The planet earth acts as a giant magnet with a pole (+) north and a pole (-) south, so where would the point of equilibrium be if we fell into a hole through the center ?

In other words is the law of attraction (LOA) and the law of attraction (Gravity) regulated by the same rules?

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blubird two

@creativepower, please edit your question to make it relevant to Inward Quest. At present, I cannot see how this relates to Spirituality, Mind Power or the Law of Attraction

(18 Feb '12, 09:09) Barry Allen ♦♦

No you would burn up as soon as you reached the very center. That's where lava comes from.

(18 Feb '12, 10:12) Wade Casaldi

@Barry Allen- 1.) No one could afford to do this project because the earth is some 25,000 miles across...that's a big tunnel...Ask England and France what their tunnel cost....2.) Assuming somebody dug the hole, all the workers would die of heat long before they got to the molten lava...3.) You close MY questions quite easily and without effort at all...But Traveller made it metaphysical, so now you have a dilemma....I just posted this to give you a laugh and brighten your day! Jai

(19 Feb '12, 15:22) Jaianniah
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we will not see it happen
but there certainly is much talk
of what it will be like

interesting how brain-mind
takes over with assertiveness
even if without eyes that can see


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Yes. However, if this tunnel extended to the other side of the earth, you would slow down at the exact same rate, and be able to step off on the other side. If you don't step off, eventually, you would end up at the center after bouncing around back and forth for a while.


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The Knights Alchemy

What would pull you to the surface of the other side? It seems you stay in the center of gravity once you get there. You might bounce around inside of the magnetic core, but once you get to a certain place, the gravity will pull you back, keeping you in the center, losing momemtum.

(18 Feb '12, 10:15) Fairy Princess

The LOA and Gravity have similar attributes. As you add mass to an object it attracts more mass, increasing the gravitational pull of the object.


answered 19 Feb '12, 05:43

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Dollar Bill

@blubird two Interesting take on this. Gravity works on its own, electromagnetism works when an outside electrical impulse is applied. Do we provide that impulse when we focus on the Law of Attraction?

(20 Feb '12, 05:43) Dollar Bill

@blubird two I intuit you are onto something here. Not clear how "gravity is part of the electromagnetic field (EMF), this is shown by "the hole in the earth" idea ... the phenomenon gravity disappears into the EMF of the earth?"

Want to better understand. Is the "hole in the earth idea" related to the question here or is there another theory with which I am not familiar? I am new to "Inward Quest." Is there a more appropriate venue for us to discuss this matter?

(20 Feb '12, 12:18) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - A. de Bélizal discovered in 1968 that negative green energy is comprised of pure electric and pure magnetic forces ... combined they form the primary electromagnetic fields from which all physical manifestations are created, including gravity ...

(20 Feb '12, 13:46) blubird two
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yes i agree you will burn at the core. but yes if you could pass through a hole in the center of earth eventually you would stop going in extremes and stay at the center. but you can do the same with meditation seing the duality and putting it to rest. then you will find your true center. experience and enjoy.


answered 19 Feb '12, 07:59

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white tiger

blubird where is the residence of shen?

(19 Feb '12, 18:24) white tiger

@white tiger - shen is wherever we wish ...

(20 Feb '12, 01:21) blubird two

blubird who is shen? if you know who is shen you will know where he is and where he takes residence. experience and enjoy.

(21 Feb '12, 19:28) white tiger
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Hi creativepower

You question about the law of attraction and the point of equilibrium is a good one.

I am going to ignore the hole through the earth part of your question because it was an example to convey equilibrium & attraction.

This concept of equilibrium and attraction is far more real and important than most people realize.

If you did nothing new with your consciousness other than stay at where you are right now, your reality will continue to be a reflection of what your life is right now.

In other word, reality and conscious focus will be at equilibrium (more or less).

Only external changes other than your desires will affect you (such as a hurricane destroying your home), but your personality and inner vision of yourself will stay the same.

If however, you suddenly adopt a new point of reference of potential reality that is slightly away from your current reality, you have just shifted the point of equilibrium away from the center of your focus to a place somewhere between reality and potential reality.

As long as you refuse to give up on this shift in equilibrium, opportunities to bring this shift back to balance will constantly emerge as events of participation until your participation in those events will once again restore the equilibrium in "the force".

So if reality says that you have 12 dollars in your bank account, and you deliberately shift from that equilibrium of you knowing that you have 12 dollars to a point of reference in potential reality where you now know that you have 50 dollars in your bank account, and you refuse to come back to the equilibrium of 12 dollars you will create a shift in the balance point of the energy that surrounds you.

