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I was diagnosed with AADD several years ago. It seems my attention can too easily wander from one thing to the next. My wife thinks that I am good at Multi-Tasking. I have come to the realization that I, and probably no one else is really good at multi-tasking.

I think that we can only think of one thing at a time. What appears to be multi-tasking is an ability to change quickly from one task to another. I have thought that this was a good thing. But now I am beginning to think that this leads to problems, particularly those that have to do with short term memory, such as "losing things."

"Where did I put my car keys?" Seems to be a common refrain. I put them down when "I was not thinking" and lost them.

I have not researched this, the idea seems to be one of these "Aha! Experiences".

It seems that we, like computers, have two types of memory. Short term RAM, or what I may call for the sake of explanation, "evaporative memory", and long term, hard disk memory. As I type these words, I am aware that if the computer blinked off, all my words would be lost.

However if I save this file, it will remain on my hard disk.

So I am thinking about a task. This is my "evaporative memory." Our minds are constantly bombarded with input. Most of this is quickly forgotten, unless we focus, dwell on a certain thought for a while, then it imprints into our longer term memory.

So, I walk into our house with my car keys in my hand. I think about putting them somewhere I will easily be able to find them, but as I think this thought, I am distracted by noticing the trash needs to be emptied. So I move to pick up the trash can. As I am heading out with the trash, I notice that the grass needs cutting, so I dump the trash and go for the lawnmower. As I begin cutting the grass, I start thinking about something else.

Later I will wonder where I put the car keys? I may even get to a place where I wonder if I dropped them into the trash and now the garbage truck has taken them away with the trash! Panic time and I am turning over sofas in my search for the * damned* car keys!

When I find them, there may be a strange sense of deja vu. A reminder of a dim memory that I had decided it would be a good idea to put the keys on top of something near the first distraction of the full trashcan.

But the point here is that I did not stay with any one task long enough to imprint in longer term memory. Maybe the lawn mower is still sitting in the half cut yard.

When I look back on a day of jumping from one task to another, it seems that I have accomplished very little. I have been jumping from one thought, one task, to another, very little got completed, but, at the time I was jumping, it seemed I was acting efficiently and I have also lost my car keys somewhere in that frantic activity.

I don't really imprint uncompleted tasks in my longer term memory, so I have little recollection of what I even might have gotten done.

However if I walk into the house with my car keys, and notice the trash can needs emptying, but before taking action on this, I put my car keys by the front door, completing, then I pick up the trash can and take it outside and dump it. Then I get the lawn mower and cut the grass, I have a much better experience! And I KNOW where I put the car keys!

Completing tasks helps me better stay in the "NOW"! I accomplish more and I remember what I have done.

EDITED My original point was to say that what the doctors diagnosed in me, I feel was not AADD. It was what I term "Evaporative Memory". Of trying to multitask and winding up accomplishing less than I intended. That an understanding of how short term memory seems to work can cause a great improvement in what may be mislabeled AADD or ADHA.

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Dollar Bill

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Hey how are ya? I was wondering if you made progress/discoveries with your ADD? It's hard to apply metaphysical concepts let alone if there are possible neurological dysfunctions. AFAIK MRI scanning can detect this condition now and long-term use of methylphenidate can decrease the abnormalities in the brain. If the meds can get you thinking right and focus for longer, then maybe you can rewire your brain & apply THE LAW :)

(31 Oct '14, 13:45) einsof
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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder or is it short term "Evaporative Memory?"

...or is it just a low tolerance for wasting your time on things that are not particularly interesting or meaningful to your longer-term life experience? ...which is a good thing for a high achiever :)

See The great ADHD myth, and The Myth of ADHD and many others.

Judging by the number of people I've come across, both offline and online, who say they've been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/AAD/whatever, I'm convinced that pretty soon almost everyone on Planet Earth will be told they have it :)

And then we'll have to invent TMAD for the ones who are left...Too Much Attention Disorder :)

I remember listening to an Abraham recording some years ago where Abraham basically said ADHD (in children) = simple boredom i.e. forcing children with active, creative minds to conform to outdated and disempowering systems of behavior.

Been looking for that recording online somewhere but can't find it unfortunately.


And a nice little explanation from our very own @TReb Bor yit-NE :


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It may be boredom. But there seems something in this idea of "Evaporative Memory", (my terminology), where our short term memory is not well imprinted on the longer term. What we may consider short term memory loss, is more of a "registration" question.

If I put down my car keys (metaphorically) and think, "I am putting them here," I never lose them. But if I don't "think" about it, I may not have a good conscious memory of their location.

(19 Aug '12, 09:42) Dollar Bill

A clue to this may be if you find yourself saying, "Umh, what was I doing?"

Have you ever been really in the "Zone" and writing good stuff & thought, "I am hungry", even though you just ate a short time before, so you get something to eat and when you back thought process is suddenly stalled?

