Okay, I have been on IQ for about four weeks and a genuine thank you for all who post questions, answers and comments here. Answers, links, comments, suggestions, advice from @Stingray,@Sherry @LapisLazuli, @Dollar Bill, @MagicalUniverse, @Wade Casaldi and others have been amazingly helpful:) In fact, I feel finding IQ and all of YOU wonderful people sharing your knowledge itself is the manifestation of my desire for clarity on certain issues. I had asked for it, then forgot about it and it came to me effortlessly:)) Amazing. I am starting to get how this works:)

Now, I have learned that there are only two things in the bottom line of our Inward Quest: (1) Feeling Good. (2) See point 1 :)

But most of us (at least newcomers) will make a 'project' out of this feeling good business! With the newly acquired knowledge, I know I did it. Now I have come to the point where I shake these methods to adapt to my personality. And it makes me feel good. The processes itself need to be 'let go' beyond the specific methods. This is how I mean...

For some reason when it comes to processes like Visualization, meditation, getting into the Vortex, affirmations and such, most of us tend to make them rigid and ritualistic. By that I mean we somehow believe there is only one correct way. I found myself struggling to come up with precise affirmations (should I say I need?,I want? or I am asking for?, I am requesting?, It'd be great if...etc.), perfect condition for meditation (lotus position, uncluttered place etc.). I would redraft my affirmations (actual words), spend an hour cleaning up, prepping up the spot for my meditation etc. If everything was not PERFECT IT was not perfect (effective). At least that's what I was believing until I decided that it need not be so. Still would like your suggestions:)

One specific example: One technique of releasing the desire suggested by Stingray was touching the tip of the tongue to the top of the mouth, saying the desire in mind and then releasing the tongue, thereby letting go of the desire. It's a great method. Fast, on-the-go, anywhere types. Me liked it:) Now, one day, I am jogging, in good rhythm, came across a traffic/people chaos situation which was going to break my rhythm. Now, instantly I start doing the tongue thingy for the chaos to clear up, but...but I am lost for exact words...redrafting in my head, wait...is that what i should be saying etc. and by that time I started laughing at my dilemma and then the thoughts just drifted:) Rhythm broken, jogging came to halt. Spoiled while phrasing the words:) Note: Although I did not execute the tongue thingy perfectly, the intent took me to feeling good. And I think that's what was needed in that situation.

Another example is, since childhood, my mum used to say the perfect time for exercise is 6:00 AM. Of course, I made it like its 6:00 AM or never! That was before I realized I am just not a morning person:) I overcame this one eventually. Well into 12 years of adult life and failing to exercise at 6:00 AM consistently (please don't laugh:) , one day I just looked in the mirror and said "@#$% it, I can't do it at 6! I accept it" and now I do it any time of the day, at least I am exercising:) And that makes me Feel good!

So why is that when it comes to 'spiritual' processes we tend to be 'panicky', 'nervous', 'self judgmental', 'ritualistic', 'hung up'? Why are we more apprehensive about doing it right than doing it consistently? Am I the only newbie who feels like this or do you guys experience something like this?

EDIT: A week after the jogging incidence, I decided that in future, in a similar situation I would just say 'Oh, clear up THIS chaos' rather than TRYING for 'Oh, clear up this Traffic/people situation at the intersection of X and Y, at 7:10 P.M with Latitude & Longitude of...." like sending the Universe exact GPS coordinates:)

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loved this question for it made me laugh so there is good humor here.

(08 Jun '12, 02:58) Paulina 1

Thanks @Paulina 1 :)

(08 Jun '12, 03:27) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, I know how hard it is to be there at a gym at 6:00 AM. And I thought I could not do that as well. I used to stay up late. But one day I made it, did my workouts and for the rest of the I felt incredible and unstoppable. Then I went back to what I used to be and couldn't seem to get up so early again. And I still can't get myself to be there at 6am. But I see that as a challenge to win,..Benefits of exercising early in the morning are so huge, compared to working out any other time.