As you keep staying within knowing that you have 50 dollars in your bank account, the opportunity to bring the imbalance back to balance thrusts forth all kinds of solutions to help you bring balance back to the "force".

You will be bombarded with everything from desires to take a part-time minimum wage job to asking and telling everyone you know that you need some money; you many get many offers to use your existing skills towards earning this missing 38 dollars.

As long as you maintain the imbalance that you have 50 dollars in your account, the universe will constantly nag you to earn the missing 38 dollars, but being the brilliant know-it-all the universe will provide you the means of earning the missing 38 dollars.

Once you earn the missing 38 dollars, you will be back in equilibrium and the universe will stop nagging you.

Now, while you have only 12 dollars in your bank account, if your stretch your equilibrium to a far-fetched reference of a million dollars, while the stretch will not break the rubber band it will be so far that all you will experience is the pain of the stretch of your equilibrium.

You will have to grow so much to reach that balance point, that you will not be able to sustain it.

The best thing to do is to keep a firm footing on as much equilibrium as you enjoy and start shifting (slightly) one or two points of reference slightly away from your point of balance.

You can study the relationship between your consciousness and energy (of creation?) by doing it in small, deliberate steps.

So equilibrium is where you are at (self-honesty) where your desires = reality.

If where you are at is not where you desire to be, then you are not in equilibrium.

If equilibrium hasn't happened for a long time, they maybe your shift from your current reference is just too far away. (AKA your dreams are too big for where you are at)

If you are homeless a good dream is not a home, but just food & shelter.

If your current equilibrium is 12 dollars in the bank and good shift is no more than 100 dollars because a shift of a million dollars is too painful a stretch from where you stand.

While my example is about dollars, if the reader assumes that this is about attracting dollars they missed the point.

The point is equilibrium.

When you walk you deliberately fall forwards and catch yourself 1 step at a time.

So the displaced equilibrium is balanced 1 step at a time.

Your bigger shift is to get to the window at the end of the room, and knowing that allows you to decide in which direction to lose your balance and catch yourself 1 step at a time.

But to believe that you want to get to the window and complain about having to get to it one step at a time is about as misguided as complaining "I have mastered visualization, but I can't attract the final step to my dreams"


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The Traveller

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@The Traveller - for me, this is a question involving the physical world (gravity) and the metaphysical (LOA) ...

(20 Feb '12, 01:26) blubird two

Hi blubird two.

Thanks’ for your feedback.
I have to always trust my instincts in answering the questions here, regardless of how they come across.
As you may know, I have had to apologize more than once here because of that approach.
This is the answer that showed up within me when I read the question.
So I'm OK with it.

(20 Feb '12, 13:39) The Traveller

If a comparison between gravity & consciousness must be made, I think that the relationship between them is too far apart to associate the two. Ultimately everything is energy, however consciousness is a far more sophisticated frequency and yet to be understood by us. (Not that we really understand gravity in the first place).

(20 Feb '12, 13:49) The Traveller

Imagine if a painter was inspired to paint a beautiful painting and many ears later it was sold at a gallery for a million dollars. Now could we say that the desire for the purchase of the painting at a million dollars was the cause of the original inspiration that occurred many years ago in the mind of the painter? If you can say "YES" to that, then, sure, consciousness and gravity are related to each other.

(20 Feb '12, 13:52) The Traveller
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From a subtle energy point of view, for me, this is a brilliant hypothetical question ... all physical phenomena are held in place by subtle electromagnetic fields from the very smallest, given by the Planck Length, to the largest, that is, the size of galaxies.

With the idea of a hole through the center of the earth, the earth would act as a giant electromagnet, and our bodies, which also act as electromagnets, would find a position of equilibrium and line up in the center, opposite poles attracting, exactly as magnets.

We would be held in dynamic equilibrium uniquely by electromagnetic forces ... notice that the illusion of gravity is created when two objects are hard enough to prevent interpenetration; for example - the two hard objects in the case of a person standing on sandy soil are that persons body and compact sand ... water has a very weak cohesive electromagnetic force and if we add water to the sand, the person standing on the sand will eventually sink into a pit of quicksand, the cohesive force of sand having being weakened by water ... it is the pulling power of the electromagnetic field of the earth that creates the illusion of gravity.

have fun :)


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blubird two


are you a wise men that will built is house on rock or will you built it on sand?

(21 Feb '12, 19:48) white tiger

@white tiger - thanks for your pertinence ... have fun

(21 Feb '12, 23:45) blubird two
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