Here is a disc diagram representing the electromagnetic spectrum indicating the visible range from red to violet, and the invisible range from ultraviolet through to infrared

alt text

The complementary color to green (V+) on the diagram is negative green (V-) and according to Chaumery and de Bélizal source energy, as yet undetectable by scientific means, is found in the V- part of the spectrum, between black and white ... do plants containing chlorophyl appear green because they have an affinity for negative green source energy ?

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blubird two

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Yes I really do enjoy looking at this graph that I drew back in feb 2012 (for anyone who doesn't know blubird two is one of my pseudonyms) , for me it represents the whole spectrum of electro-magnetic energies that can be found under the sun, so to speak. That is sun energies + cosmic energies ... though I'm still not sure whether leaves are green because they absorb negative green energy.

(06 Jul '15, 09:21) jaz

Anyway why did this graph come back to mind? Because in my mind it's linked with the question "how do you name your feelings"

(06 Jul '15, 09:22) jaz

The colours represented on the graph are the colours of the rainbow, the other colours in the sectors I.R. black, negative green, white and U.V. represent colours invisible to the human eye

(06 Jul '15, 13:35) jaz

When I say that the other colours are invisible to the human eye I mean the physical eyes of humans on earth, a human in space could probably see some of those other colours, this is due to the dare I say "hex" effect of the earth's magnetic shield whch filters energies harmful to humans and let's only the goodies pass

(08 Jul '15, 00:41) jaz
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Blubird....This is science, not metaphysical...

Leaves appear green to us because green light is the only color they do not absorb from the visible sun spectrum...

Want to prove it? Try putting your green, leafy potted plant under all-green lighting, and watch it die right before your eyes...

There is no more to it than than that...

Once Barry Allen sees this answer, he will probably close the question...




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@Jaianniah - I'm likin' this new strong & feisty Jai.

(19 Feb '12, 19:39) ele

Hi @Jai I would just like to say that this question for me is about feeling and not science, why? because the two end limits of the electro-magnetic spectrum finish as pure electric and pure magnetic energy and this was discovered using a pendulum, it is not to my knowledge scientific theory

(06 Jul '15, 23:39) jaz

here's some info on colours and spirituality I think you may enjoy

(08 Jul '15, 00:47) jaz
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I think this is good question & I like the way you think. Negative green is the spiritual energy of all plants & the opposite of green on the color spectrum (listening, Jai) . Negative green is a vibration; sort of like a radio wave which transmits sound. Aren't are prayers communicated via a combination of negative green, ultraviolet & gold rays? You said it was not scientifically proven? I thought it was? (the part about how prayers are transmitted; not where they go)

To answer your question; I don't think so for the simple reason all plants are not green. Negative green is invisable; so it could combine with red & blue light. Unless plants which are not green, are not connected to the Source.

ETA However I believe plants both absorb & emit negative green.


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@ele - the range of electromagnetic waves from ultraviolet through negative green to infrared have colors normally invisible to humans ... studies have shown that owls can produce and perceive ultraviolet light for night hunting ... the colored disc shows the dynamic relationship, the complementary wavelength is always exactly opposite following a diagonal line ... the complementary color for red is violet for example ...

(20 Feb '12, 05:11) blubird two

in other words ,yes, plants convert primary spiritual energy (space-time energy?) into useful energy e.g. food for animals and humans ...

(20 Feb '12, 14:00) blubird two

@ele maybe it is proven scientifically I don't know I'm not "in" those kinds of circuits, it's just how I feel about it :)

(06 Jul '15, 13:39) jaz

@ele- How prayers are communicated using negative green? Can you explain more pleaase?

(10 Nov '21, 08:36) Zee

yes I asked this question back in feb 2012 and i still beleive it's a good question ... for me negative green refers to that part of the universe that links the material visible world and the immaterial invisible world

(11 Nov '21, 01:33) jaz

here's some info you may find useful

(12 Nov '21, 03:39) jaz
(12 Nov '21, 03:47) jaz
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What Jaianniah says is correct. Doing a search on the net, most people (scientists and teachers) claim that the color of the leaves are the only wavelengths which does not get absorbed by the leaves and get reflected. So since green is the only color that does not get absorbed and reflected, that means all the other colors get absorbed .. including negative green.


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Bluebird forget that chart. If you really want to see true complimentary color I'll tell you an ancient true way now.

Make seven cards, and make each card bight full of color. Each card is a plain solid color. In a bright light, stare at each card for one minute without moving, without distraction. Now when done look at a larger piece of pure white paper under that same bright light. You will see the complementary color that is on the spirit side.

By the way you will come to find you can make a circle of all the colors and trace each across from each other to their matches.


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Wade Casaldi

There are a lot of various viewpoints on this subject, here is yet another

the video corroborates that there is not yet a clearly defined scientific explanation ... scientist's do agree however that chlorophll in green plants absorb electromagnetic energy that is used by the plant, and that this electromagnetic energy is undetectable by scientific means.

The works of Chaumery and Bélizal clearly show that there is a whole range of subtle electromagnetic energies not yet detectable by scientific means, that are in resonance with the visible colors of the spectrum and this is why they were given names corresponding to visible colors ... they are in resonance exactly as different sounds can be in resonance.

The electromagnetic energies extend into a realm undetectable by scientific means ... "as above so below", there is interaction between matter and the harmonics of "colors" ... however let's always bear in mind that the physical energies are just one aspect, these energies are also living and spiritualized forces.

It would be reasonable to assume that green plants, attract and absorb the complementary vibration of green, that is, negative green ... it fits in perfectly with the law of attraction.

Here is an article that you may find interesting

have fun


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blubird two

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Spiritual Carrier Wave - cool.

(27 Feb '12, 02:08) ele

maybe negative green light enables germination, within the negative green sector there are very many different wave lengths both the longest and also the shortest wavelengths on earth and perhaps in the universe are found in this sector, in other words the macro and the micro worlds meet in this sector, perhaps the entrance and exit of a black hole

(06 Jul '15, 13:42) jaz
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