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The Pleiadian Collective are making firm predictions about strong Solar Flare activity from the last week of February to the first two weeks in March.

It's not that often that channelled beings make predictions with fairly precise dates so I thought it would be worth noting publicly here to verify afterwards.

Here's the email I received from Wendy Kennedy's mailing list about this:

It is extremely rare that the Ps give predictions and dates. This one seems to be coming up repeatedly so I just want to share once again their perspective on the current solar flares.

There is a high probability for strong activity from the last week in February to the first two weeks in March. With this activity comes the opportunity to release old patterns and to work more with our own inner technology.

Below I have included two recordings on solar flares that I hope you find helpful for the next month. The first is from August of last year. The second is an excerpt from a group session recorded in December 2011. The flares they refer to did indeed come to pass.

Here's what they had to say...

Solar Flares - August 2011

Group Session Excerpt - December 3, 2011

UPDATE - MARCH 5, 2012

I haven't been watching this too closely up to now because I figured I would let the entire time period expire first i.e. wait until the end of the second week of March.

But I just checked and noticed this report dated March 5, 2012 (today).

STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: Solar activity is now high. Big sunspot AR1429, which emerged on March 2nd, is crackling with strong flares. This morning brought the strongest so far--an X1-class eruption on March 5th at 0413 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:

March 5, 2012 Solar Flare

According to information on that website, this solar flare will probably miss the Earth but will hit Mercury and Venus.

News story confirming the Solar Flare: Sun unleashes another dramatic solar flare

The story also says that this latest solar flare is the second X-class sun storm of 2012 - the first happening on Jan 27, 2012 - which confirms this as an unusual event.

Quote from the news story:

When a powerful X-class flare is aimed directly at Earth, it can sometimes cause significant disruptions to satellites in space as well as to power grids and communications infrastructure on the ground.

NASA video of the X1 flare: Sunspot AR1429 Releases X1 Class Flare

UPDATE 1 - MARCH 7, 2012 is reporting today that an even bigger solar flare (X5 class) has erupted from the Sun and is "probably" heading for Earth, though not directly. The effects are predicted to hit Earth's magnetosphere on Thursday or Friday (March 8/9).

MAJOR SOLAR FLARE: Big sunspot AR1429 has unleashed another major flare. This one is the strongest yet, an X5-class eruption on March 7th at 00:28 UT.

March 7,2012 - X5 Class Solar Flare

News story from The Washington Post: Sun unleashes huge solar flare; possible Earth-bound solar storm

NASA video of the X5 flare: NASA SDO - X5.4-class Solar Flare, March 7, 2012

UPDATE 2 - MARCH 7, 2012

World media is reporting that the solar storm resulting from this flare is the "largest in five years"

BBC News: Fears of disruption as big solar storm set to hit Earth

A strong solar storm is expected to hit Earth shortly, and experts warn it could disrupt power grids, satellite navigations systems and plane routes.

ABC News: Earth braces for biggest space storm in five years

UPDATE - MARCH 8, 2012 is reporting that the sunspot that has given rise to the latest solar flares is continuing to grow. The site is reporting that it is quite possible that more X-class solar flares could be coming as a result.

The sunspot is now seven times wider than the planet Earth and is large enough to be seen by backyard solar telescopes.

Active Sunspot

The behemoth spot has unleashed four strong flares since it emerged on March 2nd, including the X5-class eruption of March 7th. More could be in the offing. The active region has a "beta-gamma-delta" class magnetic field that harbors energy for additional X-class eruptions.

UPDATE - MARCH 9, 2012 is reporting that yet another strong solar flare (M6 class) has erupted from the sun and is heading almost directly for Earth.

ANOTHER CME IS HEADING FOR EARTH: Sunspot AR1429 has unleashed another strong solar flare, an M6-class eruption on March 9th at 0358 UT. The blast hurled a coronal mass ejection almost directly toward Earth. According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the CME will arrive on March 11th at 0649 UT (+/- 7 hr) adding to the geomagnetic unrest already underway.

UPDATE - MARCH 10, 2012

The flares continue. is reporting that yet another solar flare (M8 class) has erupted from the sun and is heading for Earth.

WEEKEND SOLAR FLARE: Sunspot AR1429 is still erupting this weekend. On Saturday, March 10th, it produced a powerful M8-class flare that almost crossed the threshold into X-territory...The cloud is expected to hit our planet's magnetosphere on March 12th around 1800 UT. A CME from an earlier explosion will arrive much sooner, however.

