My stomach is uneasy, I slept on the couch...

My life is beginning to blossom, my dreams are beginning to come true. I am having meetings, gigs, plans...

I feel like my husband thinks I should be wearing a leash and holding a broom.

Please advise... how do I balance:

  1. embracing the opportunities that are now comming to me as my resistance is lowering, and

  2. satisfying my closest living friend??

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You CANNOT satisfy anyone else until you are selfish enough to satisfy yourself by acting on your joy and doing that which comes most enthusiastically to you to take heed in your life. Continue embracing opportunities you find the most fun.

(01 Oct '17, 11:14) Nikulas
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You can't satisfy anyone if you're not happy yourself. I think as you are changing, your husband is feeling some discomfort or insecurity because what he knows as familiar is now changing and he is maybe afraid of losing you in the process.

I think the best thing you can do for both of you is try to communicate with him. Let him know that these are things you have to do for your own growth but it doesn't mean you love him any less.What is happening can be beneficial to you both if you can keep the lines of communication open and reassure him that what you are doing is for the best interests of you both - maybe he's just feeling a little left out.

Keep your resolve strong by continuing to do what you're doing but try to include him in what's happening. As we grow and evolve, our relationships have to evolve too, to accomodate the new sense of self - unfortunately some relationships do fall by the wayside if one partner is not ready or willing to move forward.

I think the key is communication and a little reassurance to begin with.But no matter what happens continue to blossom and grow and nurture your own happiness - if he truly loves you,he'll come along for the ride.


answered 07 Mar '11, 14:49

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Yes communicate ...
As a man I am ashamed of men that think of their wives as objects and servants.One should not ask of his wife what he would not do himself.Ones wife is his partner,mate and friend. Would he treat his mates (male friends) the same way?My wife has had done wonderful things and I support her.Just as she supports me.
And IMHO .As far as communication is concerned we men can handle one question at a time.Ask the one question get the answer then.... ask another.Don't ask three questions at a time.
we get confused ;)


answered 07 Mar '11, 19:21

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thanks for the advice on questions. lol. ;)

(07 Mar '11, 21:47) all2gethernow

Your husband might be feeling a bit insecure about what's happening and might fear it'll change how you feel toward him.Put yourself in his shoes to understand him. Focus on what means more to you if you had to choose between the two. But first off, give your husband all the love and assurance he needs (baby him and yes, clean the house!)

thank you, namaste


answered 07 Mar '11, 14:48

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Thanks Danielle. I'm on it! Right after Yoga. ^_^

(07 Mar '11, 14:49) all2gethernow

Take him to yoga too!

(08 Mar '11, 07:11) evelyn

Sometimes men can be quite shut off & difficult to communicate. If I were in the situation(which I have been) is to not lose your own power & ground. I've been practicing empowering the other person to connect with his own Source while working on connecting my own. I started to make choices in my own best interest & preference. Sometimes that can affect the other person. However, it's key that I maintain my own sanity & happiness. I mock it up so that everything will work out & match me instead of me trying to match everyone else's needs. So at the end, the person should be affected positively (probably forced to into facing the new reality & force his own growth).


answered 09 Mar '11, 05:05

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I agree with Michaela.......communication is the key. When changes are taking place within a relationship we as humans tend to withdraw in subtle ways which cause feelings of unsettlement and give rise to some of our hidden emotional insecurities. The only way around this is to be open and honest in our communication without second guessing what the other feels or thinks. Once the underlying fear is out in the open we then have the information we need to help one another to walk through the changes we are faced with. The real key to communication is listening. Best of luck


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Have you tried EFT? It is the best, easiest way to relieve negative emotions, phobias, limiting beliefs, etc... I recently found a link that Stingray posted to Which is even faster. I haven't tried the faster way much yet, so I can't say how it works for me, but standard EFT, matrix reimprinting and the shortcut method work really well so far.

Be ready and willing to welcome him to your new world when he decides he wants what you got. He too can experience the wonders you are experiencing. Just don't push it on him. Blessings,


answered 07 Mar '11, 15:42

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Wow. That feels good.

(07 Mar '11, 18:16) all2gethernow

Good! What exactly did you do that felt good? Please share your experience with us. Thanks!

(07 Mar '11, 19:12) Fairy Princess

What does your husband do for a living, and does he feel threatened by the new evolving you? Does he want you to work out side of the home, or does he want you to be a stay at home wife? Did you discuss with him your plans to work out side of the home, or was this one of your little surprise to him? Was he happy to hear of your new career, and how much it means to you?

There is a lot of important and relevant information missing, so it would be unfair for me to draw a conclusion, or to take sides in this matter. So in my opinion, since you know your husband better than anyone else, you will have to be your own best judge in this matter, especially since there is always two sides to a story!

Also keep in mind that one of the most important things in any relationship is to remember to be true to you!


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the broom and leash seams a good ide ! (joke) ha ha ha na just set your priority strait and talk with him see why he see things the way he does! and compare it to how you see things it will be eye opener!


answered 05 May '11, 00:59

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white tiger

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