and more of Us.We are Children Of The Sun.

Love And Light


answered 16 Oct '12, 18:54

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light represents 'up' and spirit, where darkness represents 'down' and material form,
the opposite ends of being. and it is not necessarily sacred, but descriptive of what is going on


answered 04 Jan '11, 11:47

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The light is just a path of guidance. It is for trapping ones intentions.


answered 04 Jan '11, 13:35

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The Knights Alchemy

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