Some sites say that affirmations work better when it is "someone else" saying it back to you. I am referring to the kind of affirmations you record and loop while sleeping.

Anyone has any theories or experience on this? Better if it's our own voice or someone else's? Any difference?

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Many of us have a lot of negative self-talk, an internal chatter or dialogue that reminds us how inferior we are, or that we have no control over anything, or that person is irritating, and so on. Affirmations are a way of controlling that negative self-talk, of gently steering the inner dialog to something more positive.

Affirmations are a method for speaking to your subconscious, the creative, holistic, emotional part of your mind. To appeal to the nature of the subconscious, affirmations should:

  1. Be present tense
  2. Be simple
  3. Be said with conviction
  4. Appeal to the emotions

I prefer to use my own voice, for several reasons. The first is to remind me that I make my own decisions, not someone else. The second is that affirmations are about me speaking to me (my conscious speaking to my unconscious). Using my own voice also keeps my affirmations private.

I have tried recording my own affirmations and playing them while I am sleeping, but I have found this process distracting, making it difficult to sleep. I have since come to believe that it is better to lead my life by a series of core principles, and use affirmations as a way to remind myself of those principles, rather than trying to "program my subconscious" by using subliminal techniques.

The act of writing your affirmations is more important than saying (or hearing) them over and over. By writing out your affirmations, you are doing the one thing that research has shown consistently distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful ones: they have written goals. The act of thinking about, refining, and writing out the affirmations has already planted them in your subconscious.

You can periodically go back to your written affirmations and renew the emotional energy of them by reading them again, and mentally saying them to yourself, or saying them out loud. I prefer to read the affirmation, repeat the affirmation using my own internal dialogue, think about what the affirmation means, and then imagine the kind of person that meaning makes me, and how good that makes me feel.

This approach will do more to impress the ideas on your subconscious than any tape loop will.


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Hmm. Interesting you say that it distracts one's sleep. I have been doing this for 2-3 weeks and I constantly feel tired in the day. I also sometimes have headaches. However, I have been getting vibrational matches, but I don't know if it's due to Stingray's manifesting box (which I am also doing) or it's the loop tape, or both, so I am reluctant to stop the loop tape at night. Do you think we should leave it very low in volume, almost inaudible? Can our subconscious pick up on that anyway?

(26 Feb '10, 16:16) Pat W

Stingray's manifesting box is essentially the same process that I described here. Many years ago I wrote down several (they number in the dozens) affirmations, thought about them for awhile, and then put them in a book and forgot about them. Recently I dug up that book and read through them; many of them have come to pass. They were all "soft" goals, like "I am confident, friendly, caring and understanding with other people," things lke that.

(26 Feb '10, 16:23) Vesuvius

If you want my opinion, I suggest you stop using the tape. It's more important to believe in your affirmations, and to have confidence in them, and for them to be important to you. Getting a good night's sleep will do far more for your daily effectiveness than the tape loop will.

(26 Feb '10, 16:28) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius. Yes, I should have confidence in the manifesting box. I write in much detail for each request there, compared to the short one-line affirmations in my loop tape.

(26 Feb '10, 16:31) Pat W

I was going to answer this but you did very well already. Thank you.

(30 Sep '11, 16:45) Aphrodite

I have tried the playing tape as going to sleep , can't say it did anything for me .I like the idea of affirmations but have found saying ie "I am thin " just doesn't ring true. Yesterday i wrote and stuck up around house,on mirriors, affirmations worded as if someone was speaking to me and I , in my head answer them , with a thank you or yes, I am ,ie ,

(01 Nov '12, 02:10) Starlight

"Hey Starlight, I think you're looking better every day" each time I read and answer "Yeah , I am " it makes me feel so gooooood ! Sorta like my own personal Genie cheer squad . So I guess , I am affirming an affirmation , lol . What a great game and all it requires is pen and paper. Hope I've explained myself clearly here , if not feel free to adjust ♥♥♥

(01 Nov '12, 02:15) Starlight

Ha ha , even writing this is making me feel magikal , happy vibes to all of my fellow questers , love you :-)

(01 Nov '12, 02:18) Starlight
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My Holosync CD's come with my own voice recorded affirmations embedded in them. I can say I have been listening to them for well over 2 years. As I move from level to level the affirmations come with each one. I do think they make a difference or at least contribute to a difference in thinking and in being more positive and hopeful. At least that has been true for me.

Holosync CD's last an hour at the maximum and at times one only listens to half an hour. I haven't tried playing them overnight, nor do I believe that to listen to your own voice, (even with pleasant music in the background and binaural beats) would be anything other than overkill and irritating.

An hour seems like plenty of affirmation time! Quiet and deep rest are important too, to physical and mental health.


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Haha, thanks for sharing your experience, LeeAnn. Everyone's giving very helpful advice!

(27 Feb '10, 01:28) Pat W

Most people, when they hear their own voice recorded, feel that it sounds weird to them. Also, it is actually quite difficult to make a good, high-quality recording of your own voice.

(27 Feb '10, 07:31) Vesuvius

I listen to my wife's holosync level 1 affirmation recordings and I have to say her voice does not bother me at all,much to my surprise.I'm being serious here :) I really enjoy holosync, I find each and every meditation truly unique.And I spend one and a half hours a day with it.Thanks Bill.

(01 Mar '10, 03:37) Roy
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I think that it doesn't make a difference either your voice or someone elses as long as you keep listening to the affirmations, your subconscious will still receive the subliminal persuasion


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