hey you all, I speak Romanian as native language , but also speak at almost native level English and Spanish.

now, I always prefer the original language the book was written in , because i believe , when passing thru the mind of translator it may get a different meaning or interpretation.

So, as my material is often written in English, what language is better to use for the things i write on paper, like goals, statements etc. when using techniques like written goals, releasing etc?

I believe this may help others in similar position, thank you and send you all a big hug

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It is not the words that you put on the paper that is going to help you achieve all your goals and dreams, but rather the feelings behind them. You could probably even just draw shapes like triangles, circles and whatnot as long as you yourself know what they represent and you feel a sense of relief when penning them on your paper/notebook/etc...

So do not get hung up about what kind of language you should use, just use the one you feel the most comfortable in!


answered 06 Nov '11, 10:19

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I'd say it doesn't really matter, since ultimately your feelings are more important than anything you write.

However, it may be more beneficial if you were writing on paper to use whatever language happens to require the most movement from your hand and fingers (which results in greater activity in your brain). Typically that would be the more phonetic languages (such as Arabic).

All the languages you mentioned (Romanian, English and Spanish) use the same script and so I don't think it would particularly matter either way.


answered 06 Nov '11, 05:39

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I suggest that you use the language that feels the most comfortable to you ...


answered 06 Nov '11, 04:45

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blubird two

What matters is how it makes you feel. If one language allows you more feeling, then use that one. Like if saying, "Mi amore!" has more feeling thans saying, "My love!" then say, "Mi amore!"


answered 06 Nov '11, 05:08

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Fairy Princess

Criper...Criper...Since you speak Romanian, I suggest you use that. That is your native language.

All the people above who mention strange languages are very odd. Also, none of those languages are easy to learn.

You already know that most popular and common second language in the world- English. Between your Romanian and your English, i think you could describe anything from apples to zebras.

Good luck.


P.S.Good luck with the Arabic,Chinese, or whatever language you decide to take your notes in....Jai


answered 06 Nov '11, 06:22

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I would say use the language of your dreams and curses. What language do you use in your dreams (the language of your unconscious) and what language do you use when you feel physical pain (curses at pain, the language of your true emotions)
As kakaboo said:

"It is not the words that you put on the paper that is going to help you achieve all your goals and dreams, but rather the feelings behind them."

And from the end of the Abraham-Hicks book Ask and it is given

One Last Thing
Be easy about all of this. You tend to take life so seriously. Life is supposed to be fun, you know. As we watch you in the creation of your life, we feel only love for you and appreciation for all that you are. You are Leading-Edge creators, sifting through the wonderful contrast of this Leading-Edge environment, and coming to new conclusions that summon the Life Force forward. There are not adequate words to explain the value of that which you are. It is our powerful desire that you return to your state of self-appreciation. We want you to feel love for your life, for the people of your world, and most of all, for yourself



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hey, i am impressed of your comments, actually when i swere I use romanian because nobody understands it here....

ursixx thank you especially for the last comment that is true, almost die worring everytime I have problems or high load of work. i am experimenting now The Sedona method which is some relief ...

one more:I noticed when i smoke i go in deeper worry or anxiety. so be aware!

thank you all

(12 Nov '11, 22:37) CRIPER

I have had this dilemma as well, Criper, and I think there may be another thread on IQ about it someplace. For me, my native language works best, no matter what the affirmation is about.


answered 05 Nov '11, 21:11

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LeeAnn 1

I believe there are languages that are more visual to give you a clearer visualization on what you are trying to manifest. For example Hebrew the letters look similar to what they represent as I remember I read someplace so this makes it more powerful. But I think Japanese may be even more so visual.

I suppose a professor of language could be more accurate than my musing here on this.


answered 05 Nov '11, 21:51

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Wade Casaldi

why not try the language of the soul or spirit crippers? experience and enjoy.


answered 05 Nov '11, 21:56

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white tiger

This was what I was getting at with the Hebrew, it is closer to the spirit and the angels understand it clearer. After all it is the language that existed first only Latin is older.

(05 Nov '11, 22:21) Wade Casaldi
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