Assuming that there are Aliens Beings which ones are good and which are bad.

There may not be a good or bad. I mean who supports us and loves us. And who abducts and implants and manipulates us.

Like in the movies, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. TReb feel free to answer this one.


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lol, u knew i would. i only answered the best way that I knew my source would because it is only a perspective. But I do know what you mean and I will make an attempt to explain in a deeper sense.

(02 Mar '12, 08:14) TReb Bor yit-NE

I think Tom the same question pertains to humans as well as aliens.

If we believe in a Universal mind or One consciousness then none are really good or bad...some are just more in alignment with that One mind and are accessing their higher state of consciousness and, as such, their words and actions are in alignment with that One mind and their life experience will reflect that (labelled as good).

Whilst others have not taken the time yet to come into alignment and are still believing in the illusion of separateness, so their words and actions are coming from a state of awareness that is fear based and thus what they do from that state of awareness will always be a reflection of those fear based beliefs (labelled as bad).

Because there is really only One this would apply to any race...human or alien :)


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Hi Tom, yes, with the evidence that’s come to light during the past 30 years, it must now be obvious to anyone who’s watched television, read newspapers or used the internet that ETs or Aliens exist. And it makes sense to me that the Universe is filled with all kinds of beings.

In a Universe of contrast, polarity and duality, all versions of what we call good and bad and right and wrong, obviously exist. The important thing to remember is that an individual can only experience the “good” or the “bad” beings if they are a vibrational match to them.

If you watch a movie in which aliens abduct people and insert implants or do whatever to them. Realize that the movie is probably a hyped-up Hollywood production with much sensationalized content; it may not be based on facts. And even if it is, the deeper reasons for the abduction may not be known and the facts may be incomplete. The abductions may not be for sinister reasons. We just don’t know.

If you examine these stories and motives from the perspective that we create our own reality, you’ll realize that none of the abductions can take place, without prior agreement, from some level of their being, by all of the participants. Now, as a physical human, who’s maybe stuck in their ego-mind, it may well be a scary experience, but that’s not to deny that as a whole being they agreed to participate.

Love = Positive - Fear = Negative

Personally, I’m not interested in contacting any negative beings, so I won’t dwell on them. All we need to understand about this is that the more we fear them, the more likely we are to encounter them. On the other hand, to become aware of and interact with positive beings, we must first raise our vibrational frequency in order to be able to interact with them in our reality.

Consider this: you’re a very nice guy who’s loving and caring. One day, you’re walking in the park and you come across a group of young children who’re bitching and fighting. And you see that the root of their trouble is because they do not understand a few key elements about relationships. Due to your nature as a kind, knowledgeable and loving being, you enlighten them.

We are those children in the park called planet earth. And the loving beings (physical or non-physical) exist in a higher frequency dimension. Due to their loving nature, they’re always ready and willing to communicate their knowledge to us. However, in a Universe based on free will, we must first ask for their guidance. And the more specific our asking, the more detailed their answering will be ♥


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HA HA i will tell you EXACTLY which are good and which are bad, NONE. good and bad are all points of view, even evil ones are doing what they think is right or necessary. Here is Treb talking about this in GREAT detail. TReb Bor yit-NE channeling - Good & Bad, Separate & Oneness If you click on this you will see. Basically he explains there are two kinds of entities.

1) Ones who are connected to source and do for the benefit of all because they know they ARE a part of all they help so it helps themselves to help others, they are able to look above and below them, above to draw information and energy and love and connection, and below to help give them the same information and inspiration as the higher above them in the same way.and they always accept free will. These we would most likely call good.

2) Ones who are disconnected completely. They only do for themselves or groups because they do not see their connections to the ones they infringe upon. They only look below them, ones they feel they can manipulate or draw on their energy , again to benefit themselves, never above because they can not draw on ones more powerful than them. They give no care of infringing on any other entity as long as it benefits themselves or their group.

Basically none can say good or bad , evil or benevolent, because even the ones that we see as bad still believe they are doing the right thing.

To be more specific into looking in your answer, there are so many races that it will be impossible to answer this in a good way, but i will give u basics, Ancient reptilians , Grey ( certain kinds ) , and some that are known as Pleadian ( false pleadians ) and what is called Nordics, not good in the way of stepping on ur free will. Real pleadians, a race form Andromedan Galxy, The Nihal. Trebs race, and the Denebians are all ones who send love and support, but by doing this they ONLY send love and guidance, they do not interfere because they care abut the free will of ALL, even the bad guys. but there are races who truly want to help us too but do it by infringing on our free will. So i would say they are negative even though they believe they are helping. see what I mean about no true good or bad?

love n light



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I forgot to make my point less controversial. What I meant was please name a good number of Alien Beings that I would appreciate being with. Aliens that I could love back. If this calls for generalization then generalize please, I would appreciate, anyone please. While I am at it what happened to Solar Flares the P said would happen?

(02 Mar '12, 09:59) Tom

@Tom ok, sorry i didn't see this earlier. There are many that come in love . Some are certain pleadians, ( Ancient ) Androdians, Denebians, Yits ( name given to Trebs race ), arcturians, more n more n more these are the most commonly contacted and most known. But beware these terms are also generic and can be used to missguide, ESPECIALLY pleadians

(15 Apr '12, 17:30) TReb Bor yit-NE

Sorry but the "good or bad" bipolar state does not exist, even if it's just simplistic moral way to judge things. It's mostly only used in the american movies.


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I'm partial to the blue guys. I once had a dream I was turned into one of them. Then when I saw a photo of one I recognized it from my dream. Blue skin big blue eyes similar to human but bigger, big head, thin bodies, arms and legs. The more I look at it it seems familiar because it is close to a baby head actually.


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