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In a world where we are continuously impacted by the environment, often in negative ways, it would be ideal to be able to neutralize those negative energies to reduce their effects on us … all of the negative components of the environment have the potential to cause a wide spectrum of diseases. Biogemetry is a science, which offers a possible solution, biogeometry combines pythagorean harmonics, history of architecture, ancient egyptian temple science, german and french physical radiesthesia to form a modern «physics of quality» as the basis of the science. Dr Ibrahim Karim, founder of biogeometry, built upon this foundation and found the energies which contribute to health in biological beings. He defines biogeometry as « The science of establishing harmony between biological fields and their environment through the use of a design language of form, color, motion and sound». We are all receptors of the «quality of physics» from an energetic perspective - text by Jerry GIN Phd Master of Business Administration

Dr Ibrahim Karim egyptian achitect, natural scientist explains that this energy can be put into motion in many ways including using 2 or 3 dimensional geomerical shapes.

Dr Kamau Kokayi MD specialist in general pratice and holistic medicine states « understanding the qualities of the energies that surround us and how to harness and modulate this energy using shapes, using geometric structures, using angles ...»

Here’s a drawing of the 2 dimensional geometrical structure specially designed by Servranx to protect against common flu viruses. It can be used in perfect harmony with all other types of medical treatments.

alt text

The belgian Servranx brothers were very active during the period following WW2 from 1946 to 1966, during which time the antiflu graph n°34 was developed, all their graphs work on the same principle. Biosignatures describe this principle as - "All objects interact with the energy of the earth to produce certain energy fields around them, and when two energy fields are in proximity they communicate and modify each other through the law of resonance"

It’s important to adjust the angle of the graph in relation to the earth’s magnetic field,
The shape of the graph is very sensitive to small adjustments it should be placed on a flat horizontal surface with the central arrow pointing towards magnetic north so as to enter into harmony with the magnetic field of the earth. The arrow divides the drawing into two distinct graphs.

There are various ways of using it ; for yourself, the whole family, in prevention and as a cure. Put a glass of water on the graph and it will get charged with antivirus waveforms, then drink the water. You can also put a personal item containing your biological vibrations for example a photo on the graph.

Masaru Emoto has done in depth studies of water, he shows evidence that human vibrational energy such as thoughts, words, ideas, music ... affect the molecular structure of water

Admittedly these energies are very very tiny but so too are viruses :)

Stay healthy

Sources ; BioGeometry,ca/home Biogeometry nature’s own design langage - Healing Health Services Dr,Kamau Kokayi - Servranx Matérialisations radiesthésiques - Jacques Bersez Utilisation des énergies secrètes - Down to earth magic Alan Steward

Update 1st may 2020

Hi @Marin so is there scientific proof ? classical science is identification, description, experimental investigation theoretical explanation of phenomena. In short it"s proving that 1 + 1 = 2. There's another aspect of science that's a bit more tricky....observation, this is where we leave the physical world and enter the world of emotion, sensation, perception...

Desire Dubounet

says "do we have a local universe ? push/pull, photons, gravity, cause and effect ? or non-local universe ? Where the mind can affect things - In quantum physics, we have observed the "observeur effect", it's been proven - the mind of the observeur can affect the study. In medecine the mind of the doctor can affect the patient the mind can affect things, it"s been proven. Two twin protons can simultaneousy at the ends of the universe sense each other without an electro-magnetic connection. We have a non-local universe. It's been proven."

What does all this mean ? It means that science cannot be an exact science.

As Tony Robbins says "your beliefs create your world"

Epilogue; The Basic Code of the Universe by Massimo Citro is a book that explains the science of the invisible of today in physics, medecine and spirituality and puts things into perspective ... Servranx radionics was 20th century technique ... the 21st century technique is Energetic Encoding Technology

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is there any evidence this really works? Official results? etc.

(26 Apr '20, 17:25) Marin

Hi that's a real good question @Marin :) ... I'll do a bit of searching and let you know what I come up with ... in the meantime I'd like to point out that after 15 years of reseach and experiments Servranx certify that the wave forms emited by this graph effectively fight influenza viruses, they also claim that this method avoids complications so often associated with flu

(28 Apr '20, 02:36) jaz

perhaps we ought consider
how our crap is disposed
instead of bending mother
natures laws

just a thought

(07 May '20, 19:48) fred

Loved the links ! Thanks @jaz l

When you posted this graph a couple years ago; I found myself drawing it .... more like doodling :) It was relaxing and also prior to the vaccine.

(06 Feb '22, 19:07) ele

@ele the graph looks very similar to a cluster of polarized molecules like soap molecules well known for destroying bacteria and certain viruses including covid virus

(07 Feb '22, 07:16) jaz

@jaz I was thinking bubbles also but I didn't make the correlation till you pointed it out.

