If someone is giving me the cold shoulder and seems to have some sort of mild resistance towards me, is there a way to eliminate or reduce their resistance towards me? Even getting them to feel neutral about me would be good I think.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Pat W

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If you could somehow release the resistance in how you perceive you're being treated & allow them to respond to you as they wish & finding peace with it, you will change the energy you're sending out regarding this person & therefore what you will recceive in return. Just be in the allowing. Be totally accepting of the situation while sending the situation love & confidence that all is working out for your highest good! See if there is some way you're being cold & or unfriendly with yourself...somehow the things we receive in life begin with what we're putting out there so to speak & how we're reacting to ourselves.

All the best! :)


answered 03 Nov '10, 14:49

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Thanks! Your answer gives me a lot of comfort. :)

(03 Nov '10, 15:15) Pat W

Lost and Found basically sums up my own view on this.

With this question, I don't know if you are hinting at something like this vibrational attunement method that seems to have generated a bit of interest on this site for the past few days.

If you are, I ought to point out that trying to control external conditions (like other people) is a slippery slope to an unhappy life.

Yes, I know I mentioned previously that I use that method to move slow drivers out of the way on freeways but that's really just me having a sloppy vibration about those sorts of people. The better approach would be to clean up that vibration about "slow drivers in the fast lane" so I don't encounter them at all. But, at some level, I guess I find it kind of fun to be faced with this sort of experience and then deal with it in that fashion.

In addition to what Lost and Found has said, I would like to point out that if anyone is behaving in your reality in a way that is not pleasing to you then there must be something in your vibration that is attracting it...otherwise they could not be there.

This can be hard to hear sometimes because it really can feel like someone else is causing you to have a reaction to them but it's actually your observation of their behavior that is causing a reaction within you, not the behavior itself.

So the best solution is to "clean up" how you feel about them and if they have a part of themselves that is a vibrational match to your improved feeling about them, you will only subsequently encounter that in your reality.

If they cannot match your improved feeling, they will clatter out of your reality

...so, either way, you won't get the cold shoulder any more :)


answered 03 Nov '10, 08:00

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Thanks. I am working on myself and am seeing good results in other areas of my life, but this person is rather important to me and seems so out of reach, so distant at the moment... and I don't even know why. I'll continue with the focus blocks for cleaning up my feelings about this person.

(03 Nov '10, 09:49) Pat W

I feel that attempting to change or control others is almost pointless and dangerous. What ever it is you focus on is what you will get.

I have found that working on my vibration, meaning my feelings matching up with my beliefs in a joyous way, puts me in a great place. When you are as I say "Locked in" or in the Vortex, what others think of you does not matter.

Keep working on yourself. Others are never the "problem"

I hope I made sense.

Much love Michael


answered 03 Nov '10, 01:50

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jim 10

Thanks Michael. Will take your advice about not trying to change someone else.

(03 Nov '10, 09:50) Pat W

Love them ,give them space and be good to them.



answered 03 Nov '10, 09:37

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Monty Riviera

Hi Graham, how to be good to them when they're giving the cold shoulder? :D

(03 Nov '10, 12:33) Pat W

Good question. Be as good as you can to them. If you dont have an opportunity to show them respect and love dont worry. Do what you can do, then leave the rest to God. Dont woory,dont get hung up,your conscience will be clear. Then move on.

(03 Nov '10, 13:25) Monty Riviera

I have exactly the same issue. At least now I realized it's the other person's resistance, not my issue to fix. So I just focus on myself, finding positive thoughts to think about. I think the "Clattering Out of Your Reality" discussion was outstanding. It now makes sense to me why the person got angry at me at times for no reason. This person does shift in & out of the strange mood. But he's been in discord for a very long time (which I'm fully aware of).

I've always been the positive one and the more positive I've become, the more angry the other person gets. This person is still important to me as we own a business together. I'm now focusing on manifesting a new one & releasing this person energetically (or his negative traits). So either he'll step up to match or he'll clatter out & someone new will move in. I trust that Universe is looking out after me & I just have to find ways to be faster in alignment so that whatever I've been asking is coming!


answered 09 Mar '11, 04:58

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Divine Feminine

That's the way to do it!

(09 Mar '11, 10:40) daniele
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