Abraham says that through Source, we have the "Power to Create Worlds." What does this mean? Does it mean parallel worlds? Alternate realities?

Have we been doing this unconsciously? Are we on the Path, with the knowledge of Source, now actually co-creating worlds of being and understanding our responsibility for our lives and our experiences?

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We're creating worlds all the time. Every time we change our mind regarding something we change our world or, in other words, we create a new world.

I think our thoughts do create alternate realities and those we consistently give our attention to create the world or current reality we experience on the physical plane.

When we focus that attention on Source the thoughts we attract become more in alignment with that Source and our true power is realized as we begin to create our world or reality from the only true source of power.

We then become Deliberate Creators (Abraham terminology) as we practice The art of Allowing and the world we begin to create will change accordingly. The funny thing is that sometimes the outer reality doesn't even change dramatically but our perspective does so the world we live in begins to look totally different :)


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The World we live in can become dramatically different> My wife and I are together 24/7. We like this and we share worlds, but hers can be a little different than mine.

Anne and I have an aversion to cigarette smoke. Her sister is a chain smoker. Even owns a smoking bar. At Christmas, we visited Anne's family. Her sister smokes everywhere so we have a hard time being near her, especially inside.

I saw Anne sitting at the kitchen table talking freely with her sister for about an hour. Sister was smoking one after another. Later, I asked Anne how could she handle the smoke? She looked at me wide-eyed and said, "She was not smoking!" I told her I saw her smoking one after another. Anne firmly replied, "She was not smoking in my world."

Anne had absolutely no ill effects afterwards.

"Creating ing Worlds" is more than denial, much more. Anne was in a world where her sister does not smoke. She missed being able to talk with her sister. Anne could not handle the smoke. So Anne changed her view of her sister and brought her into Anne's world as a non-smoker.

We live near a junkyard that has been an ugly eyesore. As we drove by, Anne looked over and said, "Today it looks like a resort for old, retired cars." I looked also and it did! The cars seemed happy and relaxed. There was peace. There was beauty. There was a different world. A world that we enjoyed more because we were seeing it differently, and it has stayed that way!

I think we were -- are -- seeing through the eyes of Source.


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Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill - yes we have the choice to "see" and create whatever we wish from source ... one hundred people assisting at the same event will give one hundred different accounts of that event ... we live in a world of belief :)

(21 Feb '12, 07:05) blubird two
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