Studies indicate that if there is an alteration of brain frequency to use this often with headphones .... but nothing is definite, pure speculation.

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Apparently 7.83 hertz or Schumann Resonance is the measure of vibration of the earth. When we tune into this frequency, it has been shown that our bodies function at optimal performance - we are as healthy as we can be. NASA has used the same frequency for their astronauts and apparently when they didn't have access to it, they complained of not feeling good - suffering migraine headaches etc.

In natural green areas the frequency is very close to the*Schumann Resonance* but in city areas, inhabitants are not able to access that frequency. There is a ton of information on it if you Google it - interesting stuff, well worth taking a look at.


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There are many links on the internet that claim NASA used these devices. NASA has, in fact, studied the Schumann frequencies, and has documentation and antenna designs documenting such research. But there is nothing in their public records that indicates that they ever installed any kind of device to replicate these frequencies on a spacecraft, and the physics and power requirements would seem to preclude such a device. So I consider the supposition that such devices (if they even exist) were ever installed on their spacecraft highly unlikely.

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Thanks for the info Vesuvius :-)

(12 Apr '10, 23:41) Michaela
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