Fear is a very powerful attracting force however it attracts what we do not want or more to the point What We Fear! Fear has faith to the extreme in the negative thing so much so it stirs up emotions that make the heart beat faster the breathing harder the skin to chill all the while expecting something very negative will happen. There is so much energy in fear that we put ourselves on the fast track to getting exactly what we fear.

With this in mind remember we are told to fear God, and what does fearing something do as just pointed out?

So here is my question everything has a reason and purpose for being and more than one use or way of looking at something, so what are some ways we could use fear for us instead of against us, maybe we shouldn't throw this tool away but find out how to use it properly. I can burn my finger with a match and until I learn I can cook my food with that same match, I only see that matches burn and hurt. I feel "I need to get rid of the matches! They are good for nothing but hurt!" But when "I see I have been using this all wrong, I can cook my food with this, it is good after all!" wow what a transformation in how I feel about fire!

I had an enlightenment years ago about this and cured myself of a sickness very fast with fear, I was wondering if others have had similar enlightenments and found uses to benefit rather than hinder as I had and what they are.

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Wade Casaldi

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I thought about this a moment and yes indeed...my fear of being consumed by my coworker has prompted me to speak up for myself. All the time I thought I was afraid of her or the consequences of speaking up. Yet it's for sure more about the fear of her consuming me! I love this.

(16 Nov '12, 03:14) clearheart

This whole thread is soooo good. I'm very encouraged and brimming with ideas now. Thank you all! :)

(30 Jan '22, 11:13) Grace

fear is mind control as though
begging to still breathe,
my capabilities for
your command

(31 Jan '22, 19:37) fred
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I like your question. I can relate to the subtlety of the "opposite force" being used as a positive energy in consciousness. Here the positive energy is not in reference to the idea positive = good. But rather it is used with the understanding that positive = definite or as capable of producing results.

I hope this is the idea you are trying to get at. It is rather subtle.

I found that fear & worry can be used as a trigger to break the consciousness out of the autopilot mode of "manifesting without attention to consequence".

I found that when ever I pointed out to someone who is constantly worrying about things that haven't happened to them yet, that their constant worry is the reason for the event existing in their experience, they would often do an about turn and insist "No I am not worrying about that".

I'll give an exact example. I have a co-worker that constantly experiences vindictive behaviour from many people in her life. She constantly points out "No matter how nice & helpful I am towards others, some people are always trying to bring me down, because they are jealous of my abilities".

I kept telling her "Look that statement you just made right now tells me that you are always imagining that these people are constantly trying to do something to you, and that continuous though is the exact reason why it is happening to you".

to this she always replies "No I am not constantly thinking this, I am telling you that these people don't leave me alone, they are trying to destroy me and bring me down whether I think about it or not".

In other words, she is in constant denial that she is the initiator or attractor of her suffering. Having worked on this exact problem in my own life, I put together a technique for her (and myself) to try. This idea is not original to me; I borrowed components of it from various "experts".

When you worry or fear something, the first thing you do is acknowledge it with the statement "I am choosing to worry about this right now". So if you are afraid of losing your job you make the statement "I am choosing to be afraid of losing my job right now"

I know, you may say "Hey come-on that's not fair I don't choose my worries or fears, they show up within my consciousness without my invitation"

This maybe so, but if you want to stop that automatic worry from showing up without invitation, you have to acknowledge that you are the worrier that is experiencing the worry in the eternal now moment.

The next statement you make is to say "By worrying or being afraid of this experience I am attracting & choosing to participate in this experience". YOU HAVE TO SAY "I am choosing" NOT "It is happening to me because".

So in the case of the fear of loosing the job you say "By worrying about losing my job in this moment I AM CHOOSING to experience the loss of my job in this eternal now moment in my life"


And most of us constantly deny our own contribution towards the suffering we experience.

Only after you make this statement do you then make an about face & say "But Wait a minute, I do not want to experience the loss of my job".
"Therefore, I am choosing to let this experience go, I am no longer interested in participating in the experience of losing my job."

Each time you are afraid or worry about something you have to repeat this exercise again and again (if you want to get rid of the experience of it)

Initially it will seem like a lot of work. But with practice the whole process quickens up to just a flash in your mind where you can acknowledge & release the experience you don't want in one thought.

Eventually the automatic worry or fear shows up less & less until one day it stops showing up.