(08 Jun '12, 06:15) CalonLan

But to be able to do that, means to change one's lifestyle. It's a rather huge shift in how you spend your day. However I believe anyone can do that (after all, if I didn't believe that I wouldn't be trying :) ). And perhaps all you need to do is to redefine your definition of morning exercise and see it in a different light than the one that was cast by your mom on it ;-)

(08 Jun '12, 06:17) CalonLan

@CalonLan, couldn't agree with you more. The early morning exercise benefits are indeed huge. And it has been recommended over the ages as well. My issue is that I made it either-or thing. Either at 6 am or not at-all. I mean, I kept saying okay if not today, I'll start making it to gym by 6:00 by tomorrow but in the process not workout that day at-all. I have since improved at least in that particular thought process and haven't given up on 6:00 AM target yet:)

(08 Jun '12, 06:30) Xoomaville
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You certainly have some deep thoughts and I like them as they make me think too! I spent years doing Shamanic rituals, mental affirmations and so on, and they worked wonderfully. I still will use them every now and then but only because we are in a physical reality & sometimes doing something physical like a ritual or stating out an affirmation can solidify energetically into the physical reality. However, I would like to point out that rituals can also take power away from the individual depending on the perspective of the user. If you use them from the perspective, 'I am the power and the power is within my mind, my thoughts and beliefs', and then purposefully use them as a tool to set the energy forth, that is much different from using them as a means to get or manifest something. If someone is worrying about whether they are doing it right, then they are most likely handing their power over. It should feel more like, I've sent my desire out and feel good about it and now I will solidify it, or set it in motion, with this ritual or affirmation rather than, 'How do I use this to manifest or am I doing this right'? There is a huge difference between the two but a fine line that divides them! Also, keep in mind there is not right or wrong rituals, you can make up your own like just snap your finger, wave your hand or close your eyes tight or do whatever you come up with that you like. It's really how you feel about what you are doing that's going to make the biggest impact.
Now affirmations do need a little more care in their creation and wording only because our brains listen every word. Just make sure you know what you mean & the affirmation is totally positive. And remember, when you are spending all that time revamping your affirmations, that is not wasted time or effort. You are actually clicking things around in your brain and re-aligning to bigger and better thinking patterns the while time!


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Wonderful answer. Good advice. There is a fine line between "being" the power and "doing it right" that is so important to keep in mind. Thank you for that! :)

(06 Jun '12, 11:51) Grace

@Sherry, thanks for the advice. 'I am the power and the power is within my mind, my thoughts and beliefs'- this is great:)I guess at this stage I am trying to 'lock' a system of my own so that I don't keep re-inventing it. This helps a lot:)

(06 Jun '12, 12:08) Xoomaville

Great powerfull answer.

(08 Jun '12, 03:02) Paulina 1
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In addition to the answers already here, I'd like to also point out that we are living in fast-moving vibrational times...and they are getting faster.

So that means that processes that might have worked for people generally 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, might actually feel "resistant" today because our vibrational attitudes have shifted and are shifting as the vibrational tide washes over us all.

Rigidity of process (which comes about from rigidity of thought) will work against you these days.

Use whatever you feel inspired to use in whatever way you feel inspired to use it.

The only constant in ALL vibrational times is that Feeling Good is good :)

...so that's always the ultimate target to aim at.

If a process isn't helping you in the direction of feeling good within minutes of applying it, it's time to leave it for now and try something else instead...but only if you have enough of a vibrational toolbox of processes to hand to try "something else".

If you don't know what else to do, you are better off sticking with working with what you are familiar with until the inspiration comes to try something else, or physical life events draw you towards another process.

If you don't even know where to begin, choose any process to start with and work it consistently. Sooner or later, just in having made that decision to begin, you'll have fired off vibrational energies that will naturally lead you (if you go with the flow) towards more suitable processes/knowledge customized to your existing belief systems.


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@Stingray - I am feeling really good since past month or so and I usually spark up to 'easy to do, simple and anytime' kind of processes(who wouldn't?:) so currently I am in a pretty'free-flow' approach, not fixated or rigid on one way at-all. Bottom line being 'feeling good':) And it has even shown results in the physical World:) So just fine-tuning them. Also, knowing my personality of extremes:)), I want to be cautious of info-overload.

