As per LOA we desire and the Universe provides it if we allow it. The Universe or the Source by my understanding is another name for God. This means that the Universe is at our beck and call but our religious beliefs about God are the He is our Lord and Master, we are at His mercy - He giveth and He taketh away... This apparent paradox makes me uneasy, when I pray I am used to beseeching Him whereas in LOA I simply think and the desire is created. What are your thoughts about this, anyone else have a similar dilemma?

asked 24 Jul '10, 21:50

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Because religious people won't tell you that you are god. You are the creation and the creator at the same time. LOA is only about whether you let your creation allow your creator to create. lol

Our master / his mercy...see past silly attempts to control people. All you need to know is within you. You don't need to be guided or told what to do or believe.

(03 Sep '12, 10:52) CalonLan
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I think there is NO any paradox if we see the essence of religions' God and Law of Attraction.

Religions assert that God is the Creator of entire universe and all the laws which gouvern its functionement. It results that God creates also the Law of Attraction and He works inclusiv by LOA (but not only). The difference within the coimmon, passive prayer and the conscious, passionate intention of an awared LOA user, is the emotional-affective investment and the certitude (faith, confidence) of results, expressed by joyful and grateful anticipating experience.

You can see this type of prayer, (which is a veritable domonstration of working with Law of Attraction) in the book: "The Isaia Effect" by Gregg Braden , chapter 8, at subtitle "Prayer of David".

The paradox about you say is artificially created by us, no understanding enough nor God, neither the Law of Attraction.

"Give me a fulcrum and I move the world" said Archimedes (297-212 B.C). father of lever-systems (within other great discoveries). For Law of Attraction, the 'fulcrum' is 'to experience multisensorialy AS PRESENT, with joy and gratitude, the anticipated results'.


answered 25 Jul '10, 14:59

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I don't see this as a paradox or a dilemma. I see it as a belief in either one thing or the other. Even though I was baptized as a catholic and forced to attend church, I've never been drawn to religion.

Understanding LOA is a natural part of human evolution and understanding. Belief in and conformity to one God, any God/religion is a remnant from our past. Maybe it was helpful and even necessary to bring people closer together in spirit and understanding in the past. But we have moved on now, so please stick with the evolving program. Or don't, it's always your choice :-)

I see and experience life as all good, so the idea of heaven, hell and punishment for sins make no sense to me whatsoever. Sure, heaven exists right here, right now, just look around you and see the wonder and beauty of all life.

And if you want to imagine and psychologically live in the hell of your choosing or the hell that your’ God or priest has kindly helped you visualize, you're free to do that; ask and it is always given.

FYI – Neville Goddard specialized in explaining the true original meaning of religious scripture. He says that to sin is simply to miss one’s mark.

So the idea of a vengeful God who's separate from us and who'll punish us if we don't conform is meaningless to me. And a God who, allegedly according to the church, needs loads of your money makes no sense to me at all. Why doesn't God instantly manifest tons of money and give it freely to his believers and chosen ones?

It's the same with Buddhism. Donate to the temple, thereby making merit ensuring you of a wonderful next life or incarnation. How about stepping up now, living right and loving your neighbor, your brother and sister in this life. I guess that's too much trouble, too much bother, too much thought.


answered 26 Jul '10, 03:46

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EDDIE: With all due respect, Goddard was NOT "specialized" in anything concerning the Bible. The March 2005 issue of Science of Mind: [“The Bible has no reference at all to any person who ever existed, or any event that ever occurred upon earth,” Neville told his audiences.] Really? What sane person would ever make such a declaration? All existing archeological discoveries contradict Goddard (Halley's Bible Handbook pgs. 42-57, 847-854). Also, he based his experience of "The Promise" on [Daniel 12:7]. This verse deals with the Great Tribulation! How could a Bible "specialist" not see this?

