This may seem a silly question, but please read on...I believe that there is a difference between being religious and being spiritual. I live in the USA, and our constitution guarantees my religious freedom, and the separation of church and state. But sometimes I think people mix up religion and spirituality. Being spiritual means being connected to a Higher Power as you understand him/her/it. Being religious means having a set way to connect with the God of your understanding, and specific practices and beliefs that go along with your choice of religion. In other words, religion is how you express your spirituality. One can be very spiritual, and not be religious at all.

So to me, being spiritual and being religious are two different things entirely. So is prayer a religious act, or a spiritual act? If it is a spiritual act, then why are people so afraid to allow people to pray in public or at school? What is the big deal? If the majority of people believe in God, and this is true, then why is it a bad thing to pray in public?



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Prayer, spiritual, religious are all just but labels given by humans. Just like every religion seem to intepret God in a different way sometimes, many people from different backgrounds would also intepret these 3 words in a different way from each other.

For instance, is not talking to yourself right and telling yourself everything will be alright before a job interview considered as a form of "praying"? Is not telling yourself everything will be fine before you step into an exam hall considered as "praying"? Some people think that you have to "show" that you are praying to other people in order to be considered as praying (i.e. kneeling down on your knees and praying) while some people think that just talking to yourself in your mind can also be considered as praying.


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yes i agree that the body has little to do with it.has for talking to your self in your mind you might be talking to someone.

(03 Dec '11, 01:09) white tiger

ok i will tell you about prayer jai. yes i agree with you that religion and spirituality are not the same thing. praying in public and in secret are also 2 different things. when you make a prayer it is like making a phone call to god. do you need to do it in front of every one? and why do you need to do that? it is written in the bible. and someone spiritual also know this. i will ask you this question and you will understand jai: when you phone someone do you phone them in public or do you go somewhere quiet?


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white tiger

at times i see it difficult to believe
my adolescent impression why i am
with tears i questioned
does he know not why he created me


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it is luiek all things, believs and points of veiw dictate teh answer. it is very dioffrent for us all. for me prayer is to use my intent to agree and promise my higer self thatr this si what i wnat and who i wish to hel and i greatly wnat my energy involved. i often do this in my meditatins too, but when i only have a min unstead of 30-60, i pray. those who use it for connection to god, creatyeor like in religions, it is the same as i do in meditations. even jesus meditated in teh garden before his cruisifiction. This is a great part in which Treb speaks of this.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I can understand it when you say that being religious and being spiritual is different. Spiritual people, when pray, can never be afraid to pray in public. It is quite possible that people who are religious and not quite spiritual might be afraid to pray in public.

For me and my family, we never are ashamed to pray. If our actions make others around us uncomfortable, we are not rigid and limit them.


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Prayer is spiritual sensation.


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