Before reading The Secret (end of April 2010) and getting into this belief system, I used to be very interested in Tarot. A bit because I am a curious person and wanted to know what all the fuss was about, a little as a hobby, and also because I don't avoid any kind of knowledge as a rule. But after reading The Secret and The Master Key System (and a couple of other books on the Psi Tek Site) I feel that unless I read cards for other people, if I read for myself, I'd be showing 'doubt' about the future, and that would spoil all the LoA work I am doing...

A couple of days ago I started being interested in Runes as another divination system, and also from the historic point of view.

What do you think? Are both things incompatibe? Can I pursue the study of both subjects (divination and LoA) without messing things up? (I am all on board with the LoA, mind you!)

PS: I am a person that cannot be prevented from 'knowing' something when I have the curiosity. What I could only do, if this things are opposite, is stop using divination, as well for myself or as for other people, if need be.

Thanks in advance,


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Barry Allen ♦♦

when i first started dowsing i was full of doubts , was it possible , did it work , how does it work ... and on and on and on ....

just starting with easy things building up confidence was the answer.

small successes led to bigger ones , then belief with all these minor wins sets in.

once you have belief and strengthen it then these questions vanish all by themselves . that's my experience .

(09 Jan '11, 12:02) blubird two

Thanks for your input! It's very valuable!

(11 Jan '11, 12:49) BridgetJones09
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They are perfectly compatible.

Consider this: Essentially, your feelings are an inbuilt divination system you have. If you feel good, then you are heading towards good - and if you feel bad you are heading towards bad. They are a signpost.

So it is with divination through systems like the tarot. They give a reading of the direction you are heading - if you continue as you currently are. (If you use them for insight into the future at least) They will tend to do this on a more overall scheme, as opposed to feelings which are more of an 'in the moment' check.

The odd thing with divination systems is...they are never really about the future, even when you look to the future. They are always about what is happening now. So they can give you insight as to if something could do with changing (and what, if you so desire).

You cannot (deliberately and consciously) overcome resistance unless you first acknowledge where it is. Divination can be an aid to that. Whether it is through observation of feelings, tossing runes into the air, poking holes into sand or a laying out of tarot cards - doesn't matter.


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Good answer - I think you made a very valid point regarding divination systems not being about the future but more about gaining insight into what changes would be beneficial with what is happening Now.

(04 Jun '10, 00:55) Michaela

Thanks, Liam. I agree with you and Michaela. Even though I was trying to read my future all I got is references about the 'now' (very accurate though!) and I got an insight of my feelings. Carl Jung studied Tarot and called this 'syncronicity'. I just failed to see this and was worried about messing things up.

(04 Jun '10, 13:46) BridgetJones09

Divination gives up your free will and subjects you to basically be a puppet to whatever the cards or stars or whatever you wish to go by say. You can become trapped and have to consult with your divination system for everything. That kind of life is powerless and feels helpless, my grandmother used to believe in ever superstition and no matter how small and insignificant something was to her it was a bad sign. Could you imagine the worry and fear she had many times that she never needed to experience because it was based in her unfounded belief that something was going to happen because it was a sign.

You must stay in control and never let it control you, we create our beliefs we live by, by either accepting what we are taught or by self taught "oh this is how this works." As long as we remain in control everything is okay but when we lose control and let our beliefs control us then we lose. This holds for anything not just divination even fears of being places for me it is the doctors until I take control of my belief my fear will keep me away.


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Wade Casaldi

I agree. Although I think it depends on the person. For most people it does have a bit of a fatalistic affect though. For others it can be empowering.

(11 Jul '10, 08:46) Liam

Exactly it is a tool, and can be helpful or controlling depending on the person and how much the person believes in his/her own authority over her/his own life compared to some outside influence.

(11 Jul '10, 08:51) Wade Casaldi
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