Or have had a really powerful dream, "My God! That is the Secret of the Universe!" So obvious! I don't need to write it down. But you don't take a minute and register it in your memory, then it is gone?

(19 Aug '12, 09:49) Dollar Bill

I never did believe in AADD, mainly because out of 10 people I meet online probably 7-8 always say they suffer from it. yet in my country no one is diagnosed with such a problem. I find that AADD is just a convenient excuse for people to complain about their lack of concentration, or being forced to do the things they dont like to do.

(22 Aug '12, 07:37) kakaboo
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It's funny this morning was reading some old questions and answers saw your name.. thought to myself ..where is Bill?...
I bet you rule at Trivial Pursuit too and get called to lead all the time, five or six tabs open on your web browser , a great cook?
Mom went to the doctors when I was a kid and they gave her Ritalin for her hyper kid he setled down and started doing well in school ..but he was the same kid anymore she said so she pulled the meds that was forth grade /forty years ago.
Accept that's who you are... or not, be yourself and don't hang a label on yourself.

And the keys,go to a second hand, thrift shop ,garage sale let a bowl find yoy.Place that bowl near the door you come in.Make a habit of "here is where my keys are and my wallet and my smokes and my lighter and my earphones.." your bowl. Everything in its place and a place for everything.When my son comes to visit he also like to have a bowl to place his stuff.. like father like son (smiles)
So Bill your not alone :as IQ's white tiger says "experience and enjoy"


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I have a bowl by the door. Works great. Never lose stuff like that any more. :)

(19 Aug '12, 15:40) Grace

I like the bowl idea, but I meant this as a metaphor more than a solution for keeping track of car keys. I usually leave the keys in the cars and close the garage doors with a remote attached to the wall.

But I am more seeking overall strategies. Time for me to bring this to the Manifesting Experiments.

(20 Aug '12, 09:08) Dollar Bill

If you're inspired to take medicine, then it's the right thing to do. Labeling is a way to explain what happens to someone when they struggle to form a habit, or think properly and focus on a thought. Brains can misbehave and neurological issues are hard to overcome. You can fight your biochemistry for too long, and then find an inspiring solution.

(31 Oct '14, 13:49) einsof

Accept who you are indeed, but for some people, enough is enough - time for some meds/professional advice. We take coffee/alcohol/vitamins/healthy food/even some smoke pot among things; this is not hugely far off - this is just targeting specific brain functions; better that, than self-medicate on God knows what (i.e. other drugs you think that might be helping you, and again, excess coffee & the overstimulation that follows).

(31 Oct '14, 13:49) einsof
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Who the hell cares?

In my belief system, it means absolutely nothing to me. I currently work with a lady who has adult ADHD. The only reason I know she has that is because it randomly popped up in coversation, as how the nature of talking goes. She is one of the most thoughtful, positive, caring persons I have met so far, it makes no difference to me if she has 100 scientifcally labelled things 'wrong' with her.

Besides, even if at the very essence of your human physiology you did have a mental problem, I'm not going to label or belittle you. You've helped me out alot on this website for starters, and I never would've picked a problem up in you based on what you've contributed to IQ anyhow!

When I look back on a day of jumping from one task to another, it seems that I have accomplished very little. I have been jumping from one thought, one task, to another, very little...

The untamed mind is like that with everyone.

For someone who hasn't meditated in a while, you could defiantly get away with saying their brain is mentally 'not normal' via examining just how much a mind really does multi-task and race about like a drunken monkey. If you're mature enough psycologically to see your mind working from that point of view (which you obviously are and have just identified), then just scrap the entire negativity associated with your 'condition', or better yet, forget the fact you even have a condition. Personally I'd forget the fact I even saw the doctor that day and continue having fun. I don't think contemplating this over in your head would be up on your list of "my exciting things to do today" :)

Relax Dollar Bill, you're perfectly normal buddy!


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Oh I don't care about the label AADD, means nothing to me as well. I was thinking about what seems to be a short term memory situation about "Where did I put the car keys . . . etc" and how I might better relate, by having a different focus.

I also find it works very well to get out of "frantic search mode", and meditate. Then I start walking and find what I had "lost"

All this is metaphor anyway. The huge majority of my life is working very well, but I think I can find improvement.

(19 Aug '12, 09:35) Dollar Bill

some would say lack of focus
others that the tasks are of
no real importance

we subconsciously move
within the motion of life

it may work out better when
outside earth time and space


answered 20 Aug '12, 06:35

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Prioritize tasks

If no importance

I would not do

Swimming within

the motion ocean

I find solace

on the completed beach

(20 Aug '12, 09:03) Dollar Bill

Bill, it is the completed beach that in earth time disintegrates, while the motion of spirit could remain eternally

(20 Aug '12, 09:26) fred
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