Apparently when the body becomes weak or sick it is because the mind created it. Now I wanna ask: a) how can your mind create any type of physical illness?? and b) WHY would it create such an illness?? You know for the majoirty of people who get diagnosed with what ever illness, prior to that they were "perfect" physically (in regards to health). So that being said any negative thoughts about sickness would not even exist, for it had no relevance in their lives. If anything, they would find it an IMPOSSIBILTY to become sick. So I ask, how can the mind create an illness when that SAME MIND is saying it's an impossibilty?? Does this not contradict the whole concept that the mind is what creates illness?? thoughts please??


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how can your mind create any type of physical illness??

All illness comes about as a result of resistance to energy flow.

To explain further...when you think of something, you are flowing energy towards it because you are focusing your thoughts upon it. In effect, the energy of thought is using you as a conduit to flow towards the thing that is dominant in your consciousness at that moment.

If you are not resisting this energy flow (i.e. you are feeling good about what you are flowing energy towards) then the result is a pure energy flow and you, as a by-product, experience joy and the thing you are focusing on eventually manifests in physical reality. (Joy is the feeling of that free-flow within you and, indeed, the true purpose of your life)

If, instead, you are resisting this energy flow, the same energy that was previously bringing you joy is now taking a physical toll upon the body. Depending on the rate of the energy flow, your existing physical robustness, your existing beliefs, your mood, and probably many other varying factors, you can probably get away with this sloppy energy flow for a period of time before it starts manifesting within your physical body.

When it does eventually take a toll on your body that you can physically observe, you have manifested dis-ease.

WHY would it create such an illness??

The strongest factor mentioned above is the rate of energy flow.

When you really want something, you are pulling more energy through you than when you limply want something.

Abraham have an analogy that an airplane flying at 500 miles per hour in the calm air is a fairly smooth and efficient experience, but to put that same airplane on the ground at that speed would result in a fairly hair-raising experience :)

The difference is resistance.

Consider two people. Both want a similar thing and both have similar beliefs about whether they can get it. But one wants it very badly and the other only limply wants it. The one who wants it badly will experience considerably more resistance than the other and, depending on the other factors mentioned above, will eventually experience some kind of dis-ease as a result.

This explains why some people with apparently negative attitudes about many things in their lives can still remain quite healthy...they do not put themselves in the position of wanting any of those things too much.

As the energy flows through you towards something and there is any kind of drag on the energy flow, you experience an emotional response.

The strength of the emotion represents the rate of energy flow towards what you want.

The positiveness of the emotion represents the degree of allowing that the energy flow is being subject to as it passes through you. There is actually no negative emotion, just varying degrees of lack of allowing i.e varying degrees of lack of positive emotion. This is similar to the way that there is no darkness, just varying degrees of absence of light.

Now the kind of dis-ease that manifests is a vibrational match to the dominant emotion you have regarding that subject. You could say there is an emotional scale that corresponds to various diseases.

For example, minor negative emotions such as frustration might result in diseases such as colds. Major negative emotions such as anger, hatred, depression might result in diseases such as a heart-attacks and strokes.

One final point about resistance to energy flow...

People generally think that dis-ease is about physical illness, because that is more readily physically observable by others.

But you can also have dis-ease relating to your financial wealth (poverty), your relationships (loneliness) or indeed anything else in your life that you have this imbalance between the summoning of energy flow and the allowing of that energy flow.

DIS-EASE (relating to anything in your life) = SUMMONING OF ENERGY - ALLOWING OF ENERGY


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Wow! THat last line is a great formula to remember - Thanks:-)

(28 Feb '10, 14:14) Michaela

haa i see. yea that does make sense IF you are a believer in energy (which i am). PLUS i can actaully relate to that becuase i WAS one of those people where i put ALL my energy into what i enjoyed or wanted. and when i did not recieve it or fully enjoy it i would be EXTREMELY pissed off or very depressed:(. so excellent answer habibi, shookren aqhpar;)lol. vote up

(28 Feb '10, 17:34) Mebb

@Stingray, see my new question here about this subject:

(01 Mar '10, 02:17) Vesuvius

this is explained spot on with how the world works. The mechanisms behind energy here have really enlightened my view about diseases, how quickly people get things and emotions. :)

(27 Sep '11, 15:34) Nikulas
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I think our hearts are a great example here. Hearts are our centers for love ane joy. Heart attacks are the number one cause of death in the U.S. There are actually more documented heart attacks on monday mornings when people are on their way to work. My point is that our hearts need love and joy, but we often sacrifice that love and joy for money. According to Louise Hay, this is the cause of heart attacks. So here we are, living in a world centered on money and our heart weakens. We do things we don't want for money and our heart suffers. Arteriosclerosis is caused by the clogging of the channels of love. Louise Hay has a book called "Heal Your Body A to Z" and I've found great wisdom with this book in regards to the connection between emotions and illness.

