I recently found out that I suffer from ADHD. I have gone through my whole life thinking that everyone had to "grit their brain" to concentrate; I've gone my whole life thinking it was normal to have to read and re-read text to grasp it. What a relief to know that I have this- in a way, I am proud of having overcome it to a certain extent, but it has taken its toll in the form of intense headaches.

Do you think that this is a genetic or learned disorder? BTW, my father had ADHD badly, but was never diagnosed. He found it impossible to earn a college degree because he could not concentrate enough to grasp simple algebra. He was so ashamed, and I wish he had known what I know now...But he died not realizing his problem.

Do you have ADHD? What do you think caused it? I'd like all of your thoughts on this.



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Well Jai - I graduated from high school and college at the top of my class many many years ago. I never LET it hold me back. Don't see it or use it as an excuse to not succeed. Of course mine is a little different - ADD w/o the hyperactivity. Perhaps you should have your vision checked - I think your headaches may be from something other than ADHD. Good Luck..

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Yes, severely.

I have no medical knowledge or reason to support this opinion, just what I've observed in myself. I believe it comes from a powerful mind that is bored and not being given tasks.

For example, border collies (breed of dog) are extremely smart and high energy, which makes them excellent for herding animals. However if they are not trained and exercised regularly they can become very unruly and destructive.

The biggest tool that helps me when I need to be able to maintain focus on a mind numbing job is listening to music. Otherwise I will use breathing exercises in situations where I can't/don't have music. Basically anything that gives my mind something to do instead of sit stagnantly. I try to avoid aimless daydreaming because it becomes too easy to get lost in the dream and lose track of what I was doing / who I was talking to.


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Well, I have ADD w/o the hyperactivity. Yes, I tend to be driven to distraction at times. It's ok. When I clean my home; I don't work in one room at a time - I work in 3 rooms. Racing thoughts; but I can follow my own thinking & others I know with ADD have no trouble "getting" me. It's how my mind works.

(07 Feb '12, 00:54) ele

One reason is probably because of the internet and how we must constantly catch up to everything. Latest Tweets, Facebook, blogs, this website, etc. etc. This will screw your concentration as your mind starts wandering off in different directions every time you try to focus....


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Here is a veiw from my source. WATCH HERE


if it does not take you to 12 min and 5 sec in the vid copy and paste address in new tab.

love n light



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@TReb Bor yit-NE, the Inward Quest software doesn't seem to play videos properly if they have a specific time location added, such as the one you've linked here. To get around this problem, use a URL shortening service like Tiny Url (it's free) and the IQ software won't interfere with the video. For example, your time-based video link here will play properly as http://tinyurl.com/8x7vcxz

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@ barry allen, ty very much, i will use this from now on, in fact i only used that format because i lerned for the old format here lol , so this grouop teaches me much about computers too lol

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the physical atom is
aggressive by nature
and in some more so than others

on this earth life
we no doubt attracted
our present coats of skin

may it be a particular ray
that drives one so
and a balancing of karma


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That's very poetic, but what does it have to do with ADHD?

(11 Feb '12, 15:08) Vesuvius

vesuvius, our physical form is made up of aggressive substances, active by their nature. that which is energetic over the average is looked on by some as ADHD. be it other than a disease but rather a unique blending, requiring awareness and adjustments to keep within acceptable societal expectations. and that this gift is also part compensation from past choices having been made

(11 Feb '12, 21:14) fred

Harmful additives in the food and water supply have taken their toll. Mercury, fluoride and gmo's lead the way.


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This animation suggests ADHD is caused by deeply rooted flaws in our education system:

Changing education paradigms

The speech is from a respectable Professor of Arts Education: Sir Ken Robinson


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Personally, I think its nothing more than a label.. I'm not saying things don't effect our concentration or we can't find ways to help ourselves, but I believe everyones different and its silly to force us all to fall under a certain "standard" and if we don't, tell us we have some type disease or disorder.

I was also told I had some form of ADD with social anxiety. Yes, I was very shy and daydreamed a lot... didn't always pay attention in class. But there are so many people who are distracted easily, who are shy, who like to daydream, who get bored in class... why do we call it a disorder? There's nothing wrong with us. We can go to college, we can communicate just as well as anyone, we have hobbies, we can be happy or sad, we're normal people... everybodys just different.

I just want to clarify, if you do have it or anything else, and seeing a doctor or getting medicine helps you, I'm not saying your wrong. I don't want to offend... all I'm saying is I don't think things like this should be considered disorders. I think we should all be allowed to learn and grow at whatever pace we need. Maybe call it a personaility type and clarify it doesn't define you... you can change and grow to be any type of person you want.

I guess you can tell I took it to the heart as a kid. It made me feel worse about myself on top of feeling negative about everything else... happy to say I've grown out of it, and no doctor has ever made any concerns about me having ADD or social anxiety, either.


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