(07 Jun '12, 09:05) Xoomaville

Knowing myself, I might explore it to the point of 'mental fatigue' and I don't want to do that.I am in such a good place that, even though I ordered and have received the great book 'Ask And It Is Given', I haven't opened it yet! My question stemmed more from thinking "Is that it?" as I was identifiably (See I am even making up my own words:) feeling MORE good:) Call it beginners luck or newbie enthusiasm so long as I am feeling good, Its all good. I totally get your answer - thanks:)

(07 Jun '12, 09:15) Xoomaville

so yes the toolbox of processes will slowly fill-up so that its a continuous discovery. Also I am not being arrogant about the book, I will read it thoroughly soon...just pacing myself:)- Thanks again for such crisp and informative asnwer:)

(07 Jun '12, 09:16) Xoomaville

@Stingray, I've seen you refer to faster moving vibrational times in many answers, but I really don't understand how this is, or why. I can feel the truth of it, but that's really all I got.

(11 Jul '12, 21:38) Grace

@Grace - It's a complex and controversial subject that broadly comes under the category of Ascension : http://www.inwardquest.com/tags/ascension/ And bear in mind that unlike, say, manifesting parking places or something similarly concrete, these are not provable ideas (yet) so just take what resonates and leave the rest. The Why is that it is time for us to "re-awaken". The How is that the Earth is passing through a sector of space where the vibrational conditions are "right"

(12 Jul '12, 05:39) Stingray

@Grace - Of course, nothing else on IQ is controversial, is it? ;)

(12 Jul '12, 05:44) Stingray

@Stingray, thank you. Got it. Running with it. :)

(12 Jul '12, 11:19) Grace

@Grace, Run with it:)

(15 Jul '12, 00:35) Xoomaville
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When we decide to deliberately feel good our ego likes to get in the road with resistance,complicate things and make us work for it.

try to find an easy way to feel good and get in the vortex preferably first thing every morning.the simpler the better.dont think or question it just do it.something like the Abraham-hicks vortex meditations which are good or even a playlist of your favourite songs.

From your vortex or your higher vibration first thing every morning your life will become easier and start to flow better.


answered 06 Jun '12, 08:14

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@Satori first thing in the morning? Every morning? The first hour of the day is my grumpy time:)) ..No, I am just kidding. I actually agree that the start of the day has to be positive and have seen the difference when its not. And I do meditate in the morning (just not at 6:00 A.M:) but whenever I get up. It's not a big deal or a 'deal breaker' for me, just that a disciplined fixed time would be nice and I am working on it. Thanks for the answer:)

(06 Jun '12, 12:26) Xoomaville

No problem, last thing before sleep works to if that's more suitable.our vibration usually stays where we last left it the night before:)

(06 Jun '12, 13:01) Satori

We have to personalize the processes and be adaptive. What your question made me think of was ....if we are this hard on ourselves on getting the ritual perfect to get the best results...just think how demanding the traditional institutional churches are for following their demands for rituals...and their rituals really have nothing to do with manifesting or getting results...its just about tribal obedience. I'm sorry for this anti-establishment attitude towards organized religion but they waste and consume so much of your time and energy for non-productive compliance...just like government. I'm sorry to go off the trail here but I think part of this journey is to break free from these outside constraints of authority and explore this path to personal liberity.


answered 06 Jun '12, 05:54

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thanks for the answer @aquakid. I think most of us make it hard for ourselves even after knowing it otherwise:) And that basically comes from wanting it (whatever) bad, which is not the right way of going about it because in any case, we come to these processes already wanting it bad and part of the purpose of the processes is to ease up on that relentless wanting and not stop living happy in the meantime:)

(06 Jun '12, 12:18) Xoomaville

You sound so much like me, especially when first starting out. And thank you for making me laugh! At 6:00 a.m., too, when I was looking for my happy place for the day, which made me laugh all the more.

