Is the work of God being second guessed by some humans, and why is it so hard for some humans to believe that all things were created by God, including the Bible?

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Everybody has different upbringing, conditioning and hence, different belief systems. If someone was born on an island that hadn't had contact with Christians or God-fearing people, then their belief system would be different from those Christians. Does a particular people's belief system negate the idea or the fact that God exists? Hardly, they just see things differently...

Did God sit down and actually spend 20 years writing the bible? Who knows. The way I see it, is that absolutely everything is part of and is not separate from the all or consciousness, including, humans, the bible and the idea of God.

Some people have an image of God, an almighty male being in human form. I see everything as consciousness, which is both formless as well as every form that ever was, is or will be. Is one of these two viewpoints correct and the other one wrong? In my world every viewpoint is allowed. One doesn't need to be wrong for the other to be right. How about in your world?


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This question was generated from a question asked by another participant at Inward Quest.

All questions are important to the person asking the question. The question is not directed to anyone individual, it is just a question, and the reason for the question is to get different point of views, and opinions on the same subject matter. It is not meant for anyone to read more into the question, for it is only a question, and should not be taken personally, because that is not the purpose behind asking the question.

I asked questions, and give answers, not necessarily because I agree, or disagree, but because I feel moved to ask, or answer that specific question, or answer that specific question, and I appreciate, and respect everyone question, and answer, even if I agree, or disagree. I am always respectful to other people’s opinion, whether I agree, or disagree, and you can check my answers given to the questions that I have answered to date for proof.

There is no right answer or right question, everyone can ask questions, and give answers, why because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and beliefs and we cannot place our values on each others. There is no need for anyone to get defensive, at least not in this environment. None of my question is directed to anyone individual, unless of course it is addressed to that person specifically in name!

We all interpret what we read differently, and again, there is no right answer; a person will answer a question based upon how it resonates with them. Should we take these questions asked personally, in my opinion, “No,” why because it not directed to anyone one person, like I have said it is only a question! We have to learn how to relax, and share, and to remember none of this is personal; it is only a question, no offense meant.

I am not asking this question, or any other questions to criticize anyone, or to confirm anyone to my beliefs. I ask questions to education myself, for enlightenment, and for a different perspective, from my own. It is all about learning, and sharing, and not reading into the question what it is not meant to be. I am very respectful when answering questions in general!

I am conscious of the fact, we all in the same world together as one whole, Christians, and non-Christians; we are all a part of the same whole, and we are all going down to the same place; it is the same for all of us.

I think from here on, I will visit, and read, but I will not give any answers, and I will not ask any questions. (Let Peace Reign.) This is my decision, and I will close this question myself! Thank you, and good luck!

The Bible teaches: if your right hand is causing you pain, to cut it off. We live, and learn, and the more we live, the more we learn, and then one day we come to realize nothing is the way it appears to be, why because we live in a very changing world, and nothing remains the same, and it is one of the harsh realities of life that we all have to live with.

Peace, love, Harmony, One Fellowship!


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There was no disrespect intended in my answer and I am sorry if you took it personally by deciding not to partake in the questions and answers anymore - that is your decision, but by doing so you are really only hurting yourself so I sincerely hope you are able to swallow your pride. As I said in my answer "all contributions are equal" and that includes yours.

If I misinterpreted your question I sincerely apologize and if it triggered a reaction from me - maybe that is a shadow I have to look at within myself.

(28 Feb '10, 23:04) Michaela
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