I know that everyone has their own beliefs, but a law is a law is it not?

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I don't think people would resist the Law of Attraction if they knew for sure it worked. However, like LeeAnn points out, most of the time we don't see how it works on the surface.

Most of the literature regarding LOA points to the limiting beliefs we have which hold us back - "sensible thoughts" which society has ingrained in us like "life is hard, live with it" or "no such thing as a free lunch" or "who do you think you are anyway". It is not easy to unlearn all these as it means we need to go against the mainstream perception of how the world works, every moment of every day.

So, to answer your question, people "resist" because :

(a) they see contradictory examples around them and have not seen how it can really work for themselves

(b) they have a lot of limiting beliefs still stored up inside which results in a constant negative self-talk in the mind


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Pat W

I can only speak for myself, but I have resisted and doubted the Law of Attraction at times because it doesn't always seem to be true on the outside.

For example, I have a cynical, rather negative acquaintance who is always able to see the dark lining in any cloud. She is a fan of conspiracy theories, mistrusts everyone, and thinks the worst of most people and most situations. Yet somehow she is quite wealthy, and furthermore, everything in life really seems to go her way. She has a great job, hasn't been sick a day in her life, has a nice husband and a beautiful home, takes great vacations. She has even won outrageously wonderful contests. I was baffled about this and other examples that seemed to prove the LOA was not true. And we probably all know at least one really positive, upbeat, helpful person who always seems to have one problem after another come his or her way, no matter what.

Examples like those threw me off track and had me doubting for quite awhile.

Then a spiritual mentor once told me none of those things were my affair at all. I had only my own attitude to work on and that my only job was to get my own thoughts into alignment with the Law of Attraction. Once I began to worry about only my own attitude, and be responsible for myself, then I saw the LOA go to work for me. That's all I need to do.


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LeeAnn 1

Your cynical friend is also using the law of attraction, except it works under the disguise of "a sense of entitlement"

(04 Mar '10, 20:15) The Traveller

Yes, definitely!

(04 Mar '10, 21:12) LeeAnn 1

If the Law of Attraction is a Law (and I believe it is - but not quite as expounded in popular books) then one must be prepared to look at one's self BEFORE one attempts to attact something else into their life.

Are you poor, penniless, unloved, an outcast? Then CHANGE YOUR MIND about things... Mind is the Builder as Edgar Cayce's Source repeated tirelessly.

I think you will find upon reflection that people do not resist the Law of Attraction, they just can't face up to the fact that what they are is a result of their own thinking up to date.

The danger of following how to books on the subject is that when the inevitable 'failure' occurs (we can't all live forever, we can't all be king of the world, we can't all be fabulously beautiful and wealthy) some 'sensitive' people are prone to lose all hope and contemplate terrible things.

A LAW is a law when it WORKS OUT ON EVERY OCCASION, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness an in health.... just because someone says it is a law does not make it so.

And one cannot use the excuse, if it didn't work you didn't do it properly!


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It works for everyone. Simply put it is nothing more than this


answered 04 Mar '10, 20:18

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The Traveller

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