Being a US citizen, it is hard for me to understand why religion gets mixed into politics- we have enough trouble with that here, and it is Constitutionally protected!

A question that has puzzled me for years....Blessings, Jai

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How to lead a nation in the most ideal way? The search for an answer to this question today is ultimately tied to scientific research and philosophical (also metaphysical) reasoning.

Unfortunately, the role science and philosophy have today once was occupied by religions. That's why traditionally, states have been heavily influenced by religious doctrines and superstitions throughout the history of mankind.

Such long-established traditions are hard to overcome, because naturally, many power structures are bound to it, and they will defend their status quo.

But all in all, it is surely about time that we question things and try to come up with new concepts.


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It's discouraging when people seem to want to learn more about superstitions than they do about science, or even basic math, or how to write properly.

(01 Mar '10, 02:24) Vesuvius

I believe because as problems sometimes mount, and unrest occurs, people then look to their main religion to help solve the troubles and soothe their souls. The populace sometimes looses faith in "men". This opens the door for governments such as "The Islamic Republic of Iran"---just as one example, as they try to mix government, politics and religion and hope for better lives. And there is always the hope that government guided by clergy will be more merciful, but we know this is often not the case.


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"And there is always the hope that government guided by clergy will be more merciful, but we know this is often not the case." No truer words were said...Good answer, LeeAnn. Thanks! Love, Jai

(28 Feb '10, 20:37) Jaianniah

I agree with patrice completely.I would simply add this.Even though Governments are necessary to bring about some semblance of stability and cohesion of purpose,they all sooner or later find that in order to most effectively accomplish that purpose they must exercise their power to control the governed.Power and control at some point becomes the primary purpose and this is at this point that power and control leads to an insatiable desire for more power and control.As those in positions of power have now become addicted to power and control they begin to create a resistance from those who wish to think for themselves, which creates a rift between the governed and the power structure which can not be tolerated by those who are now firmly convinced that the only way they can hold on to their power and control is to place a limit on the freedom of the individual to act in what they see as their own best interests even when it does not encroach on the individual freedom of others,but may not serve the best interests of those who are in positions of power,which often results in the criminalizing of what would otherwise be considered normal exercising of personal freedom.Sadly Orginized Religion fits neatly into the same catagory,thus the two most powerful entities on earth compliment each other.Please consider this to be the opinion of one man,as I would not expect anyone else to subscribe to it, as at least up to this point we are all allowed to express our opinion even when it runs counter to that of another.Let us all pray that we always have the freedom to do that even as I see storm clouds on the horizon.God Bless Each and Everyone who participates in this forum as it is of great importance.With love in my heart for all. Don


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Don V

well ide say in a way, religion(even though it is seperate from politics) defines the people. religion has a BIG influence on peoples lifestyles. for some people, it goes beyond that and actaully DOES become their life. so in a way, it is hard to seperate the two for religion (to a degree) IS the people, if this makes sense. but i do agree, religion and politics should be seperate, never should interfere with one another.



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Religion has been used to control masses for centuries and today is no different. Religion uses divide and rule policy.Personally I think faith is divine is wonderful. But the concept is religion is f***ed up. First of all there are five big religion, I know three out five have further division, why is this so? Its divide and rule. Personally I belive their is God and He or she is one above religion. People say I represent this religion or that religion, I waiting for the day when people start saying i represent humanity.


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Jack Brown

those are the two ways they control people


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If all countries adopted The Prime Law the whole world would be in much better shape than it is now.

alt text

Vote The 12 Visions Party 2012


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This is the second time that I have been asked if I am a human after I post my answer to a question.Obviously I am in violation of a rule of which I am unaware.I humbly ask that some kind soul give me some guidence as it seems clear to me that it is needed.I assure you that I am a human with no secret agenda.Thanks in advance.Don


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It's nothing to be concerned about, Don V. Our automatic system does these checks occasionally on everyone just to ensure that the site remains as free as possible from unwelcome elements, such as spammers. It's just a quick check, nothing to worry about

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