(27 Jul '10, 22:21) Concerned Citizen

@CC - NP. Many people believe that the Bible is all allegory or profound fiction and I guess that was Neville's take on it. I don't have an opinion on it one way or the other. If text in a book helps someone understand, does it really matter whether it's literal or not? All I know is Neville helped me understand many things in life and I respect him as one of my teachers. Without Neville, I wouldn't even have turned a page in the Bible. Are you attached to the belief that the Bible is literally true, even though there is no way of really knowing?

(28 Jul '10, 03:16) Eddie

EDDIE: In my other answers, I have already addressed how the Bible must be taken literally for proper understanding. Secular history, archeology, politics, and present world conditions all point to the literal truths of the Bible. Literal truths are absolute and universal. Allegorical truths are relative and personal. Thus, a man's spiritual understanding is indeed affected by the truths of his spiritual foundation. Compare Goddard's definition of SIN to the Bible [I John 3:4]: it is NOT the same. In the end, I do respect your right to choose Goddard as one of your teachers.

(28 Jul '10, 16:00) Concerned Citizen

@CC: I respect your beliefs too :) However, no amount of quoting the Bible will convince me to believe in a vengeful God who'll judge me and send me to hell for my wrong doing. Do you not see that labeling anything as right or wrong is always a matter of perspective? Have you honestly not seen thru your own ego's self-limiting negative beliefs? Do you not know that your word 'must' and even the act of 'convincing' is an act of your own ego? Are you saying that God physically wrote the Bible himself or was it channeled? I prefer Neal Donald Walsh's Conversations with God 1, 2 & 3. Modern Bible?

(29 Jul '10, 08:38) Eddie

EDDIE: Perspective? Can rape, murder, pedophilia, extortion, or fraud ever be RIGHT? My "negative beliefs" do not come from my ego: GOD says that I am a SINNER, and I believe Him. When Jesus Christ says "Ye MUST be born again", is it from HIS ego? Bible verses "convince" people, not my ego. Where is my ego if I'm freely sharing the verses anonymously? The Bible was NOT channeled. The writers had sound minds when they were INSPIRED by GOD to write His Words. If there is no SIN judgment, why does Jesus Christ say "there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth"? Beware of Walsh and spiritism!

(30 Jul '10, 00:44) Concerned Citizen

@CC: Ask any of your questions as a new question and I'm sure people will answer. For me, inspired by God means channeled from my higher self or imagination. You ask me to answer the meaning of things from the Bible. Do you really want to hear my answers, which will be inspired by teachings from Neville, Neal or other heathens? Can we agree, just for now, never to push our personal beliefs onto others? Peace :-)

(30 Jul '10, 01:55) Eddie

EDDIE: Absolutely! Beliefs should NEVER be "pushed" onto others. For this reason, I leave the option of asking my Comment questions as new Questions to other Inward Quest members. In this way, I remove the suspicion that I have any ego-based ulterior motives. Thus, should any of my Comment questions be asked by curious members, I will post my answers. However, I will not be asking the Questions myself. I enjoyed that we were able to have a civil discussion about the differences in our beliefs. For the record: I am not at war with you, and I wish you no harm. 'Til next time...

(02 Aug '10, 15:15) Concerned Citizen
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Law of Attraction and any Religion is only an attempt to understand God and the Universe. No-one knows the absolute truth, we only grasp some parts of it.

It's like looking at the land behind the river we cannot pass through and trying to understand its full nature only by thinking and experiencing.

My point is that there are many things that are not-so-true in Religions as well as in Law of Attraction. I do not call them lies as their function is positive. They build the base of our beliefs, making it easier to find ourselves in the world.

Every attempt to understand the truth reveals only an aspect of it. For example giving and taking away God is the expression of the truth, that ups and downs in life are inevitable and we have to get used to them; the LoA allowing us to manifest whatever we want is the expression of the truth that we have free will and are free to give shape to our lives. It also means that human power is unlimited as well as God's.

