It is true that although we dont know , we have all the information of past, present, even future ,in a tiny part of us, as well as a hologram containing a whole million equal to that all?

asked 21 May '10, 02:45

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I like to see it this way. Linear or chronological time is a man made concept, it has no existence of it's own. In reality, there's only the present moment of now.

Temporally imagine our Earth with no people. Does the bird ask a sunflower what the time is? Of course not, because they only know the present moment of now; they have no concept of not now.

Having this awareness, you understand that past and future are also mind made concepts, created by and believed by you. Then you logically conclude that because there's only the present moment of now - all things, past, present and future are happening right now.

If seeing us as spiritual holograms feels right to you that's fantastic. But it's worth remembering that the word 'hologram' is still a concept used for convenience, it's not the real.


answered 22 May '10, 12:16

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thanks that was awesome

(22 May '10, 12:30) Robert

Thank you. Let's keep joining the dots and we'll have this puzzle solved in no time.

(22 May '10, 14:43) Eddie

WE are spirits made up of energies created by God. We came to this physical Earth to explore life living as a spirit within a human body brought to life by God breathing the breath of life into man and man became a living soul. We are so much more than we are awaken to the fact or knowledge of. But with more knowledge of ones self becomes great responsibility.


answered 24 May '10, 05:44

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