(07 Feb '22, 14:13) ele

yes @fred radionics does appear to be a supernatural practice because it delves into an order of existence beyond the visible observable natural universe

(08 Feb '22, 00:36) jaz

we as humans all use supernatural forces whether we realize it or not, it's part of our nature

(08 Feb '22, 03:51) jaz

Whether anyone has a belief in it or not; I looked at the intention. At a time when there was so much fear and chaos, here was someone trying to help which I appreciated.

(08 Feb '22, 11:36) ele

Lyall Watson ?

(11 Feb '22, 15:44) ele

Thanks for your appreciation @ele ... my own personal experiences have led me to believe we use "supernatural forces" ... what do i mean by "supernatural"?: natural forces that are yet to be explained in a scientific way ... i've never heard of Lyall Watson so i checked his profil on wiki, very interesting :)

(12 Feb '22, 01:52) jaz

Would you use the same graph for monkeypox?

I checked your link. It doesn't look like Professor Nelson has been active since 1995.

(21 Jun '22, 02:02) ele

would I use the same graph for monkeypox? ... before using the graph in the eventual need to protect against monkeypox I would first consult my faithful pendulum lol

(23 Jun '22, 04:53) jaz


You stated the graph was developed before the year 1967; prior to Coronavirus or SARS being discovered. Did they have a particular virus in mind when they developed this particular graph?

Monkeypox of the human variety - first identified 1970.

(25 Jun '22, 12:41) ele

Sevranx claim that after many years of research and experimentations the wave forms emitted by this graph effectively fight influenza viruses

(26 Jun '22, 00:15) jaz

Thanks ... Covid-19 is not a type of influenza nor is monkeypox.

I wasn't clear. I wasn't asking if you personally would use the graph for monkeypox.

(26 Jun '22, 16:53) ele

The Sevranx graphs are precise. Don't you think you should tweak it?

You said effectively fight; not prevent. Like an antiviral?

(02 Jul '22, 20:17) ele

yes the servranx graph is a precise pattern designed to emit specific wave forms ... i think it can be tweaked or redesigned to adapt it to other virus

(03 Jul '22, 01:48) jaz

True, medicine is not an exact science but if you had an infection, the specific cause of the infection would determine the med or treatment.

(03 Jul '22, 10:27) ele

in practice using a servranx graph is similar to sending a letter to the universe ... using a precise graphic 2D diagram in a black box in conjunction with a pendulum is like making a telephone call to the universe and getting an immediate or almost immediate reply

(07 Jul '22, 00:01) jaz

As in aircraft ?

(09 Jul '22, 10:58) ele

black box as in an aircraft :) ... black box refers to the thick black insulating border that surrounds all servranx 2D graphs

(10 Jul '22, 02:17) jaz

Yes they do have a black border but I don't recall when you gave out directions to make your own graphs if you had any specific instructions in regards to borders. More like black box theory, meaning two way communication.

(10 Jul '22, 10:55) ele

two way communication hmm ... the graph is lined up with the horizontal energies of the earth, the pendulum is lined up with the vertical cosmic energies, the two combined form a virtual cross the central point being highly dynamic ... the cross in radionics is used as a vibration separator

(13 Jul '22, 00:35) jaz

Very interesting; but what does that have to do with the black box?

(14 Jul '22, 23:45) ele

your guess is as good as mine :)

(15 Jul '22, 00:23) jaz

graphs are energy saving tools just as a car can be in our everyday lives ... the blackness beyond signifies the flip side of reality that which seems inacessible

(16 Jul '22, 00:37) jaz
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Interesting question! This is not an answer to your question but merely a gesture of gratitude. Thanks for helping me to understand the science of BioGeometry.


answered 07 Mar '22, 04:06

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I appreciate the post & links also. It's very interesting. In regards to Covid, the gold standard is the vaccine & booster. Some ppl seem to have a natural immunity & others have no symptoms. Physicians take an oath do no harm.

(07 Mar '22, 13:17) ele

ele, and no harm to their
standing with ama
and pockets.

(07 Mar '22, 18:25) fred

Redo .... The gold standard is still the vaccine & booster.

(08 Mar '22, 00:17) ele
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answered 03 May '20, 12:09

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Hi @xkey I've just cheched out "subtle energy sciences - quantum immunity 2.0 " ... I feel like I've just entered into a different dimension :) ... this stuff is way above me, could you give some kind of explanation

(04 May '20, 01:04) jaz

thanks @xkey i'm not on facebook but i'm sure there's another way of joining the group :)

(05 May '20, 01:06) jaz
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BioGeometry sounds very interesting and I am sure it has many applications, but protection against virus infection isn't one of them, because...there is no virus infection. A couple of links:


answered 14 Jul '22, 04:42

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