I think that the work we do learning to use the methods talked about here is invaluable, but it is something like learning to read, or really any detailed skill. You do have to learn the details of it all, but once you do, it sinks in and eventually comes so naturally, you don't even fully realize you are doing it. It becomes second nature to you.... You even begin writing, yourself!

As Stingray says, just relax and get happy, any way you can. It doesn't matter what makes you happy. It's the happy that makes the magic!


answered 06 Jun '12, 11:43

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I am glad you had a laugh reading my question and it helped jump start your day!:) Makes me feel good knowing that. I especially like your closing line -It doesn't matter what makes you happy. It's the happy that makes the magic!- That's a good copy for an ad:)) And its going right on the wall in front of my computer:)) That brings a smile on my face...a complete circle:)

(06 Jun '12, 12:32) Xoomaville

I'm so glad you found something useful in this answer. It feels so good to feel so good! You've done it again, too! :)

(06 Jun '12, 12:47) Grace

Welcome Xoomaville, I am glad you posted this, it is a good question. :-)

This is because we tend to think for something to work it has to be complex. The more complicated it is the more people hold it in validity.

It gets the to point of the closer it is to me not understanding it, the more it is bound to work.

I swear if someone comes up with a healing system based on Algebra & Calculus mixed in with Latin Geometry everyone would go wild for it saying "This must be the best no-one understands it at all!"

I think that is where High Magick comes from, I used to study that calling on the angels ect... But the more I got into it the more I realized I am doing a ton of stuff to achieve very little results. I realized the ritual the bigger it was was all to get me to believe something was happening! Then one day I realized the whole purpose is to get me to believe, it other words the thing that was actually doing the magick was not the ritual but the belief in the ritual! The faith! Once I realized that I dumped all my high magick stuff and turned to my Christian study and understood Jesus was trying to show us it does not need to be complex like religion but only needs faith!

Expectation of a proclamation! That simple! Amazing! We command it and know it will be done then Thank God that it has been heard and he is doing it.

So simple, I use that for healing, casting out devils, if I need to park close I just expect I 'll get a place close and there it is. It is living in faith, not ritual ritual is dead but faith is alive it gets things done where as ritual prepares us for having faith to get things done.

It is like realizing we do not need the middle man. Example of ritual vs faith: Old Faithful blows everyday at some time we may stumble upon it by sitting down and praying for a sign and bingo the geyser blow up. So every day you go there at the same time looking for a sign from God and pray and every day you get this geyser. Now along comes another man, and you tell him about this amazing sign from God that you get every day and he says that goes off every day whether you pray or not! Of course you feel no I have to offer my prayer or I may anger God. So the other guy shows you it will and does that there is no need for ritual just know it will. It does and you are amazed you didn't need to sacrifice your offering of prayer for this to happen.

I think a lot of ancient sacrificial religions came upon that the same way. They noticed something happened when they did something and so continued to do that again and again to make it happen again.

It evolved from animal offering to prayer offering but still it is an appeasing thing a ritual that if I do this that and the other thing too that God will be appeased and do something for me.

I believe Jesus was leading us away from that and toward just living in faith, expect results. Of course the old way is expecting results AFTER we do all this ritual but the bottom line is: the expectation of result.


answered 06 Jun '12, 14:53

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Wade Casaldi

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Hi @Wade Casaldi...thanks for the wonderful answer:) 'Expectation of a proclamation! We command it and know it will be done then Thank God that it has been heard and he is doing it.'- This is the simplest explanation of it all. Also, I think I am going to carry the 'Old Faithful' example with me all the time. It's a perfect reminder for times when we let the tools become the end rather than what they are - means to an end:)

(07 Jun '12, 01:15) Xoomaville

Wonderful and true answer. I have faith therefore it is done.

(08 Jun '12, 03:12) Paulina 1

@Wade Casaldi-nice answer and I agree.the more we simplify things the fuller life becomes:)

(08 Jun '12, 05:22) Satori

Yes it call comes down to faith, the expectation. You are all very welcome. :-)

(08 Jun '12, 12:46) Wade Casaldi
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