So this is how I use fear to catch myself in the act of attracting what I don't want and I let it go as quickly as possible.


answered 31 Jan '10, 07:07

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The Traveller

Not quite what I meant but your answer has much good in it to awaken many so I'll pick yours Traveller as best answer, I will not pick my own answer.

(15 Mar '11, 02:21) Wade Casaldi

Okay here is my answer, this is an enlightenment I had years ago, I had to go teach a meditation class the next day and I was feeling very sick. I did everything I could to get better all my positive methods but I could not get my mind off of "What if I have to cancel class tomorrow?"

I tried and tried to fight it and get rid of those worry fearful thoughts, but since this was big for me teaching my meditation classes for the college I was worried.

Finally in desperation I gave up! I said to myself "The power of fear and worry is too strong for me to battle, I am pulling this right to me that I'll have to cancel class! Then flash enlightenment!!!!!! I said to myself wow fear and worry are hugely powerful forces for manifesting what we do not want! A tool not properly understood can be quite harmful what if I have been using fear backwards!? There is a ton of emotion and expectation in fear and worry in other words faith that something bad will happen or something good will not happen. What if I reverse that???" I burst out laughing at the thought that I had just learned how to use fear and worry instead of having it be out of my control and fighting it.

I thought as my mind raced I must have a fear on some level of teaching this class maybe that old "Not Good Enough" demon that pops up in my mind from time to time? So I said "Okay I am creating this sickness because I fear teaching this class, what if I get healthy then I'll have no choice I'll be forced into teaching this class I fear. Oh no I'll have to teach this class, health is everywhere! I probably caught it! Yes I can feel I am getting healthier and healthier by the moment and I can't stop it! What am I going to do I'll have to teach this class whether I want to or not because I just know I caught some health. Someone breathed on me or I picked it up from touching something, maybe even breathing the air there is plenty of health there you know! I can't take this I keep getting healthier and I can't stop it, I am going to have to teach that class after all and there is nothing I can do about it! I can't stop it I am trying to fight it but I keep getting healthier!"

I worried and feared health and having to go teach that class so much that the next day I felt great, I went in and taught one of my best meditation classes ever!

I changed fearing what I don't want to fearing what I do want, I changed worrying about what I don't want to worrying about what I do want. It worked very well, because if you worry about the things you want you can not also worry about the things you do not want, therefore in the fear and worry is plenty of positive attraction through what commonly controls us.


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Wade Casaldi

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amazing! :) thanks wade for sharing your insight!

(03 Jun '12, 08:04) MagicalUniverse

You are welcome. I am glad it could help, that came to me a few years back.

(03 Jun '12, 21:32) Wade Casaldi

Amazing! Much love and light to you :)

(04 Jun '12, 16:32) MagicalUniverse

I love when fear turns to excitment about the journey.

(16 Nov '12, 03:17) clearheart

@Wade Casaldi - "...health is everywhere! I probably caught it!" Oooh. Oooh that's really good. Something just clicked, Wade. Thanks! :)

(28 Feb '14, 21:36) Grace

@Grace yes, that was based on the fact that I subconsciously feared teaching. So what would be a trigger for that but the fear that I might get healthy and have to teach?

It worked like a charm, it has to be based in a real fear like that fear of teaching causing the sickness. So I said if I fear teaching then I better stay sick or I'll have to teach. So I placed my fear on getting healthy, it is a natural thing that happens and if it does, I'll have to teach.

(28 Feb '14, 22:22) Wade Casaldi
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This is a very thought provoking question and I love it!

There are 2 types of fear in this world:

  1. Fear of God
  2. Conditioned fear

The former is the fear resulting from respect. I sometimes think it was created and mentioned by God in order to keep us accountable for our actions (not just spiritual actions but all life's actions).

The latter is, as typed, describes clearly that it is only an emotion that results from the conditioning of society and such that we are losing something or someone.

Both fears can be used to our advantage by knowing that it exists for their specific reasons. That is, hold yourself accountable for your actions when you fear God and do what you do to feel your connection with Him. The conditioned fear can be used to our advantage by simply being aware of the emotion and thought itself rather than being in fear of fear itself. This is usually what happens. We fear fear itself. Once we realize that it is a false and endless loop, we can use that in any category of life and understand that when we are in fear, we simply want the best for ourselves. The moment you realize this very fact, you begin to shift your fear into excitement and start to automatically focus on what is best for yourself.

My 2 cents.


answered 26 Apr '11, 14:44

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Khaled Ghorab

I'm pretty sure that when you're born, you have no idea of anything. Idea of God is suggested to you by others and so is fear related to that.

