I've been reading the Master Key System as well as other such books and have become very interested in the power of the mind. This all came about because of an injury and my quest to heal my body on my own.

I've also been doing Reiki healing sessions and have discussed the topic of self healing and body rejuvenation with the reiki practitioner. Does anyone think that manifesting physical changes is possible? If nothing is impossible and we have the power to "ask and receive" then can we do that?

One opinion is that we can't do that because we doubt we can. Thoughts?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

One of my all time favorites. Yes the world within controls the world without (This realm). Miracles happen all the time just not reported. I saw a healing documentary with infrared cameras watching as a person gets healed of a tumor by a Chinese Master live on camera. Very telling.

(26 Jan '11, 14:41) The Knights Alchemy

Yes, I saw 'The Divine Matrix' by Gregg Braden which shows Chinese healers removing a tumour in 2 mins 45 secs. Believe it! Existence and every thing is a miracle :)

(27 Jan '11, 09:23) Eddie
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If the BALANCE of your thinking is towards positive thoughts regarding your health i would say its entirely probable that physical manifestation is going to happen.

It can happen instantly,but more often it happens slowly.

Almost every established religion and belief system believes in this manifestation.

I would guess that most dont manifest thru ignorance of the importance of what we habitually think and its eventual effects.

If we are to believe we are one with the personality and force that we call God,we must surely believe that thru infinite power and knowledge we can attain to certain things in the physical aspect.

If God exists IN or even IS the very cells of your body then physical change becomes quite believable.Many new thought writers believe that God made the physical matter of this universe ( including our bodies ) from nothing more or less than himself.

Therefore Source ultimately can control this,but thru us,because in a way were Source too.



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Monty Riviera

Thank you Graham for the response. I go thru phases of where I believe in everything you wrote and I know its possible. But there are those times when I don't see or feel a change and I'm overwhelmed by the task before me and of course some of the naysayers around me that say "that's crazy talk". I'm going to keep reading, exploring, and working towards the balance necessary. Thank you again for the positive reinforcement!

(26 Jan '11, 21:19) eve

What do you want this physical change to look like, and what form will you be, if you can manifest this change for your self?

On a more practical note, indeed anything is possible, and if you believe that it can be done, then perhaps, it can be done. But on the contrary, humans are known to be limited in their ability, as to what they can, and cannot do. Of course there is always room for growth, and improvement, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

In essence, if manifesting physical changes were indeed a simple task, by far it would have been done already, so if you are successful, then, it would be an amazing break through for everyone!


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Thanks for responding! In terms of the physical changes I was thinking about if the body could regenerate cells, fat cells specifically. And also, if we have a set DNA that allows the body to eventually heal to what it was supposed to be. I'm not talking about regrowing limbs or something alongs those lines.

(26 Jan '11, 07:06) eve

I think Yes.

What limits us is the education and what we are told. Our group consciousness is something also what limits us, if we think energetically. Our cells renew itself in certain amount of time, we actually grow all the time to be precise.

In my mind, i think it is possible, it is logical to be able to do these kind of things ;D but even i have some issues, cause i haven´t jet managed to free myself from educational and ancestral roots of " can not " :D


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Read the book by Eric Pearl, Reconnection. This will answer that question. Yes the physical can be changed I have seen it again and again, I have seen not only my father but myself go into a hospital near death and by the time a specialist came there was nothing wrong.

Those were from Reiki and prayers, when it was my father I gave him many healing attunements for his liver which when he went in the doctors thought he was going to die that night. That was years ago and he is still alive, this happened with me with my kidneys too, bad kidney infection I was in very bad shape, I was dying too I could feel myself slipping away and I didn't care but then I changed my mind on staying and everything reversed I healed so fast when the specialist came I was already healed. You can imagine the mood this put the specialist in! Whew he was mad and swearing and said the doctors don't know what they are doing there is nothing wrong with me.

For DNA specific issues, direct the Reiki to the DNA telling it what to do. Remember energy follows thought, be the leader and tell it what to do. DNA is made of atoms and atoms are made of energy so command it into action.

There is also DNA Reiki if you would like to learn it.


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Wade Casaldi

Thanks for sharing your story of healing Wade. Definitely gives me hope that incredible things are possible! And I will check out the book you recommended and look up DNA Reiki. I believe that the practioner I go to does some DNA reiki on me as well because she has mentioned "clearing and restoring of the DNA".

(26 Jan '11, 21:34) eve
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