UPDATE - MARCH 12, 2012 is reporting that Sunspot AR1429 - the one responsible for all the solar flares during this period - is starting to decay and poses a declining threat for Earth-directed flares.

alt text

In any case, the side of the sun that contains this sunspot is now turning away from Earth. The Sun rotates roughly every 25 days so even if there are further flares from this sunspot, there is less and less likelihood that they will be aimed at Earth.

UPDATE - MARCH 13, 2012

Looks like Sunspot AR1429 isn't going down without a fight :) ...just when you thought it was all over, it has unleashed another powerful solar flare.


ANOTHER STRONG FLARE: So much for the decay of sunspot AR1429. The active region unleashed another strong flare on March 13th, an M7-class eruption that peaked around 1741 UT...The blast accelerated energetic protons toward Earth and a solar radiation storm is now developing around our planet.

FINAL UPDATE - MARCH 16, 2012 is reporting that Sunspot AR1429 has now rotated to the far side of the sun and no more solar flares are expected in the near future.

GROWING QUIET: A sharp drop in solar activity is expected now that sunspot AR1429 has rotated onto the far side of the sun. No major flares are in the offing this weekend.

As a result, I'm going to treat this as the final update for this thread.

Here is what the Pleiadian Collective predicted back in the middle of February (possibly earlier):

There is a high probability for strong activity from the last week in February to the first two weeks in March.

Here is what transpired:

  • Sunspot AR1429 emerged on March 2 (last week of February) after a relatively quiet period
  • SEVEN strong solar flares erupted from the Sunspot, the last being on March 13 (second week in March) with some of them making worldwide news.
  • We now appear to be entering another quiet period in sun activity (for the next few days at least)

So, was the prediction correct?

The evidence presented throughout this thread, and verified by numerous mainstream astronomical websites, certainly seems to suggest it was.

This does then appear to be a publicly documented and verified channeled prediction that did indeed come true.

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@Stingray- Thanks for sharing.if it is true.what would you advise us to do in these times?

(17 Feb '12, 04:28) Zee

@Zee - It's just part of a natural cycle. Nothing to be concerned about. The audios in the links above explain it in more detail

(17 Feb '12, 04:33) Stingray

Thanks for posting this Stingray :)

(17 Feb '12, 22:43) Michaela
(18 Feb '12, 10:17) Wade Casaldi
1 and A couple of handy links to see the changes

(20 Feb '12, 05:19) ursixx
2 this is just 48 hours capture ,so if you check today you can see it this film I assume will be gone soon though

(05 Mar '12, 16:49) ursixx
1 The BBC have just reported on this new solar storm due in a few days too! :)

(07 Mar '12, 20:51) RFextra

great show brother,, i love the time , efforts and updates u have done , ty @ stingray

(12 Mar '12, 18:47) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Stingray This was a very interesting story to follow and in my opinion it was a spot on prediction. I appreciate you taking the time to keep us updated. Thanks for sharing!

(16 Mar '12, 13:32) Cory
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Stingray, thanks for the post...It blew my mind!!!

The first point is that the solar flare-up DID come to pass...just as they said...Amazing stuff, here!

The second point is that all of this reminds me of a line I heard from the movie, Ben-Hur. The mother of Ben-Hur is afraid. Esther comforts her by saying: "No need [for worry]. The world is more than we know." ( This proves this statement to be so very true...beyond true, hugely expansive.

Everyone!!!! Please listen to those recordings...I recommend this because it will expand your mind and heart to all sorts of new thoughts and ideas...You'll see!

Thanks, Stingray!




answered 17 Feb '12, 04:47

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Thanks Stingray. So the Sun is sending us information in the form of solar flares which is allowing us to access our own inner technology on a deeper level. Thank You Thank you.


answered 17 Feb '12, 04:42

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The problem with channeled material predictions is because we as a collective consciousnesses is that any ideas or strong beliefs we have can effect the outcome of that. My source just explained this in a new session about 2012 he did.

love n light



answered 17 Feb '12, 11:47

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE


That's a very interesting point.

I'm not sure what you would call the opposite of a 'self fulfilling prophecy' due to public use of the LOA, but it is definitely intriguing.. =)

(17 Feb '12, 20:21) Snow

How many people would it take to have an effect on the solar flares?

