What are the indications of resistance? At which point we should feel we need clearing methods? I want to clearly understand this point.

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I like what Bashar says about Resistance. Resistance is simply the gap between the You now and the You you'd prefer to be

I would say find ways to feel good and make that your dominant focus because your outward reality reflects your dominent vibration. When you start to feel good and raise your vibration the resistance within you gets activated also.

Then maybe you can use releasing methods to deal with resistance as it comes up.  


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This is how resistance feels to me: It is when my soul fights my mind, and rebels at what my higher self wants to do.

Let us say that I have a task I must do. Something inside of me seems to fight with my need to get that task done; sometimes I do not even know why. I resist the forward motion, the momentum I am trying to build up to do the task.

That is when I need to use resistance-fighting techniques.

Sometimes, I break that task down into small parts, and begin by completing part one. I check that off my list. Then I do part two. I check that off, too. I might take a break, but soon, I feel like doing the third part. Now I am feeling that momentum building because I am seeing the end of the task. This is one method I use.

Sometimes, I need to just use that old Nike saying, and "Just do it".

Sometimes, I need to take the task to prayer, asking for God's strength and help with that task. John 5:30 "I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me." (KJV)

I do not know why we resist, but it seems to be part of being human. We grow when we fight resistance. It strengthens our characters and makes us stronger, ready to do greater and greater tasks.




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Resistance is a closing off of the self, a severing of your connection to the true Source. This happens when the ego's emotion clouds your inner sight, making you feel trapped, angry, or lost. When I dissolve resistance with the sound of my breath, it feels like throwing open french doors onto a beautiful sunlit garden in my heart. To go with the flow of life is to let the sunshine in.


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@Malaika Butoyi - What a lovely answer; beautiful way to think of this. Welcome to IQ!

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