All new ideas and concepts are conceived within our higher mind before being received, through or via our imagination, by our brain, and then being perceived by our physical mind. Do you agree? If so, then this question is for you.

If you don’t agree, then this question will probably not make sense to you :)

What steps do you take to improve the accuracy and quality of information received and channeled through or via your imagination?

asked 29 Apr '12, 01:50

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Are you saying that all thoughts are channeled material? If so, are you asking how do we improve the quality of our thoughts?

(29 Apr '12, 10:21) Fairy Princess

No, not all thoughts, just any new idea relating to your future that you've never had before.

(29 Apr '12, 21:54) Eddie
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Our perception ( "illusion" ) of physical reality comes about from wrapping our Higher Mind in filters to cut off the multi-dimensional aspects of it thereby causing us to perceive from a more limited perspective...because there is value in limitation.

Or, to put it more technically, our 3-D (now 4-D) selves are our filtered 5-D selves.

So to receive ideas and concepts more accurately (i.e. improve the quality of the material), we need to ensure the filters are as clear as they can be without compromising the physical platform itself...because removing the filters completely would defeat the purpose of incarnating physically.

The way to clear the filters to the highest extent is to feel as good as possible in the moment of receiving the information.

One interesting side-thought to all this is that as we ascend closer and closer to our 5-D selves (what we are currently terming our Higher Mind/Self etc.), channelling becomes more and more irrelevant as a communication mechanism because the filters become naturally clearer and we start to, by default, re-recognize our multi-dimensional aspects.


answered 29 Apr '12, 05:17

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Love it :)

(29 Apr '12, 05:32) Eddie

Could you please explain what you mean by 3-D, 4-D, and 5-D? Thanks

(29 Apr '12, 10:19) Fairy Princess
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By being purely aware of how I feel in my present moment.

This is something that is repeated over and over again but I like to try and keep it as simple as possible the more my consciousness expands. I feel that the more simple we keep it, the better our instincts, intuition, and synchronicity of things in general becomes.

When feeling good starts to become a habit, the things that don't resonate light up like a Christmas tree. That's when you have a choice to accept certain information or let go of it completely.

All new ideas and concepts are conceived within our higher mind before being received, through or via our imagination, by our brain, and then being perceived by our physical mind.

I also believe that being open and understanding the concept that you mention here is a big part of allowing the flow of information into your consciousness. When we are close minded and aren't open to new concepts and new ways of understanding our existence, then we probably will not have the best quality of information coming through that matches who we really are.

The more I live what I wrote in my first sentence, and the more I allow things to just be and happen as they will, the better things seem to come into my life.

When I stop putting a right or wrong on things and understand that everything happening right now is alright, then my channel of infinite information opens wide, my body buzzes with energy, and my fears and doubts fade away because I know everything is exactly how it should be in this very moment.


answered 29 Apr '12, 14:49

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Nice Cory :)

(29 Apr '12, 21:36) Eddie
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