I have recently listened to a couple of channellings from Wendy Kennedy (Ninth Density Plaedian Collective) http://higherfrequencies.net/ and the collective has talked about the importance of integrating the divine masculine and divine feminine within oneself. I have some ideas about this but just wondered if anyone had an interpretation of what this actually means and how an individual would go about doing this in practical terms.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen I couldn't get the "tag" section to work properly - it wouldn't let me see what tages would suit so I had to leave it with just one tag.

(16 Dec '12, 06:54) Catherine

Not sure, but shouldn't these energies be integrated automatically when we are in the vortex?

(16 Dec '12, 10:40) releaser99

@releaser99 Quite possibly - they do make quite a big deal out of it though so I feel it must be important.

(16 Dec '12, 10:59) Catherine

The principle is same throughout the whole universe. You can study harmony between yin and yang with examples of harmonizing them in practical terms to understand it easier perhaps.

(16 Dec '12, 11:16) CalonLan

@Catherine, I've added some appropriate tags

(17 Dec '12, 19:54) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen Thank you very much for this and all your work behind the scenes this year.

(18 Dec '12, 04:29) Catherine

@Catherine - Interesting question, thank you for asking it. :)

(31 Dec '12, 14:08) Grace
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Today i had an insight and it reminded me of this thread.

Masculine energy for me is

  • Giving energy, doing, trying, go getting etc.

Feminine energy for me is

  • Recieving energy, non doing, non action, surrender, being laid back etc.

So my insight in practical terms is that these 2 energies are like 2 different muscles that you have to train to live life in a way that is joyful, full of passion and eagerness.

Let's say you want to do some gardening work and you have a very strong left arm but a weak right arm.

alt text

Yes, you will probably still be able to do the work. But it could be prolonged and exhausting. So it is much easier when you have equally developed muscles in both arms.

But how does this apply to vibrational work?

Imo wanting to feel better to manifest your desires is masculine energy.

Letting go, forgetting about your goal, letting the feeling in your body be, letting the universal manager do the work for you, giving your thoughts permission to just be as they are without resisting them etc. is feminine energy.

And everyone who has experienced vibrational work knows that it is much more fulfilling and effective to have both parts balanced. In fact there is no other way. There is always accepting (feminine) and reaching for more (masculine), recieving inspiration from universe to act (feminine) and following/acting (masculine) etc.

So there is nothing wrong in wanting to feel better (masculine). But there can sometimes be a pitfall if we don't accept the current situation (feminine).

Too much masculine energy creates resistance and the feeling of being stuck.

Sometimes we simply have to let go (feminine) of wanting to change, wanting to do something.

For me for instance (often too masculine and analyzing) it helps sometimes when i let go of wanting to do deliberate vibrational work, especially when all hell seems to break loose . I simply surrender (feminine) and let the universe manage my stuckness in ways that i am not capable of imagining.

This is what i think of integrating feminine and masculine energy in most practical terms into my daily life.


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@releaser99 Thank you very much for this - I feel as if the more I read/hear about this issue (your answer being one) the clearer I am becoming. By the way, I have enjoyed reading your answers on this site since your arrival - your insights are much appreciated.

(31 Dec '12, 06:55) Catherine

@releaser99 - I like your take on this; it does help me understand real-life application of what the NDPC are stressing is so important right now. It's all about balance, give and take, isn't it? Thank you.

(31 Dec '12, 14:10) Grace

@Releaser99-Another excellent answer, thanks:)

(31 Dec '12, 14:23) Satori

You are all very welcome :). I learned much from y'all so it is just a reflection or a blend of your knowledge when i write an answer:).

(01 Jan '13, 01:33) releaser99

@releaser99 Great answer.

(13 Jan '13, 11:59) Catherine
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You cut a piece in two and wonder how you gonna bring it back together. Perhaps by undoing the act of division itself. As long as you categorize so long will you struggle with finding a way to work with it. I would of though plaedians knew better by now.not merely providing mice with map through labirinth but actually dispelling the labirinth itself.


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@CalonLan I think I know what you are saying but I'm nowhere near there yet and am really just looking for guidance.

(16 Dec '12, 08:22) Catherine

it is often referred to
the active and the passive
and human intellect takes
it from there to theories
could it be our completion


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@fred I think it is about the active and the passive - combining the two could indeed be our completion. I think the 9DPC talks about taking in energy (feminine). Thank you for your insight.

(19 Dec '12, 12:58) Catherine

Hello Catherine ... integrated divine feminine and divine masculine means a unified human being incorporating both female and male characteristics and graphically can be drawn as androgyne with half of the body female and the symbol moon, and the other half of the body male and the symbol sun, representing a human at creation and a human when at the summit of initiation ... it is a human being, microcosm, integrating the whole universe on a small scale, within the body, often represented with the 7 principal chakras in place.

When we achieve detachment from all that is personal, character, ideas, etc ... even for just an instant, then everything becomes unified, space and time disappears and we enter into what could be named "the end of the world", the 5th dimension as it is commonly known today. The most obvious actual way to reach this state is through meditation.

have fun :)


answered 31 Dec '12, 08:11

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blubird two

@blubird two Great answer! Thank you.

(03 Jan '13, 03:53) Catherine

I could be wrong but I see Devine masculine similar to Focusing and Devine Feminine similar to Allowing. Focusing and Allowing are the two key components in manifesting.

Maybe by integrating this Devine Masculine energy we put ourselves in a more Allowing state by balancing it with the Devine Feminine energy. Most of on us on IQ are already integrating this by using Processes that put us in Allowing State.


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