(09 Mar '12, 21:20) Fairy Princess

@snow, yes, it is great ,. ty

(12 Mar '12, 18:48) TReb Bor yit-NE

@fairy princess , idk? thats a great question,.,. i nee to look into it

(12 Mar '12, 18:49) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Is it psychic prediction or creation?

I used to wonder if things I predicted were actually going to happen anyway, or did I create them happening? It could be like this,

A man has a flat tire on a deserted county road at night. He looks in the trunk and finds he has no jack. He begins walking toward a dim light far in the distance.

As he walks along he begins to think, "Country people are nice, helpful souls. Surely the farmer will lend me a jack."

Then he thinks, "If a stranger came up on me in the dark and asked if I would lend him a jack, would I do it?" He answers himself, "Probably not. I don't know him, how do I know I would get it back?"

"I could try to convince him that I only need it to change my tire, but he might not believe me. I think this stinks! Why would he not help a needy stranger?" He walks on toward the light with increasingly negative thoughts.

Finally reaching the house and the farmer answers the door carrying a shotgun. The man turns away into the darkness.

Yeah, you get what you expect. The genie says, "Your wish is my command." Would the farmer have acted differently if the man had thought differently? Did the man create or predict a negative situation?

Did enough people believe that the prediction about the solar flares would happen, that it DID happen? Regardless of the intellectual exercise, we need to mind our thoughts, our focus and where we put our energy!


answered 07 Mar '12, 08:02

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

i agree with you dollar bill. what he think will affect how he ask. even if the same word are use. the tonality and the emotion and intent will not be the same. and that is what can make all the difference in the exchange between 2 people. experience and enjoy.

(12 Mar '12, 15:09) white tiger

it is like a men(a) that go talk to another men(b) with the intent to get something out of him but inside him self he judge the other person. the other men(b) tell him many have judge me and if they only knew they would not judge. men (a) ask men (b) what he wants with judgement telling him he has read all the method to get what he wants. then men(b) tell him continue practicing it will come in due time. experience and enjoy.

(12 Mar '12, 15:16) white tiger
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I got a mail today froma site that buys pictures

Dear ursixx,

When you registered with FIZWOZ, you asked to be notified if any new opportunities were posted to the fizwoz Assignment Desk. Based on your request, we thought you might be interested in the following item:

Buyer: Reuters Title: Solar storm Description: Reuters is looking for pictures related to expected solar storm and its effects. Reuters will offer financial reimbursement for those photos used on the Reuters Pictures wire and image credit for those used in an online gallery.

To see details about this item, please visit

what do you think going to be big?


answered 08 Mar '12, 16:44

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Personally, I've never met any news agency staff (or staff from any news organizations actually) who also work as solar scientists :) So it seems rather doubtful they know any more than the NASA folk. It's just supply and demand. The Sun is a hot topic right now (excuse the pun) so they're just looking for original pictures to pass on to other news organizations. Doesn't mean anything more than that.

(08 Mar '12, 18:11) Stingray

[Insert dramatic music here]

Exciting. =) Very..

This isn't the first time something like this has happened though is it?

I recall an elder of mine referencing a man who gave in depth descriptions of a planet in a specific star system before it had even been discovered, much less had any information about it collected. And if my memory serves then this event took decades to be verified. I'll have to ask them if they remember the specifics.

[EDIT 2: I misquoted, it was that he predicted where planets would be and it was verified through use of the stellar parallax effect. Now with the more accurate rendition I may be able to find the actual event..]

[EDIT 1:] Aww. A little research on the topic and apparently there are cycles in the sun where solar flare activity heightens, and we're in the peak of it right now. At its face this prediction could be akin to predicting there will be snow during winter, but I admit I haven't looked into the specifics of the prediction so it might be more specific than I previously thought. Will have to come back to this when I can actually do some in depth research.


answered 05 Mar '12, 20:15

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edited 05 Mar '12, 20:37

I remember the solar flares in the 90's when Desert Fox was going on. General Schwarzkopf was talking and pretty soon you could not see or hear him because the screen would get all pixalized and frozen.

It was a real pain to put up with, thankfully I don't watch so much television today so I am not going to have to put up with it. :-)


answered 07 Mar '12, 09:20

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 07 Mar '12, 09:21

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