(04 Jun '12, 02:35) CalonLan

I think fear of God goes under conditioned fear. I never feared God and didn't see the logic in fearing a being that was all-loving. But when you say that it relates to respect and makes us accountable for out actions, I do think that makes sense.

(26 Jul '14, 06:53) Adriana

My answer may be based on a misunderstanding of the question and or a misinterpretation of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks in relation to the subject matter that is "fear". I realize this question is from 4 yrs. ago and many of your more recent responses to questions do reveal a more complete understanding, which includes the point I am adding.

Fear is an emotion. Some would call it one of two primary emotions, Love being the other. According to this theory, all the other emotions are variations of these two "parent" emotions. According to Abraham, all emotional responses play a role with regards to Law of Attraction. They are the key element of an internal guidance system and should be considered from that perspective. They serve as indicators of our alignment with our desires and the beliefs we have related to those desires, the idealize versions of what we want to become and have come to us.

When we experience joyful, loving emotions, it tells us we are on the right track to achieving those Ideals. Fear and its related emotions would be an indication that we are not heading in the right direction. To use your example of the matches, fear comes about because being burnt is not in alignment with our desire to avoid pain and injury. On the other hand, we will feel love and appreciation for the match when it is in alignment with our desire for a nice juicy hamburger and the belief that the flame is the means to achieving that.

If this is correct, then we should be responding to our emotions in the same detached manner we would respond to what the gauges in our automobiles. I can admit, however, that this is something easier said than done, especially when gripped by fear or during a fit of anger. It probably gets easier with practice. It's almost funny to think our lives are whipped around in a frenzy of emotions, all the pain and sorrow, happiness and joy caused by a simple sort of temperature gauge just doing what is was designed to do. No doubt a great source of humor to an otherworldly observer.


answered 26 Jul '14, 02:53

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Yes it is this unattached mindset that allows us to control change and experience the emotions and feelings we so choose. With that control we have found a way to use or be the master over rather than be the slave under the control of those emotions and feelings.

It is like being on a ship tossed and turned, not knowing where you will end up as to compare grabbing the wheel and setting the course.

(26 Jul '14, 22:10) Wade Casaldi

yes @Wade we were born with the unattached mindset, a baby is hard wired to cry out to demand immediate action or remedy when it hears loud noises and will cling if they feel there're falling, but otherwise fear begins to develop at the age of about 6 months when they start to have memory of familiar faces. So fear is a learned reflex of the unknown that's how beliefs are formed. And beliefs can be changed. What are emotions but the movement of energy in inner space, just as music

(09 Aug '15, 12:06) jaz

yes @i4cim2b no doubt a great source of humor to an otherworldly observer ... devoted to the world of the mind, the inner world as opposed to the outer world, the world that can be perceived by human eyes.

(09 Aug '15, 12:11) jaz
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Great question Wade. I think when we begin to wake up and make the decision to face our fears head on, instead of shrinking from or succumbing to them, that the fear actually begins to shrink before us.The fear is often the catalyst for our catharsis and when we face it boldly we realise that the only power it has is the power we have given it.

Depending on what the fear is it can often take a lot of courage and determination to face it, but here again persistence pays off. To answer your question then I would say we can use it in a positive way when we let it become our motivation for growth and change - people often get to the stage where the fear is controlling their lives and they either have to face it or die.


answered 25 Jan '10, 13:06

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Instead of something to be overcome I mean put to use for the positive. I do like letting it motivate though that was good.

(26 Jan '10, 00:31) Wade Casaldi

Using our fear of FEAR becomes the teacher and sheds light on how to utilize that secondary fear to grow beyond our everyday fears. It is a complex work, but leads us away from the distraction that FEAR dangles over our heads to keep us from evolving. I believe all of our fears can be seen as lessons disguised as obstacles. While not an easy path to tread, well worthwhile.


answered 31 Jan '10, 16:57

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justTheo 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5kBqrHphjo fear is the only darkness! you fear because you don't understand something! once you understand it or master it you don't need to fear anny more! so fear is also the beguinning of wisdom: if you fear to burn your self because you have put your hand in the fire and burn your self you will take precaution and learn about the fire and eventually master it!


answered 26 Apr '11, 05:10

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white tiger

u are correct that fear is darkness but fear is NOT a lack of understanding. I am afraid of things usaly when i understand them better than most, what fear is is a mannifestation of a diss-harrmony of your soul, that is it. examole, i am afraid to get shot, yet i understand gun saftey, the ways and reasons guns work. I have a GREAT understanding of the whole situation and will not feel any better when somone is playing with one next to me, see what i am getting at? i know you see these situations as they are. you are very black and white, no shades between, PLEASE do not take this as an insult