The best thing to do is to choose your own beliefs and deeply believe in them, and not to treat the parts of truth as an absolute truth.


answered 25 Jul '10, 10:27

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Hello Asklepios. there are many things that are not-so-true in Religions as well as in Law of Attraction. All religion has its roots in man, so obviously many ego-self's have twisted the truth of it, that's plain to see. Buddha didn't hand out his belief system in its original form, he just knew stuff. Others made it into a system along with their distortions of it. Re: LOA, what specific flaws/non-truths are you referring to? Or do you mean that certain teachers of it don't really get it?

(26 Jul '10, 03:57) Eddie

I really agree, spiritual masters like Jesus or Buddha got it all right, only people twisted it. This applies more to Jesus. Concerning the question, I do not like to answer. LoA is already working very well for many people, and I do not like to plant the seed of doubt in anyone. From our current perspective, we cannot understand everything, so those non-truths are needed.

(26 Jul '10, 07:56) Asklepios

OK thanks. I'm cool with your reasoning and opinion. We certainly don't know everything.

(26 Jul '10, 08:03) Eddie
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I don't have an answer as this is something that I think about often as my Father is a Christian Pastor. It's becoming more difficult to sit through his serrmons because I have a greater awareness of the universe then I've had in the past. And the powerlessness that is so prevlant in the christian church bothers me. And it bothers me that what others descirbe as the "Will of God" or "God's will" is simply and effect of the LOA and the person's thoughts.

I hope I find a balance. It's tough enough that people at my church call me "pastor" and my Dad desiring that I step into my position in the ministry when I don't even know how much I believe about christianity anymore.


answered 26 Jul '10, 21:47

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Chris 2

CHRIS: From a Biblical perspective, if a man is not BORN-AGAIN and does not believe that the Bible contains GOD's Words, he will never be able to preach with spiritual authority. Ultimately, he will only be deceiving himself and others. Also, he will be directly contributing to the "powerlessness" of "Christian churches" in these last days. Today, too many "pastors" view their position as a JOB instead of a CALLING. They only speak what the people want to hear. GOD will surely judge these things. I sincerely pray that your soul-searching will result in an honest conclusion to your dilemma.

(28 Jul '10, 00:02) Concerned Citizen

@Chris. In matters of spirituality, there is NO authority whatsoever. It's up to each person individually to look inside to find out for themselves the soundness and validity of any subject. Good luck!

(30 Jul '10, 01:43) Eddie

Organized religion is based on fear, hatred and restriction. Metaphysics/spirituality is based on love, compassion and freedom.

So of course there is a huge contradiction.


answered 09 Mar '12, 13:14

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My views on this have been evolving, but here are my views as of now. When Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil, her eyes were open inward to her thoughts. Her thoughts then could bring her up or down, depending on where she put her focus and what kinds of thoughts she had and how she felt about them. So instead of living in perfect harmony with their envirnment, Adam and Eve, because of their thoughts, made everything more difficult.

So as people lived their lives, they noticed that when they were singing and dancing (happy), then things went well. They got plenty of food on their hunts and gathering expeditions, they were safe, etc... Basically, the Law of Attraction at work. They didn't know about the LOA, so they had to come up with a reason, God. God likes it when we sing and dance and blesses us when we do, so we will sing and dance befor we hunt or go to battle, or whatever. This becomes a ritual. They notice that certain music or incense helps in making God happy more than others, creating aspects of the ritual. They didn't know that it was that the music or incense made them feel better, attracting better through LOA.

They notice how other things affect how God responds to them. When they hurt other people, hurt comes back. People came up with different ways to explain these things. Some became part of the religion and some became superstion.

Some people saw aliens and/or time travelers and/or reality jumpers, and some thought they were gods and created stories about them. Some people channelled entities like today's Abraham, Bashar, and our own Treb BorYitNe. However, they thought they were talking to God, and wrote books about them. Other people tapped into their Higher Self, like Neal Donald Walsh, but claimed it was God and wrote books about that. And others have actually been spoken to by God and some have written about that. All these stories were told through the interpretation of the person and also by those interpreting the story, so it is hard to sort out. Some writings have been preserved, but many have been lost or destroyed. Some were hidden or destroyed on purpose to hide the powerful truth from the people.

