Subtle energies can be described as being those electromagnetic energies that are situated in the negative green section of the electromagnetic spectrum and as yet remain undetectable by scientific means

In the following article there is a photo of a twisted juniper tree, the origin of the twist is claimed to be due to subtle energy vortices

Here is a photo, that i took, of a local willow tree

alt text

The tree seems to have absorbed spiral shape subtle energies that have deformed it's branches ... is this proof of the existence of subtle energy ?

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blubird two

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Tree branches twist because nature is created in the form of a spiral. This spiral of life is called The golden mean ratio which is derived from the flower of life sacred geometry. Sea shells, tornados, the human body, and the arrangement of the pyramids in Giza :) are all proportioned to the golden mean. As far as subtle energies are concerned, I call it God.

"Adolf Zeising, whose main interests were mathematics and philosophy, found the golden ratio expressed in the arrangement of branches along the stems of plants and of veins in leaves. He extended his research to the skeletons of animals and the branchings of their veins and nerves, to the proportions of chemical compounds and the geometry of crystals, even to the use of proportion in artistic endeavors. In these phenomena he saw the golden ratio operating as a universal law.[49] In connection with his scheme for golden-ratio-based human body proportions, Zeising wrote in 1854 of a universal law "in which is contained the ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art, and which permeates, as a paramount spiritual ideal, all structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical; which finds its fullest realization, however, in the human form." Wikapedia.

Also check out the book, "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek Thank You


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@Brian - thanks for sharing :)

(16 Feb '12, 10:49) blubird two

The spirals of life are the basic building blocks of nature and are composed of two forces that combine to create all physical manifestations, these two forces have many names such as yin/yang, male/female etc. ... they are commonly known as magnetic/electric and form subtle electromagnetic fields sometimes named auras.

So why are tree branches sometimes twisted ? ... physical objects, from a subtle energy point of view, are an agglomeration of electromagnetic fields and the various forms that they take e.g. tree, house, wheel ... emit an energy wave form characteristic of the object. If an immobile object such as a tree is situated above a "jagged" energy form, such as can be found in the earth's crust ... then the vertical terrestrial energies at this point will be discordant, the tree absorbs these distorted natural energies causing it's branches to twist ... here is an article

Terrestrial subtle energies can also be very beneficial such as those mentioned in the article above on the Sedona energy vortexes.

have a great day


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@blubird Wow - Cool tree & picture, blu. You scared me for a minute; I knew my weeping willow wasn't like that; but I still went outside & checked after reading your second link. I agree with your answer. A normal willow's limbs go out & up & the branches hang down. Subtle energy or not so subtle - eerie? Sure hope you aren't sleeping near it. I would move if you are, cause there is something definitely going on there. ..

(22 Feb '12, 05:26) ele

@blubird The spiritual, mystical, magical weeping willow - sacred tree of intuition & dreams. The weeping willow symbolizes the explorer in you. It will awaken psychic abilities and emotions..

(22 Feb '12, 05:27) ele

@blubird As for the two trees - are we now looking at vertical negative green?

(24 Feb '12, 05:18) ele

@ele negative green energy can certainly be very destructive, the dowser Léon Chaumery whilst exploring this domain inadvertently killed himself due to overexposure of negative green energy ... we live in a world of duality and thus a world of creative and destructive energies

(03 May '14, 03:05) jaz
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