(26 Apr '11, 14:50) TReb Bor yit-NE

in fact this is a great attribute far many things BUT when you appear to only have the 2 sides of the coinnnn. you forget about the ring around the coin, the band with many diffrent preferations and another total deminsion to the situation. what i am getting at is that it is ok to approach subjects with more than a it is either this or that attitude, that is all, i respect you and love to see your comments and questions, you bring much light to this group, i appriciate this and i love you for this! thank you. love n light

(26 Apr '11, 14:53) TReb Bor yit-NE

rob i told you before both side can unite to make a whole in perfect balence! this is the truth!

(26 Apr '11, 23:07) white tiger

yes be the ring around and observe in full awareness!

(26 Apr '11, 23:14) white tiger

I like the clip you posted; if it's a movie or show, I'll have to watch it later.

(26 Jul '14, 07:45) Adriana
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it may be better if respect replaced what you call fear,
accepting the unique power,
wondering how it may have evolved to such a potency.
maybe there is no need to fear,
do you have to be like it or just understand that it exists,
you choose


answered 27 Apr '11, 00:44

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Hi @Wade I love this question especially because it implies that fear can be positive, wow!

What does fear mean to me? It's a strong emotion that I feel inside me that can be activated in two ways. It can be activated by an event in the immediate outer environment my outer space that threatens my physical body, for example a mad dog growling and running towards me.

In this case fear is useful and helpful it averts me that I should act immediately, in fact things happen so fast in these cases that I just react without thinking, without really being conscious of having been afraid.

Fear can also be activated from inside, but what exactly is "fear coming from inside"? To explain I'd like to describe what emotions in general mean to me. I feel emotions as being movements of energy in my inner space, they're a flow of movements of energy just as when I listen to a piece of music for example, they all blend into a pleasureable experience. The music may activate emotions such as sad, slow, fast, exciting, happy etc but the general flow is pleasureable. Imagine a single note piece of music it would quickly become boring, it wouldn't really mean anything, it's only in the flow that the notes have a value that brings out the flavour. In other words all raw emotions are neutral including fear and more importantly all emotions can be appreciated just as they are, all emotions have a raison d'ĂȘtre.

So what is all this about emotions being on a scale "positive"/"negative"? What does positive negative mean to me? Well to me it's exactly a reflection of the yin yang. Yin and yang are different ways of expressing the same raw energy, just as raw energy divides into pure electric and pure magnetic to form a dynamic couple electro-magnetic energy, the building blocks of the physical universe. So which energy is positive and which energy is negative? Neither, yin can't exist without yang and yang can't exist without yin. Just like man can't exist without woman and woman can't exist without man. It's the basis of reproduction in the physical world.

Ok now I've got that off my chest now to the question "how can the power of fear be used in positive ways?"

When I feel fear on the inside, meaning that when I feel the characteristic movement of neutral energy within me that I recognize and know as having been labeled fear by my education, it's a signal that there's an opportunity to expand my consciousness. It's a signal that there's something real good coming my way. Fear is excitement, it's thrilling, just think back to the time you saw someone you really fancy, wasn't it thrilling and at the same time fearful? The characteristic movement of energy that I feel and have learned to name excitement is so close to fear that in practice the two easily associate and have the same effect. Someone less attractive is far easier to approach and talk to there's very little tension the emotions are bland. La joie de vivre is what living is all about, fear points to what I am, points to what makes me vibrate

alt text

Here's a couple of articles you may find enlightening



So with all this integrated into my reality what does it all boil down to? integrate, to make whole; the painting "La Dance" by Henri Matisse just about sums it up

alt text

three colours red, green and blue, five nudes dancing rythmically and in succession ... the five senses completely liberated and playing perfectly together with the music of life. The two extremes red and blue oscillating perfectly together with green the midpoint neutral.

Epilogue; throughout history we have regularly had to update our beliefs because they no longer serve us due to scientific discoveries. For example long ago people believed that the earth was flat, later they believed that the earth was round and even today many people who still only believe what they can see hold that belief as being the only valid possibility, and why do people resist updating their beliefs? because it means entering the unknown like a dark room and that's scary :)

update; Finally all you need is to love your fear, it only gets bigger when you allow it :)


answered 11 Aug '15, 03:15

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