Of these, I am most familiar with the Bible. In the Bible, it explains the LOA, but in the language of the day. God is everywhere, so God is All that is. Also, the Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. We know now in quantum physics, that all there is is Now, everything is one moment, but we experience it in a linear fashion thanks to our left brain. The Bible also says that God already knows what we need and to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to us. In another place it says that whoever is given much, more will be given and whoever is given little, it shall be taken away. So this all means that everything is already there for us, we just have to tune in to it to have access to it by thinking and feeling. The one who feels that they have much, does, and the one who feels that they lack, does. This is the LOA explained to those people in their language in their frame of reference. Jesus came to teach people the way to right thinking, but they didn't understand, or the people who translated the Bible didn't understand. There is much lost in translation, or hidden. Jesus said that He was hiding truth so that his message wouldn't be misused by the greedy. Which it has.

So it is up to us to choose which thoughts and beliefs we will allow to take hold in our heads, in our reality. And by those thoughts and beliefs, we create our reality. When those thoughts and beliefs are in alignment with heaven, we have access to heaven. But religions and superstitions are birthed from misinterpreting the cause and affect rules of the LOA.

If God is All there is, then we are part of God and when we are happy, God is happy and when we are sad, God is sad, since our vibration contributes to the vibration of the whole which is God. That is why there are rules about how we treat others. If we raise our vibration by bringind down other people's vibration by murder, stealing, cheating, lying, then that doesn't raise the overall vibration. But we don't need rule books to tell us that, it is written on our hearts. So it feels good to help others raise their vibration and it feels bad to lower theirs.

When we leave this world, we will be attracted to our next destination according to our vibration. The goal is to raise our vibration while in this body. The more we raise our vibration, the more we contribute to the raising of the overall vibration of the world and the Universe and All there is which is God. God is love according to the Bible. So to tune in to God, tune in to the vibration of love.


answered 03 Sep '12, 09:55

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Fairy Princess

My belief is that GOD from whichever religion is LOVE. If you are using LOA with love then there should be no conflict surely. This may be a simplistic answer but thats the way I think. If you are working for the higher good ,then LOA is a fantastic tool.


answered 25 Jul '10, 18:12

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A very good answer. Blessings and positive feelings to you!

(25 Jul '10, 18:23) G16

Religions is Humanity’s attempt to explain God, they do not do a very good Job. In The Bible it states, at the end of the book of Revelations “Then is finish the mystery of God.” When we speak of LOA or Religions we are speaking or writing about Belief Systems. My personal name is “The working of God’s spirit.” (Operation of the Spirit of Life) . LOA does not attempt to personalize the Source. Religion attempts to personalize God either Positive or Negative with the emotional makeup of man.(For obedience; To a system of belief.) I perceive it all as an evolutionary growth in the spiritual history of Humanity. Your question was very good. LOA does not explain all of the spiritual realm it is there first to teach us about RELATIONSHIPs, to the Universe, our own Self, and to one another, and to the energy of material things. Many are attracted to LOA with the Hope of getting rich. That alone is a false approach. It is an approach of lacking something. KNOW THIS WHEN YOU SEEK THE SOURCE IT IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE BEYOND YOUR COMPREHENSION: Our resistance is what prevents manifestations.


answered 25 Jul '10, 18:21

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As a student of comparative religions I see many, many paradoxes for instance,

If God is all-powerful, He can make stone too heavy for Him to lift. But if He is all-powerful, he can lift the stone.

In the Christian religion, man/woman must make a conscious choice to folllow Christ to be saved, yet we are told that God knows everything we will do before we were born. Therefore do we have choice? If we don't have choice, we can't make that decision.

The answer to me, is that religions are trying to explain realms beyond our world. Beyond our physical senses. Finer vibrational realms that have different laws and principles than our plane. Looked at from a higher perspective than we can consciously reach, it all makes sense.


answered 09 Mar '12, 11:35

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Dollar Bill

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