I think illness is created not so much as a function of the mind, but as a result of our unconscious use of it. Can you imagine if you were waching TV and an add came on saying "If you want to lessen the risk of heart attacks choose joy".


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And where does the delightful, happy, young two year old with a terminal disease fit in with these explanations?

There is no doubt the mind can affect the body but to ignore tangible things is a big mistake, to the body and to the mental well being of some. Inherited weaknesses, internal and external influences all must be taken into consideration. There is such a thing as being in the wrong place at the right time - karmically speaking as well.


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Being around negative people constantly can also sap your strength - or life energy. These people are energy vampires, they do not know what they are doing in the main, but one needs to limit one's time spent with them. Little bits here and there as needed.

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I think the answer no one really wants to hear relates to Yashua healing in the Bible. (Yashua is the Hebrew version of Jesus in case anyone was wondering) After Yashua healed someone he would say, "go and sin no more." Now this didn't mean don't go make mistakes in judgment. Normal people don't just pull that one off. What is meant was, live what you believe. The level of manifestation are Spiritual, Mental, Physical. We are spiritual beings, expressed through mental structures, clothed in physical bodies. Basically, we get sick because our spiritual level of being has a "blueprint" if you will to guide our unfolding, and our ego minds have different goals based on what they want, and which plan we follow determines the condition of our bodies. If we follow the plan of our spiritual being, we live healthy lives. If not, we are sick very physically unhealthy. Goes back to Church of Christ Scientist. And no, the original idea of this was not to say a bunch of prayers over a sick or otherwise suffering individual and all their ills are's more a system of using Kabalah and Gnosis to determine what your spiritual blueprint is so you can live in accordance with it and when you do so, your body and mind become healthier.

No I am not a Christian, but there is a great deal of truth in the original (I hate to use the word but .....) "pure" forms of Christianity found in Gnosticism, Essenian, Theraputae, Zartosht, Pythagoreanism, Platonism,....the list continues. At the end of the day, there is no higher religion than truth.....and not just truth as one would like it to be, but the truth as it is. To find this sometimes we have to abandon ideas or beliefs integral to us....but if in practice or when put to the test, it is found to be wanting in applicability...don't be afraid to dump it....wouldn't we rather be correct and happy and healthy than full of smug self-righteousness and sick and miserable?


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As a rule the body will become weak based upon various reasons, and yes I will agree that we are responsible for caring for our body with proper nutrition, and exercise. But there are other factors that may cause the body to become weak, and sick.

Some example are: if you are smoker, you are prone to Lungs Cancer, or Cancer may be a condition that is in the family genes; if a virus is air borne, then it is an environmental issue, and everyone is at risk; if you do not follow necessary precaution in your sexual activity, you could be at risk for different kinds of sexual transmitted diseases; you are at risk all the time, even in the safety of your home, or just by being at the wrong place at the right time, when disaster strikes!

Then of course some children are born with some kind of birth defect, illness, or disability that is long term. Healthy humans go through the normal process of environmental and seasonal allergies, cold, and Flu. There are conditions that people have all their lives that weaken the body, and as people grow older the body goes through changes that allow for all kinds of different illness that the person did not had before then!

So, even if we are to think outside of the box, then, we will have to agree that we created our own destiny from the time of conception thereon. But since we cannot prove it as a fact, and even if we were to agree that we have created our own sickness in our life, it is still something that we cannot prove as a fact of life, because there are too much questions, and not enough answers to prove the point.

The one fact that is a fact of life is that we are here for a period of time only regardless of how long we live, but the end result is the same for every one of us, rich, and poor the physical body will die and return to dust!

So it would be wise to accept sickness as apart of the human experience and the fact that the physical body is susceptible to all kinds of illness that will eventually destroys the body causing death!


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